Chapter Thirty-Two – Always Be Specific When Negotiating With Vampires


“Eric!” my lover squeaked when I instantly disappeared from her grasp and then cried out, “Don’t!”

I couldn’t be sure what she didn’t want me to do. Perhaps it was from the way I had the intruder by the throat and pushed against the wall or the fact I was moments away from planting the idea in her head she really could fly.

And that she should try to from the top of the nearest bridge.

Right now.

“She knows,” my lover added, fruitlessly trying to pull my arm away from the interloper’s neck. “She knows you’re a vampire and she knows about glamour.”

“All the more reason to encourage her to spread her wings.” My mind had automatically taken over hers the moment our eyes met. Like my fangs snapping down, it was instinctual. I knew I could command her weak mind to do as I wished and there would be nothing she could do about it.

With her body now relaxed and no longer struggling in my grasp, I loosened my grip. Keeping a hold on her consciousness with my own, I looked down at my frantic lover asking, “What is it you wish for me to do with her?”

The woman smelled of strange spices and patchouli. Even without my lover’s addictive scent still filling my senses, the combination of aromas on the intruder would deter me from biting her.

It was as though she’d sprayed herself with vampire repellent.

But I wouldn’t have wanted to feed from her anyway. Even without the memory of any other’s blood, I knew no one’s would compare to my lover’s. Instead of wanting to drain her, my compulsion to at least erase all memories of the existence of vampires from her mind was strong. But not strong enough to override my need to hear my lover’s reasoning for leaving the intruder unharmed. She had already proven time and again my hubris could cost me everything.

Namely, my lover.

Instead of answering my question, she asked one of her own in the form of, “What are you doing?” She paused for another moment, studying the woman’s face and added, “Are you doing your thing on her right now? That brain whammy glamour thing? Her head is…it’s like a giant cloud blew in over a pep rally. Foggy.”


I recalled my lover’s recitation on the pitifully sparse explanations I’d given to her on the night of her attack, but to call something so powerful ‘glamour’ seemed inane.

Were the first of our kind a bunch of flamboyant prancing little pussies, bending over to smell the roses, while pixie dust shot out of their assholes?


But finding no other viable alternative, I replied, “If you are asking if I have set up camp in her hippocampus, then the answer is yes.”

“You’re talking about her memory, right?” my intelligent lover snorted. “Or are you about to tell me she changes into a mythological sea creature with the head and forelegs of a horse and the tail of a fish every time there’s a full moon?”

“We are close to the sea,” I smiled. “I can smell the salt water from here. But, no.” Soiling my senses even further, I scented the intruder before us and grimaced, adding, “This one is not a Were. She smells like an Indian bazaar.”

And it was bizarre to realize I knew that, but not my own past.

My lover’s mind worked similarly to mine because she asked, “You remember all of that?” When I nodded, she mused, “Maybe it’s the smells? I know certain odors can trigger memories.”

“Perhaps,” I agreed. “But the combination of scents on this woman is repellent. Even now I am fighting the urge to remain so close to her.”

And it was a struggle. Something about the way she smelled was not repugnant, but off putting nonetheless. I was sure if I had come across her in any other situation I would have naturally avoided her. Even now, the longer I remained so close to her, the stronger my need to leave her presence grew.

My lover moved even closer and drew in the woman’s scent through her nose, then shook her head and said, “All I smell is something like incense. But I don’t feel compelled to back away or anything.” Despite her declaration, my lover took a step back and studied the intruder before saying, “But before you pitched your tent in her head, she thought about you. She knows who you are and she knows that you’re a vampire. She was wondering if I knew too or if we would be getting glamoured together.”

I turned back to the woman, preparing to alter her mind so that she felt the need to take a good long swim in the nearby sea and not return until she’d found the lost city of Atlantis, when my lover proved our minds were not always alike by saying, “Un-pitch your tent and don’t change anything. Don’t erase anything. We need to find out how she knows about vampires. Maybe it can help us.”

I had to fight against my own natural survival instincts in leaving her memory unaltered, but I agreed with my lover’s rational thinking. However not knowing if she would be a danger to either one of us once her mind was freed, I led her to the couch and had my lover bring me bed linens which I used to bind her arms, legs, and mouth.

