Chapter 9 – Feel Again


“Enter,” I called out, not needing to ask who was knocking on the door.

I could feel who was on the other side.

And similar to her telepathy, it was both a gift and a curse.

Sookie entered the room and shut the door behind her before coming to stand before me, now looking much more like the woman I remembered. The shyness she wore was just as real as my oversized t-shirt covering her body and the residual moisture on her skin and hair, left over from her shower. And while I now knew her to be real and not a figment of my imagination, it didn’t make the circumstance any less surreal.

Freyda was finally dead, as was de Castro. Felling two monarchs who ruled four states in one night could be cumbersome were it not for the fact I was only interested in one of them. Stan Davis was happy to take both Nevada and Oklahoma off of my hands and Russell Edgington accepted Arkansas after a fair amount of eye rolling. I didn’t want the added headache the extra territories would’ve brought with them, but having my own state bordered on all sides by allies was a boon in and of itself.

But was it really my own?

Sookie may have looked the same, but I knew looks could be deceiving. From the moment I’d laid eyes on her I had noticed the differences and sharing blood with her twice, only strengthened that fact. The bloodlust I felt coming from her, both when she ended de Castro and when she had her own turn at ruining Freyda’s last night on earth, was something I never would’ve guessed she’d been capable of. Not once did she grimace. Not once did she feel any amount of guilt or horror.

Not once did she react in any way I had come to expect in all of the time I had known her.

Instead of bolstering my hope something had indeed changed for the better, it only made me more cautious.

Her blood was to blame. I was sure of it. Not only was it sweeter, but so was her scent. And because she carried Brigant blood in her veins, I assumed Niall had fairy spelled her in some way. It must have given her the ability to shoot fire from her hands in order to protect herself from the danger she’d walked into. But at her behest or not, it made no difference if the affects were to wear off and I’d be left with more of the same.

Sookie Stackhouse in place of Sookie Brigant.

It was the mindset I was concerned with. Not the name that went with it.

But if she had truly accepted her supernatural pedigree, I needed to know to what degree. As a royal born by blood her station would rise above my own even as a king. I would be bound to abide by her wishes, no matter what.

And as I had once confided in her, I did not like being overseen.

It was no less true now that I was a king than when I was a sheriff.

Thanks to our recent blood exchanges, I could feel her hesitancy as if it were my own. Hell, perhaps it was my own, simply made stronger by the addition of hers. And like two sides of the same coin, we each steeled our nerves and asked in unison, “Are you ready to talk?”

She chuckled out of nervousness, while I merely watched, unable to return her mirth when I had a feeling whatever was to come next would be the defining factor of our future.

Together or apart.

It took a year for my hopes to have been realized. I wouldn’t be duped into believing they would all come true in a single night.

“You first,” I entreated. She’d come all this way. She’d freed me from my prison sentence and declared her love for me. And yet still, quite frankly, I needed a complete dissertation – not the bullet points – on what that meant. I needed to scour the fine print and would assume nothing.

There could be no room left for doubt.

A single year had never felt so long in my existence. Even when I was a newborn held captive by Ocella, the pain I’d felt over the separation from my family was nothing compared to the pain I’d felt being apart from her. I’d let my anger take over initially and attempted to erase her from my mind. Rubbing her from my memories by rubbing myself against other warm bodies, trying to find any amount of pleasure where it turned out none could be found. In the short time she’d been a part of my life, she had changed me in ways I had no way of knowing until she was gone. Like an amputee still felt an itch in their missing limb, so too had I felt her long after she’d broken our first blood bond.

She’d left me numb to everything but her.

But as soon as she was before me once again, that numbness fell away. It started out a tingle just underneath my skin. Grew into a figurative beat from my undead heart. Once the pulse of her blood once again pulsed through my veins, just as mine now flowed through hers, with her – because of her – I felt whole again.

I both hated and loved her for it.

Because with her – because of her – I would be held captive once again, only this time by the fist-sized organ pumping her life’s elixir through her veins. I knew even if we parted on this night, never to lay eyes on one another again, I would still be held prisoner.

To her existence. Her mortality.

I was screwed either way.

“Where should I start?” she finally offered.

