15 – Family Trees


Fucking Sophie-Anne and her pathetic fucking pet!

I hadn’t been all that surprised, when I’d learned she had turned her favorite pet – considering how impetuous our former monarch could be – but I’d never seen the draw.

From the little I had seen of the girl – unlike Pam – Hadley showed no outward signs she would make a worthy child.

Then again, little did I know the disloyal bitch was telling tales and selling out one of her few remaining family members, all for the price of immortality.

It served her right she didn’t get to see the end of her second year as vampire.

She’d always seemed to be a worthless human being anyway, so what riled me the most was the fact my own queen had attempted to usurp my position as one of her loyal sheriffs, by sending Compton into my area behind my back.

Who knows what kind of clusterfuck I would be dealing with, had Niall not stolen Sookie away before he could get his hands on her?

Had he succeeded in getting her to court, while Louisiana was still under Sophie-Anne’s rule, considering how Sookie had treated her Fae captors, I had no doubt Andre would have broken her.

Both figuratively and literally.

Just the thought of my sweet little lover being treated so ruthlessly tore at my insides.

No one would ever lay a hand on her.

I fumed inside all the way to my office, while hoping Cataliades would be able to shed some light on what else we were up against, and had only barely been seated when I felt Sookie’s fear.

My instincts took over, with me standing to shield her, when Niall stormed into the room and seeing his angry face looming in front of my desk made my regret over not completing my bond with Sookie the night before, only that much stronger.

I couldn’t decipher the undeniable feelings of affection she brought out in me – nor could I understand the overwhelming urge I had to permanently bond myself to the little Fae telepath – but my confusion did nothing to abate my compulsion.

Finally being able to claim her body only made my yearning that much stronger and even now – with her irate kin snarling in front of us – my only thought was to lay waste to his body, so I could claim hers over and over again on every available surface in my office.

If his intention was to take her from me, it would be the likely outcome.

I watched his chest expand as he took in the scents of the room – his body literally vibrating with anger – when he roared out with his exhale, “You dare to capture one of my most trusted guards and force yourself on my kin?”

Pam snarled at his false accusation, while I too took in the air around me.

Sookie’s scent was ripe with my blood and cum and I would gladly shower her in it for all of eternity if that’s what it took to make my claim on her known.

But seeing the fury in his eyes over the misguided notion I had raped his great-granddaughter, I knew he was beyond reason and wouldn’t hear of any denials.

I also knew Sookie wanted answers from him, so I took a split second to send my regret through our bond over what I was about to do.

But seeing Niall reach for the sword at his back, I knew I had no choice but to defend us – potentially ending him in the process – and reached for my own.

Only to find my limbs were frozen by his Fae magic.

I fought against his hold with all of my strength, but found I couldn’t even twitch my fingers.

Feeling Pam’s shock and horror told me she too was immobile, as he taunted, “I am Prince of the Sky Fae. You think you can best me vampire? I saved your life once under the false assumption you were an honorable being. I trusted you to protect my great-granddaughter and you repay me by stealing her innocence?”

His arms rose up, with his sword in hand, as he ended with, “For that I will have your head.”

My entire being was futilely fighting against his magic – I realized – not to save my own life, but because I knew he would take Sookie back into the Fae realm.

She didn’t belong there.

I knew at my core that she would whither – her fiery spirit would eventually be snuffed out, until she was nothing but a mere shell of who she was now – and I couldn’t stand it.

I would not stand for it.

But there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Sookie’s fear had only risen from the moment he’d walked in, filling our bond to the point I was almost certain it would find a way to become a physical manifestation and overflow into the room.

But as his sword sliced through the air to carry out his threat, I felt something inside of her snap.

I could still feel the bead of our tie informing me she lived, but our bond became silent, just as a surge of power crackled in the air around us.

I saw the bright white light emanating from behind me where I knew Sookie stood, followed by her eerily calm voice as she uttered out a simple, “No.”