“If she is a witch, she will be unable to recite any incantations,” I explained, feeling the increasing worry filling my lover’s body with every cotton knot I formed. “But with your gift, we can still ask her questions and you will be able to hear her answers. Correct?”

“Yes,” she nodded and then mumbled, “But I don’t know if all of this will be enough. I knew of a witch who only had to twitch her nose to hocus pocus unsuspecting peeps.” When my questionable gaze met hers, she shook her head and added, “Never mind. It was from an old TV show.” Taking a deep breath and steadying her nerves, she winced and said, “On your mark…get set…pull up your stakes.”

She smirked at her own words, but when I released my hold on the woman’s mind my lover immediately looked contrite and said, “Amelia, we’re not going to hurt you. We just need some answers.”

The woman mumbled something unintelligible from behind her gag, but I could guess what it was when my lover answered her incoherency with, “Yes. Normally it would be asinine, but I’m a telepath.”

The woman’s eyes widened hearing of my lover’s unique gift. And even though she was bound and being interrogated by a vampire and a telepath, instead of looking horrified she looked…impressed?

She’d unknowingly just lengthened her lifespan.

“Really?” my lover snickered. “A cat?” Mirth filled her veins and then she started waving her hands in front of her, laughing out, “Stop! I don’t want to know.”

The woman’s eyes crinkled with amusement before turning inquisitive. Even if I could not sense my lover’s determination through our blood tie, I would’ve been able to see it on her face as she asked, “How do you know about vampires? What are you?”

She listened for only moments, but I could feel her become lightheaded just as quickly. I oscillated between wanting to rip the head from the woman’s shoulders, wondering if perhaps a mental incantation would be just as harmful as if spoken aloud, and snatching my lover into my arms and taking her to the skies just to get her away from the woman’s thoughts.

Just as my mind settled on the former, my lover grabbed my arm and said, “You can take the gag off of her. She means us no harm.”

“You feel unwell,” I snarled. “It is because of her.”

“It’s because she thinks a mile a minute and in a volume that E.T. could hear from his home planet,” she explained. Unsuccessfully, because I had no idea of what an E.T. was, but still she added, “She knows who you are – what you are – because of the woman who mentors her. She’s being taught witchcraft by a woman named Octavia Fant. Apparently you’ve used her sorcery services in the past. Amelia remembers you from her shop.”

“You are sure?” I asked, not trusting the woman. Hearing she was studying witchcraft and knowing it was the likely cause for my missing memories, I still viewed her as a threat.

But I trusted my lover and not just hearing her assurance, but feeling it as well was enough for me. So I removed the gag – only the gag – and ordered, “Tell me all that you know. What kind of sorcery service has this woman Octavia Fant done for me in the past?”

Instead of answering me aloud, she looked to my lover and grinned. It only took a second for me to realize she was speaking to her mentally and I felt my lover’s embarrassment – and lust? – just before she said, “I know, but could you focus on something other than his hotness? Eric’s not playing around.”

“Fine,” she snickered. “But I don’t really know all that much. I’ve only been practicing under Octavia for the last few months. I was studying Wicca before that and met her when I went into her shop. We got to talking and she said that I have a natural connection to the earth. She ended up hiring me to work in her shop and now she’s my mentor.” Looking directly at me, she added, “You came into the shop one night just as I was leaving. When I asked Octavia about you the next day, she would only tell me that she did a few jobs for you from time to time and that you were an honorable man. You would have to be for her to agree to work for you willingly and since I already knew about the supernatural world, she told me you’re more or less in charge of the vampires in the southern half of the state. I dated a Were a couple of years ago and he was the one who told me about vampires. I think he was trying to scare me off because I kept asking him where he disappeared to every full moon. He screwed the pooch there because instead of being frightened, I believed him.”

Looking back at my lover, the rambling witch paused until they were both laughing out loud and my lover explained, “I guess he was screwing the pooch literally too. Every full moon he was hooking up with another female wolf in his pack. So on their final date Amelia took him to a veterinarian’s office because she’d made him an appointment to be neutered.”

“You must be really old,” the woman directed at me. “Whenever I’m going out at night I put on an essence Octavia made that’s supposed to repel vampires. Normally they only have to get within twenty feet of me and they’re turning the other way.”

If I wasn’t fighting the urge to leave the room, I would think the others had turned away due more to her effusive nature.