“The shifter,” my mouth responded without my brain’s consent. I had a million things to contend with. The council to worry about and a debt now owed to the Fae to repay. I had yet to establish my rule over a state I still didn’t want and my first thought was to ask about the man she’d chosen over me.

Petty? Perhaps.

Just call me Tom.

My little blond heartbreaker grimaced as she took a deep breath and opened with, “It was a mistake.”

Choosing him over me? Kicking him out? Coming for me?

The ambiguousness of her reply made my fists clench. I hated unknowns.

And I hated hanging on her next words even more.

“I panicked,” she began. “When I saw Sam dying, I panicked and didn’t think things through when I used the Cluviel Dor to save him. I didn’t understand everything that was happening with Freyda. I didn’t know you couldn’t just say no to her. And after I’d used it on Sam, the magic of the Cluviel Dor made me feel things for him that weren’t real. They weren’t my feelings. I’ve always loved Sam as my friend, but it made me feel more for him than what was real. And I was so hurt by everything that happened between us, I didn’t care. Not at the time. I told myself he was a safe option. He was – is – a good man and has done his best to stay out of the supernatural world. I thought he could give me the life I thought I always wanted. Marriage and children. A normal life.”

My jaw clenched hearing her confession. How often had I heard her question her own feelings for me due to our blood bond? How often had I had to answer for her imagined musings I’d somehow manipulated her with it?

She was the manipulator and a hypocrite to boot.

But it was the latter part of her explanation that made my heart clench. Marriage, I could give her. Some states allowed for it now, however I would always be a part of the supernatural world. And children and a normal life?

She may as well have asked me for a pet unicorn. One of those would be easier to be had.

Still stuck in my pettiness, my mouth had free reign over my common sense and spat out, “I take it doggy style wasn’t getting the job done then?”

I hated the thought of her giving herself over to anyone but me. Irrational – I could admit – but true nonetheless.

However the last thing I wanted was to fight – again – but before I could take the words back or issue an apology, she surprised me by replying, “Honestly? It was like two seals slapping together. But it – all of it – was just one big lie. One I was taught by my Gran to be true and grew up believing. And once she was gone, I took over and kept telling myself it was the truth. But the fact is I was never normal. My Gran saw to that well before I was ever born and then kept that truth from me for my entire life. I love her and I’ll always be grateful she took me and Jason in as kids, but I’m angry at her for keeping my heritage a secret. I’m angry she let me grow up thinking I was a freak when she’d had the answers all along. I’m angry she chose keeping her secrets over giving me the peace of mind sharing her secrets would have given me. I always thought I wanted to be just like her when I grew up, but the sad truth is I don’t want to be anything like her. She cheated on her husband so she could have children he worked himself to the bone to raise as his own. They could’ve adopted. She could’ve kept her vows and raised children who needed a home, but she chose her own selfish need to procreate over keeping her marriage sacrosanct. I don’t need a husband. I don’t need a white picket fence and little Jimmy or Molly tugging on my apron strings to validate my existence. If I can’t be comfortable in my own skin, no amount of a 1950’s June Cleaver emulation is going to do that for me. And quite frankly, I was never a normal human. That’s something normal humans have made perfectly clear to me for as long as I can remember. But that’s okay too because I’ve finally embraced who I truly am and I actually like who that is.”

With every impossible word spoken from her lips, my blood in her veins loomed menacingly over her emotions. Holding a magnifying glass in one hand, the other pistol whipped our blood tie in search of the truth, fact checking her words and finding nothing but verity in her declaration.

Still hesitant to let go of my skepticism – still waiting for the other shoe to drop – I cautiously asked, “And who are you?”

Were her fireball blasting hands and blistering rage nothing but enchanted blustering? Fairy smoke and mirrors just to free me from my yearlong nightmare because she’d finally come to realize every argument we’d ever had could be whittled down to the simple truth that we loved one another and were both too stubborn to admit it? Did she expect we would be able to return to a less hostile version of our previous relationship – something that had been too distant for my tastes even then – or had she truly accepted her royal station and – regardless of her fairy drawn carriage turning back into a pumpkin at the midnight hour – did she expect me to retain mine as her Royal Consort?

Her timid smile made my insides warm, so I threw a cold blanket over it trying to snuff out the embers before they could turn into a raging fire.

“I am Sookie Brigant, Princess of the Sky Fae.” She curtsied – looking simultaneously ridiculous and ridiculously sexy wearing nothing but my oversized t-shirt – and added, “Nice to meet you King Northman.”

Hearing my new title, my balls tightened from the invisible noose the state of Louisiana had become, but I didn’t care about any of that right now and only said, “I know what comes with my new title, but I am still unsure what exactly comes with yours.”

“Besides fairy storm troopers?” she grinned. I fought my lips’ want to return it and seeing my still blank expression, she sobered up and said, “It means nothing more than what I said. Niall oversees the Faery Realm and as his direct descendant, I had very distant rights to his throne. Ones I’ve already abdicated. I may not believe myself to be fully human any longer, but I know I’m not fully Fae either and have no desire to rule anything.” Locking her gaze onto my own, she added, “Or anyone.”

She took several steps towards me, bringing her closer and reminding me her scent was sweeter than I remembered it being, as she explained, “I used my birthright to get you out from under Freyda’s thumb. But Eric, that’s all it means. You are a born leader. You’ve always been the type of man who thrives on being in charge and I would never use a pedigree – one I’m not so sure I even deserve – to lord over you. I came for you because I love you. I took the steps necessary to make that happen not just for you, but for me as well. I’m done with trying to force my square fairy peg into the round human hole. I was never truly one of them and I’ll likely never be one of you. I am just me and I’m perfectly happy with that.”

I assumed the steps she’d spoken of were magical ones, but my insides twisted hearing her say she still had an aversion to being turned. The day would one day come where I would still be forced to lose her. Forced to go on for an eternity without her and my anger got the better of me when I spat back, “Then why are you here? Declaring your love for me and starting another blood bond, when at most we’ll have another fifty or sixty years together where I’m forced to watch you wither away and die!”

I ignored the fact the words I’d spoken made it seem like our spending those fifty or sixty years together was a given. But then I’d always been susceptible to ignoring a lot of things where Sookie was concerned.

Her feet carried her forward, like she could feel my heart reaching out and pulling her closer, when she took the seat beside me and said, “I am here because I love you. I started another blood bond because I’ve missed it. I’ve missed you more than I have words for, but I knew better than to expect you to believe anything I said. I knew you would need to feel what I feel to be certain.”

She shifted in her seat and seemed to steel herself as she further explained, “When I asked Niall to help me get you back he told me there was only one way for that to happen. There was only one way where no one could challenge our connection to one another ever again. But to do it, there would be consequences. He told me if I chose to go ahead with it, it would change me at my core in ways that no amount of magic could ever undo. There would be no going back for me.” Her eyes softened once more as she nearly whispered, “But there wasn’t much left of me when you were gone anyways.”

I hated hearing the hurt in her voice. I hated how it affected me still, knowing it would always affect me. Knowing I would hear her voice for all of eternity, long after she was gone. But before I could tell her to just spit it out already, she went on to say, “He took me back into the Fae Realm with him. I was born with the essential spark, but I needed to spend time in their world in order for it to fully charge. By doing so I became more fairy than human. A week there turned out to be a month here, but that was long enough for it to work. I’ll never be as powerful as a full fairy, but as you might have noticed earlier, telepathy isn’t the only gift I now have thanks to the demon blood in me. I can’t be sure if it’s my boosted spark or I’m just more ornery now that the blinders are off, but I don’t feel the same as I once did. I still care about a lot of the same things and the same people, but it’s my first night back in this world, so I don’t know if it’ll hold out. All I know is when we arrived here and I saw her – when I saw in her thoughts what she’d done to you – there isn’t enough blood she could’ve ever shed that would’ve satisfied me. At one time that would’ve scared me, but now it doesn’t. I’m embracing the new me. I’m as fairy as I’ll ever be, but I am what I am and I’m okay with that. And – for obvious reasons – there are no other fairy/vampire bonded couples that Niall knows of. If we were to complete a bond, he thinks new gifts might emerge or things could stay exactly the same. I’m okay with that too. But even without bonding – if I never had another drop of your blood – he estimates I could live for another couple of hundred years or so. If I go back into the Fae Realm every now and again to recharge, I could live even longer. If I were to add to that the blood of a powerful vampire, he thinks it would extend my lifetime even more. As it stands now, I could do neither and I won’t age at all for another seventy or eighty years.”