Her verboseness had me feeling lightheaded and I mused for just a moment about killing her just to shut her up. Instead I took hold of her mind once more and ordered, “Be quiet.”

I don’t know what my lover read from my expression, but she giggled and said, “If you think that’s bad, you should try listening to all of that and what’s going through her head at the same time. It’s like being accosted by the Dolby Mint Twins.”

I didn’t know how my lover wasn’t driven insane by her gift. It only made me even more in awe of her powers, but now wasn’t the time to be awestruck. It was still difficult for me to remain in the woman’s presence – I now knew because of her anti-vampire aroma – so I asked, “Did you hear anything from her thoughts that would indicate she was lying?”

“No,” she replied with a shake of her head. “She idolizes that Octavia woman.” Her brow rose as she added, “And she thinks you’re the cat’s meow.”

Hearing her mention a cat again, I admitted, “I don’t understand. Is that what you were laughing at earlier when you mentioned a cat?”

“No,” she repeated, this time with a blush. “I just meant that Amelia thinks you’re sexy. But earlier…I guess our landlord is a bit…adventurous. She accidentally turned one of her lovers into a cat once. Octavia had to fix her friend. She just thought of the most outrageous thing she could think of to test me to see if I really could hear her thoughts.”

I wanted to explore in depth my lover’s thoughts on whether or not she found me sexy, but it wasn’t the time for that either.

But I would be sure to find the time before the next sunrise.

For now though, I looked back at my lover and asked, “How do you think we should proceed?”

In my mind I thought it best to erase at least my presence in the apartment and my connection to my lover from the woman’s memories. She seemed much too talkative for me to be comfortable in allowing her to retain that knowledge. But hearing this Octavia woman found me to be honorable and that she was a strong enough witch to correct a misguided spell and return a human back to their normal state gave me cause to believe she could be helpful in our situation. I just couldn’t be sure if we could trust her.

I could tell my lover felt pleased I had asked for her opinion on the matter and she thought about it for a few moments before responding, “I didn’t hear anything from her thoughts that would make me think she planned on running out and telling everyone she knows that you’re here, but she’s so damn excitable. I don’t know that she wouldn’t let it slip out. She has no clue that you’ve lost your memories because in her mind you’re acting like she thinks you normally would. But if she’s in contact with other witches – and hearing she was able to change a guy into a cat, I think we’re on the right track about what happened to you – I think you should at least erase you from her mind. Normally I think I would have a problem with doing that to someone, but right now I’m all for whatever we need to do to keep you safe. Make her believe she came home and went straight to bed without coming up to check on me.” Pride filled my veins once again when she added, “Oh, and make her think she doesn’t want to come up here at all. I don’t want her coming up during the day when you’re vulnerable in case I’m not here.”

“Where else would you be?” I asked, taking a step towards her.  Seeing my lover in action and hearing her tactical thoughts made me anxious for another kind of action.

Perhaps involving linen restraints, but with a different purpose in mind.

I still didn’t want her going out alone in the daytime, but thought better than to say it aloud. She’d already proven her gift was quite formidable and she had been correct in saying she’d gotten along quite well before I had come into her life. But that was the crux of the issue.

Her association with me could be the reason she could be targeted.

“I was thinking of dropping by that shop Amelia mentioned,” my lover replied, while watching me warily. “Now that I know I can hear a witch’s thoughts, if I ask the right questions, I might be able to get something from Octavia’s head. What are you doing?”

By then my Northern Star was backed against the wall by me and my compass pointing due north. And while I agreed it would be beneficial to try and ascertain the Octavia woman’s usefulness, I had other things on my mind.

Other things that only intensified my need now that my lover’s scent was once again filling my nose.

“We can do that tomorrow night,” I bargained. “If you ask the wrong question, she could view you as a threat. If she is powerful enough to change a cat back into human form, then she is powerful enough to do damage to you.”

And I would kill her.

“But the nights are for going to the casino,” she volleyed back. Even though her tone remained business-like, I could feel her rising lust. It fueled my own and my mind became clouded while my body pressed further into hers until she placed her hands on my chest and reminded me of our trespasser by whispering, “Amelia.”

Now I really did want to kill her.

“Aww,” she smiled. “Don’t look like that. If you’re a good boy, once you’re done glamouring her to go night-night, I’ll give you dessert.”