My mind whirled with everything she’d just said and her hand hesitantly reached out towards my own before she seemed to think better of it and pulled it back, as she added, “I have no expectations of you Eric. I want to be with you, but I knew going into this that you might not want me anymore. Your feelings for me could have changed and you might not forgive me for the way I’ve acted in the past. I can’t say that I would blame you, but I want you to know I am sorry for the way I treated you. I’m sorry for holding you to a higher standard than anyone else in my life. I’m sorry for doubting you. I’m sorry for always being suspicious of you and for allowing that suspicion to destroy our bond. I’m sorry I didn’t try to understand you and instead tried to force you into the role of how a human boyfriend should act. I’m sorry I didn’t realize at the time, every highhanded tactic you had to make with me was to keep me safe, even when it made me your weakness. I’m sorry it took me a year to figure it all out and try to make amends. I’ve failed you in nearly every way possible and if you choose to go on without me, then I’ll have a couple of hundred years to pay my penance. Fitting, considering you willingly put up an additional one hundred of yours to keep me safe. Every day since the night you saved me from Longshadow was a gift. I see that now. And every day forward from here on out is the same. It’s a gift I hope to share with you, but if you choose not to, I will survive that too.”

Her assertion she would survive without me was the only time I felt her emotions falter. She wasn’t so sure of her words and her own uncertainty decimated my own, as her hand once again reached for mine. This time she didn’t hesitate to entwine her fingers with mine and she looked at me with tears welling in her eyes and said, “I love you Eric, enough to set you free. Not just from Freyda or Felipe, but from me. All you have to do is say the word and I’ll release you from our pledge. You’ll be free to do whatever you want, with whomever you want.”

Taking a deep breath and visibly swallowing the lump in her throat, she softly added, “But before you kick me to the curb, let me say thank you. For everything you’ve done for me, even when I fought you tooth and nail because of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

It was all too much for my mind to wrap around.

She would live for centuries? Breathing and warm and unchanged?

She wouldn’t force me into answering to her higher station as a royal born by blood?

She would truly be mine?

Her soliloquy was spoken as a swan song. A long goodbye, I knew because I could feel her hesitancy stemmed from her certainty I would not forgive her. That I would not believe her words, not knowing with every one spoken, a link on the chains surrounding my heart pulled open until the strain was too great. When they broke free, scattering the invisible shrapnel throughout my body, I gasped aloud from the acuity of the sensations coursing through me.

Relief. Joy.


Without a fully formed bond, she couldn’t feel the affect she had on me. She couldn’t tell that from her words, my entire body was alight with awareness. Aware she was close by. Now struggling to contain the internal uproar taking place just beneath the surface, my body was furious my mind hadn’t allowed me to close the distance between us.

Too busy marveling over the fact she was giving me the power to choose her.

Cognizant of the fact she was thisclose to being mine completely.

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe we would actually be face to face once more. Well, maybe in my wildest dreams, but not once had I imagined a scenario where the possibilities were endless.

The possibility of a near eternity together where neither one of us had to give up the beating of her heart. The warmth of her body. The light from within her.

But I couldn’t let her take the sole blame for our past failings. Before her recent revelations, I’d known all along Sookie believed herself to be human and had a certain expectation when it came to relationships. I’d pretended to be human for much longer than I’d lived as one, so I’d known what would be envisaged by her ideals. But I too had failed her in that respect, so I offered, “I should have done more to show you what you meant to me. Told you with both my words and actions how much I cared for you. Loved you. I should have kept you informed of what I was going through instead of expecting you to blindly accept whatever scraps of information I thought prudent to share with you. I’d been so busy trying to figure a way out of Ocella’s deal with Oklahoma, I didn’t give enough thought to how you would perceive it. I should not have left you that night before our public divorce without explaining to you in blunt terms what would be happening the next night and what it all really meant. In my desperation to keep you, I insulted you with my offer to hide you as my mistress. I never purposely tried to hurt you and yet that was all I could seem to do towards the end. I wanted to protect you from the harsh realities of my world and yet in the end you were the one who ultimately came to rescue me. I am not sure that I deserve your love, but I will not reject it. Simply, I cannot.”

No longer able to withstand the mere inches still separating us, I used our entwined hands to pull her into my arms where she would stay for hundreds of years to come. Her body instantly melted into mine and my next words fell from my lips, pressed against her own, and into her mouth as I revealed, “I love you Sookie Stackhouse. I always have and I always will.”

Her heart beat wildly in her chest and her lips screwed up into a smile, belying her chastising eyes, as she teasingly corrected me with, “It’s Brigant. Have you even heard a single word I’ve said?”

Oh, I heard them alright. Each and every one of them.

And each and every one of them had burned up like tiny ants underneath my magnifying glass, pistol whipped and blood tie verified.

“Why don’t we split the difference and just make it Northman?”

My facial expression might have been amused at her impression of a deer in the headlights, but internally I was as frozen as her shocked expression, waiting for her response.

“Did…did you just ask me to marry you?” she whispered disbelievingly.

I couldn’t blame her. I was feeling a healthy dose of disbelief myself.

My question had been off the cuff. Obviously, I had no ring to offer her. I doubted Freyda’s incisor adorning her hand would be welcome. Per usual, my mouth had a mind of its own when it came to speaking to Sookie. And while I’d once told her our marriage was the only one that mattered to me, I’d known our pledge by the knife wasn’t the type of ceremony she’d dreamed of one day having as a child. I had failed her in that aspect, however I was both ready and willing to rectify the error of my ways.

But seeing she was still waiting on my affirmation that yes, I had indeed proposed marriage – no matter how uncharacteristic it seemed coming from me – I gently pecked each of her still gaping lips with my own and smirked, “What? Is the concept too human for you now?”

Vampire King. Fairy Princess.


Anyone who’d witnessed her powerful display tonight would think me a fool if I didn’t tie myself to her in every way. Anyone who questioned or ridiculed our human bonding ceremony would find out just how inhuman we could be. Anyone who’d ever spent five minutes in her presence would wonder why I’d taken more than five minutes to make her mine.

My immobile lungs took in an unneeded breath of air that suddenly felt very necessary when her disbelief gave way to pure happiness. Her eyes sparkled with joy as she said, “Yes. Yes, I will marry mmpff…”

Sadly, her final word was cut off by my insistent mouth claiming her own. A mind of its own, remember? But – for once – I didn’t doubt that she was choosing me. For her own. For all of eternity.

She was mine as I was hers.

At fucking last.

The room we were in was the same one I had been using at the palace that wasn’t the dungeon. The dead bitch’s private chambers were more luxurious of course, but they smelled like infected cunt.

Stan would have to fumigate.

But my soon-to-be-former room was currently filling with the scent of arousal, coming from the as-fairy-as-she’ll-ever-be in my arms. It was narcotizing and my head swam with both her natural aroma and the certainty that I would have her with me for centuries to come.

So I wanted to celebrate by making her cum.

I had her on the bed and on her back before she could gasp, “What the fae?” My shirt, covering her body, was turned into ribbons next – much like the hostess of our evening – and like a moth to a flame, my eyes moved down to where my hands held her other gifts.

Telepathy. Flamethrower hands. Neither could compare to the bountiful endowments I currently held in each of my own.

It had been so long. Too long and yet I couldn’t make myself go any faster. I wanted to savor each and every moment we had together. As she had said, every one of them was a gift. One I now knew better than to squander. So even though I had every intention of fast and furious fucking in our future – it had its own merits – for now I took my time.

Her back arched into my palms, desperate for more than the gentle fondling I had been doling out. So when I slowed down my ministrations even more, I could feel the fast rise of her own fury over me fucking with her in ways that didn’t involve fucking, before she whimpered out a pleading, “Eric…”

Music to my fucking ears.

“Say it again, lover,” I softly demanded, giving her something else to whimper about as my mouth descended on her golden skin. I may have whimpered myself – not that I would ever admit to it – because even the taste of her skin had become sweeter as well. While I wondered over the changes she had gone through, I pulled the light pink tip in front of me in between my lips and she cried out my name once more. Both pleading and demanding.

Some things never changed, but I was okay with that too.

After paying sufficient homage to one, I moved over to the other before it could become jealous. Only an unbidden image of the dog slapping against my lover in an attempt to make seal pups with her entered my thoughts and suddenly it was I who became jealous.