Her eyes widened likely realizing what I considered to be dessert compared to her ideas weren’t quite the same. And my assumptions were correct because she immediately said, “I meant feeding you.”

“So did I,” I innocently replied.

After all, her neck wasn’t the only place on her body where a large artery could be found.

Hearing my lover’s ambiguous offer made something other than pride fill another vein of mine, but first I needed to be rid of the witch and her stench. So I quickly altered her memories of the evening and planted a strong desire to give my lover her privacy. Her gabby nature would undoubtedly have her seeking out my lover if only to empty every thought in her head and into my lover’s ears.

It would be torturous to even those who weren’t telepaths.

Once she was gone, my lover wisely sealed the linens used to bind the witch into a plastic trash bag and took it outside so that I wouldn’t be subjected to the scent. I tried to remain idle while she went into the bedroom to change her clothes, but it was difficult. She no longer had any feelings of discontent from our earlier altercation and I could tell she welcomed my presence, so I had to fight off the urge to follow her. While I looked forward to doing many things with her and to her, I didn’t want her to feel as though I only craved her body. That I was using her in any way, but she tested my patience when she walked back into the living area wearing what could only be described as vampire bait.

And I was immediately hooked.

“What do you think?” she nervously asked, twirling around so that the blood red silk sheath fanned out around her knees. It had a plunging neckline, dipping down in between her perfect breasts, and hugged her body all the way to her hips like it was named Eric.

“I think we should stay in,” I growled, taking a predatory step forward.

I didn’t want her to leave the apartment dressed as she was. I didn’t want to share the image of her in that dress with anyone.

And so I wanted to rip it off of her. Nor would I share that image with anyone else either.

She was mine.

“I think someone forgot why we’re here,” she chuckled and glanced down at herself, smoothing imaginary wrinkles from her clothing.

It was her own fault. Chumming the waters surrounding her and then frolicking in the sea, while looking away from the shark directly in her path.

So I didn’t feel bad in teaching her yet another lesson on my kind.

Before she could register my movement, I had her in my arms and in the next room underneath me on the bed. She barely had the chance to gasp out her surprise when I stole the air from her lungs by claiming her lips with my own. My only intention was to surprise her. To show her she couldn’t take for granted her safety wouldn’t be compromised at any given moment when dealing with my kind.

Kissing her was just a bonus.

But my lover had her own lessons to teach and she did so when I moved my lips to her neck, allowing her to breathe and thereby breathe out her warning of, “Gotcha.”

I was about to argue that it was I who had her when I felt the blunt end of something pressing against my ribs underneath my arm. Looking down, I saw the unsharpened end of a wooden stake pushing against my body in an angle that would pierce my heart.

“And just where were you hiding that, lover?” I asked with a grin.

I was impressed.

And hard.

And it would be hard not to be impressed.

“Not in the gutter your mind is swimming through,” she laughed. She dropped the stake and pushed at my chest until I’d risen enough so that she could pull the hem of her skirt up. While I enjoyed the view, I got greater pleasure from seeing her ingenuity. My lover had fashioned straps made of ribbon around her upper thighs. One side still held a sheathed silver dagger with the other now missing what I assumed was the stake she’d held in her hand.

“While I don’t like the idea of anyone getting a glimpse of your bitable thighs, I will console myself with the knowledge they won’t live long enough to enjoy it.”

Because if my lover did not kill them, I would.

My eyes were glued to her thighs, so I assumed she thought to distract me by saying, “Speaking of biting. You still haven’t eaten.”

She may have offered me her neck. For all I knew she could’ve pierced her carotid artery and filled a champagne flute with her blood, but I had tunnel vision.

That began and ended with her tunnel.

It was time for another lesson. One I was more than willing to teach.

Always be specific when negotiating with a vampire.

I sat up on my knees and pulled her left leg up with me, starting at her ankles and kissing my way down her leg.

“Wha…what are you doing?” she stuttered as her eyes fluttered into the back of her head.

“Is it not obvious?” I asked in return against her golden skin.

“I…uh…oh…I thought…you were…oh god…going to feed,” she sighed.

“I am,” I promised, tracing the outline of the sheathed dagger at the top of her thigh with my tongue. Even without the leather barrier protecting me from the silver within, I doubted I would’ve been deterred enough to stop.

Especially now when the aroma of her arousal was filling the room.