Covering her body with my own like a cold green blanket, even though I could smell no other on her skin but me, I ripped the flimsy lounge pants from my body and rubbed the whole of me against the whole of her.

And in the process, rubbed the whole of me against the hole of her.

Now coated in her arousal, my cock kept trying to plug that leak, but I forced myself to hold still and attempted to rid myself of the invidious images invading my head. Even without a fully formed bond to know I was in the midst of planning Louisiana’s very first seal hunt, Sookie wrapped herself around me completely and pulled me down even further into her body, with my head moving into the space between her head and shoulder that was meant only for me.

A simple hug and I was once again putty in her hands.

Perhaps I could muster up some outrage over my missing man card later.

Warmth flooded through her and into me, while a contented sigh left her lips, and she used those same hands to travel the length of my back before working their way in between our two bodies. She left one over my heart and used the other to grip the hair at the back of my head and pulled, repeating my oft used request of her as she bade, “Look at me lover.”

Unable to deny her anything – certainly not this – I stared into her eyes and wondered what she planned to do. Worried for a split second she’d somehow overheard my murderous premeditation from a moment earlier – remembering her confession of hearing the cunt’s thoughts – my eyes flicked down to her hand on my chest, wondering if I was about to get zapped. Instead, she clucked her tongue and gave my hair another tug, so that when my eyes once again met hers, I could see the truth in them when she said, “I love you Eric. It’s always been you and there will never be anyone but you for me.”

Before I could do or say anything else, my dexterous lover shifted her hips and the tip of my cock came to rest just inside of her. She may have gasped. It was difficult to tell over the sound of my own sharp inhale, but always full of surprises, I was lost to her – in her – the moment she whispered against my lips, “This is best. This is right.”

I sank into her depths as I had on that night so long ago. A night that had also began with thoughts of her ex-lovers and things left unspoken between us. I’d meant the words spoken to her then, just as I knew she meant the ones spoken to me now. But now, though, there were no doubts. There was nothing left unsaid. Nothing left between us with the exception of one thing.

She gasped again – in surprise this time – when I flipped us over so that she was on top. Her body continued to move atop my own without missing a single stride and I took a few moments to merely enjoy watching her seek out her own pleasure, sharing it with me in the process. Not wanting it to end, I kept my hands on her hips to keep her pace slow. Unhurried.

The impending dawn could fuck off because I was being loved by my very own sun.

She obliged me for a while and kept her eyes locked onto my own, knowing I liked seeing her come undone, until I trailed my hand across her body. Working her small bundle of nerves with my thumb, her movements grew increasingly erratic and her eyes lost the battle, rolling into the back of her head as she sought out her release. It was impossible to not lose myself with her – because of her – and I happily fell victim to her seduction.

The one thing still between us – the one thing still left unspoken – I’d already pushed aside when I’d pushed my body underneath hers.

Completing our blood bond.

I had no doubts it would happen. There just hadn’t been the time to discuss it. Not when I had so many other important things to ascertain.

Like the fact the shifter couldn’t fuck my lover without the sound of Morgan Freeman’s voice narrating their mating ritual for National Geographic.

But Sookie’s body was for no one else but me now, so I sat up, intent on giving her an experience in which she would only hear her God. Pulling her body down onto mine, I thrust upwards into hers and her head fell back, with her hair falling in waves and tickling the tops of my thighs. Her entire body glistened with sweat and the room reeked of sex. Her arousal coated my balls and thighs and the only disappointment to be had was that I couldn’t bathe myself in it. I was quickly falling down her fairy hole and just as I was about to flip her onto her back and remind her of her promise to nail my ass, while I nailed hers into the bed, Sookie threw herself forward and plastered her body against my front. Grinding her hips down on top of my own, she continued to work us both into a frenzy, when suddenly her blunt teeth were scraping the side of my neck. I could feel her slight hesitation, just as I felt her want to bite, but I suspected it was because she didn’t want to assume.

Silly girl.

I gripped the back of her head in one hand and her ass in the other. At the rate I was working her body against my own, she would need my blood for more than just a bond, but she didn’t seem to mind, so neither did I. I dipped my tongue into the hollow of her collarbone, moaning as soon as the sweetness hit my palate, and blazed a trail along her clavicle. Molesting her carotid with my tongue, I felt the crescent shaped moons her fingernails were pressing into my back. She was also pressing my resolve to not explode prematurely, so I moved on to explore the shell of her ear before softly whispering into it, “Bite me, Sookie. Drink me in and be mine in every way.”

Silly me.

Sookie had never been one to take orders well. She often hemmed. She excelled at hawing. So it was a good thing my mouth was already hovering over her neck because when her teeth sunk into my own, my fangs automatically sank into hers. I’d had no choice. No will or power to stop them or myself and I could only hope she would somehow survive the experience by sustaining her life on the torrent of cum I was shooting into her body because I was surely draining equal amounts of blood from hers.

Our bond exploded, just like our bodies, and like a long lost friend, I felt that part of her settle back into her rightful place inside of me. My eyes rimmed with bloody tears, feeling suddenly overwhelmed. The vestiges of the last year were slowly – but surely – sloughing away, leaving behind a sense of being reborn. I was left humbled and awed at all that had been changed.



It was no longer a dream. No longer a fantasy. I’d finally found my sanctuary in her arms.

I eventually pulled away and gently cleaned the already healing marks from my bite on her skin, feeling Sookie do the same. And when she finally looked back at me, seeing the bloody tear I could feel trailing down the side of my face, she swept it away onto her fingertip.

There was another time – another place – when she had done the same thing. But back then she’d put that same tear into my mouth and felt a bitter dose of resentment as she did it. This time she popped it into her own mouth before leaning forward and lovingly cleaning the tracks away with peppered kisses across my face. She likely was just as confused at feeling my tumultuous emotions as I was because she softly implored, “I love you Eric, with all that I am. And I’m sorry it took all of this happening for me to realize it, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you.”

My vampiric instincts told me the sun was now up, but I could only guess the chaotic events of the night and my now riotous emotions were keeping me awake. However, that didn’t negate my need to rest and Sookie was feeling just as weary, so I pulled her down onto the bed with me and when she was snuggled against my chest, I attempted to return us to a more lighthearted mood and teased, “Not that you need to, but just how do you plan on making it up to me? Something sheer and lacy, perhaps?”

“Is that all it would take?” she snorted. Hearing the inelegant sound offered me more comfort than any words she could’ve said, but still she tried by adding, “I offer you the world and you ask for Victoria’s Secret?”

Her head jostled with my shrug, so I took advantage of it and kissed her crown before saying, “You are my world. You are here. You are mine. There is nothing else that I need or want.”

Truer words had never been spoken and her heart warmed hearing my adoring confession. A much nicer sensation than the guarded and wary reaction I’d felt from her in the past.

I could get used to it.

“You’re sure, now?” she yawned. “This is a limited time offer only good for the next century.”

My heart warmed then, hearing her speak in terms of centuries together and not decades, so I didn’t sound as convincing when I said, “You are a horrible negotiator, lover. You’re supposed to low ball me to start off with. Not offer me a hundred year penance when you haven’t even been alive for thirty.”

Something else warmed within me when her hand trailed lower down my body and she cupped my balls – assuring me they were still there despite my starry-eyed state – before coming back up to stroke the evident effect she had on me. She nibbled my chest and pulled at my arm until I was on top of her once more. Jostling until her hips were in position, she placed me at her entrance and feigned innocently, “I don’t have any balls, so you’ll have to share yours with me.”

I laughed. Long and hard.

Sookie had balls that rivaled Paul Bunyan’s Babe the Blue Ox.

I would know. Pam had dragged me to see the ridiculous statue when I’d once visited her in Minnesota.

Her face lit up in that special way I’d remembered. The innocent happiness she would always emote whenever she managed to make me laugh. It made her feel proud.

Something so simple simply made me love her even more.

Thrusting into her all at once, I swallowed her moan with my mouth and paused to give her the time to adjust as I said, “All that I am, lover. All that I have. It is yours for the taking.”

Wiggling her hips once more, signaling me to begin moving, she pulled me down for another kiss and smiled not so innocently, “As I am yours, Eric.” Lightly biting my lower lip, she released it with a pop and challenged, “So take me.”

And I did. Well into the late morning hours.

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21 comments on “Chapter 9 – Feel Again

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