“Lover,” I crooned, while sitting up and starting over with her right ankle.

“Huh?” she gasped, feeling my blunt teeth bite down on her calf before I licked away the slight sting.

Kissing and nibbling my way down towards her olfactory factory, I explained, “You simply cannot go out as you are.”

“Wha?” she gasped again now that I had reached her upper thigh. While my tongue traced over the bare ribbon surrounding her leg, she sputtered out, “Something…oh god…uh wrong with the uh…dress?”

“Nooo,” I purred as I nosed along the edge of her red lace panties. Tracing the borders of them as well, I swiped my tongue over her lace covered center and smiled when she arched up wanting more. So I pulled the barrier aside and clarified, “The scent of your arousal is narcotizing. Every vampire in the immediate area will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.”

“Kinda like Gran’s pecan pie?” she uttered, both trying and failing to find any kind of relief in the air separating us. “Jason’s shown up out of the blue sometimes because he swore he smelled it from his house three miles away.”


Her pie would call me from miles away as well.

I could feel her rising delirium. Her rising frustration when I did nothing to assuage her need until she finally snarled, “Well it’s your fault for sexin’ me up! Quit pullin’ my strings if you don’t want to smell the bells ringing in Saint Betty’s basilica and…oh…my…god!

Her rebuke ended with the first pass of my tongue through her delicate folds. Her thighs gripped my head while her hands gripped my hair as she gave herself over to everything I had to offer her. She had been correct in saying it was my fault she smelled like forbidden candy to a diabetic vampire. And not only was I proud of that fact.

I was more than willing to accept culpability and rectify the error of my ways.

I cleaned away every trace of her cum that could be found with my tongue and then set about encouraging her to produce even more. My lips suckled her clit while I slid one and then two fingers inside of her, drawing out even more of her honeyed essence.

My dessert that I would be having later.

But first I would have my meal, so I continued to pump my fingers inside of my lover’s body while her inner muscles did all that they could to keep them there. Only when I felt her body reach the precipice of her impending orgasm, did I pull my lips away. Licking over her femoral artery, I finally gave in to the need of allowing my fangs to snap down, just as I gave in to her need for relief. As my fingertips curled to make contact with her G-spot, my teeth pierced her skin just as her climax pierced her body.

Her orgasmic laced blood filled my mouth and my own eyes rolled into the back of my head. I was sure nothing had ever tasted so good – so sweet – no matter what I could or couldn’t remember. Her heart was racing so all I had to do was seal my lips over the wound and savor each beat her body pumped into my mouth. It took all of my willpower to stem the flow with my tongue, knowing I would weaken her if I took too much, and I pierced my tongue on my fangs before healing the small wound with my blood.

Tasting the combination of both of our blood made my mind wander back to our conversation about blood bonds, but knowing she wasn’t ready – or even thinking clearly right now – I said nothing.

I could be patient.

Withdrawing my fingers from her body, I licked them clean and then went to work on cleaning my plate. The dessert I’d been promised was just as delectable as my meal, but I did nothing to try and incite her body any further. I could tell my lover was tired. After her long day and now long night, it was expected. But knowing her as I did, I also knew she would push herself even further and insist on going to the casino. I would be content to spend the rest of the night just holding her in my arms, but I could already feel her determination to make her limbs cooperate. Feel her need to go and do, so instead of trying to convince her otherwise, I moved my body back up hers.

Placing gentle kisses along the path her dress took down in between her breasts, I made my way back up to her collarbone where I repeated the process. I waited until her eyes fluttered open to look back into mine and returned the small smile she gave me.

“So, I guess that was your idea of dessert, huh?” she snickered softly.


Placing my lips over hers, I pressed softly while maintaining eye contact and said, “Thank you.”

“I…think…I…should…be…thanking…you,” she replied, treating me with the gentle peck of her lips after each spoken word.

She truly had no idea of how special she was to think anything I could offer her would ever be enough to make us equals. My lover stood head and shoulders above me in all aspects, but I still appreciated the sentiment.

However it was apparent to me I was the demon to her angel.

But feeling her weariness along with my own wariness over the thought of her being in the company of strange supernaturals, I decided it was time to reopen our negotiations. Returning her sweet gesture – a single kiss in exchange for each word I uttered – I began with, “I…think…you…should…have…more…of…my…blood.”

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