Niall’s face barely had the chance to register the surprise he felt when his sword came down and seemed to hit an invisible barrier surrounding me, a second before he himself was hit with a blinding white light that propelled his body backwards into the wall behind him.

My own body was unfrozen at the same time, but when I went to reach for the sword hanging on the wall behind me, I found I couldn’t leave the barrier I couldn’t see but knew to be there.

Sookie didn’t seem to be tethered by the strange magic and was able to move around both Pam and myself, before I could register what she was doing. But my own shock seeing her entire being surrounded by a softly glowing brilliant white light made my own steps falter before I could try and stop her.

She moved until she stood in front of Niall, who himself appeared immobile, as she towered over him – as much as her short stature would allow – and said, “He is mine. You will not attempt to harm him or his child or I will end you.”

My own bloodlust rose up and my cock twitched hearing her threat, while claiming me as her own. The power radiating from her was like nothing I’d ever felt before, but I still didn’t like not being able to get to her.

Instinctually, I knew she was the source behind the invisible barrier, so I ordered, “Sookie. Release me.”

I could feel her life force still thrumming through me, but it was devoid of her emotions, until her head turned and the steely gaze in her eyes softened the moment they met my own.

Her warmth and affection – and a hearty dose of relief – flooded back to me, as a small smile played on the corners of her lips.

Seeing her like that – a perfect mixture of power and purity – had she given in to my demand at that moment, I would’ve likely torn the clothing from her body and taken her right there.

Perhaps not realizing the danger both her sense of propriety and outfit were in – or just ignoring it altogether – she smiled innocently and said, “Promise me you won’t hurt him.”

My lust took a backseat, as I incredulously asked, “What?”

And my voice rose up, keeping time with her sheer audacity, as I said, “You want me to ignore the fact he was going to steal you away?”

Never mind the fact he was going to end me and Pam to get to her.

It was a foregone conclusion he would’ve snatched her away, as soon as I was a puddle on the floor.

For that alone he should be ended, as I already had the feeling it would be impossible for me to go on without her anyway and I had no plans to test my theory.

I had no doubt the moment Niall could move he would try his luck again.

But Sookie shook her head, making me question if her response was to my spoken words or my unspoken thoughts, when her reply answered my wonderment as she said, “He won’t. He was operating under the misbelief our…joining wasn’t consensual, but he’ll behave now.”

She must have known. There was no way she couldn’t know – couldn’t feel – the otherworldly aura that now surrounded her.

Her domination over us all was absolute and yet the human side of the small town girl I knew I could no longer live without showed me she was still there, just underneath the surface.

Her human nature peeked through, as her cheeks tinged red with a blush at the word joining.

But she was nothing if not steadfast, when she turned back to Niall and said, “I’ll admit I’ve acted foolishly in the past and I thank you for your concern over my wellbeing. But, I don’t know you. I’m starting to believe we’re related in some way because I can’t imagine you’d go through all of this trouble if we weren’t. But, I don’t trust you. However, I can feel that your intentions – while mistaken – were well meaning. But make no mistake, if I feel a single iota of hostility from you directed at my vampire or his child, I won’t hesitate to defend them.”

I could feel the shift in the current of air circulating the room and Niall’s eyes grew wide, when he seemed to be unable to breathe for a moment.

And once again, I knew Sookie was the source.

How she was able to manifest all of these powers – literally out of thin air – was beyond me, but I felt my tension release somewhat feeling better that she was able to defend herself should the need arise.

And rather than care where they came from, I felt the overwhelming need to spend the remainder of the night fucking her in celebration.

Her own lust shot back to me – I assumed feeling mine – and a low growl rumbled through my chest. But I tempered my urges and forced myself to calm, saying only, “Release me and I will not act without provocation.”

But if he so much as hinted at taking Sookie from me, I wouldn’t hesitate to land a fatal blow.

She looked back at me – undoubtedly scrutinizing our bond – and perhaps sensing my need to have her within arm’s reach, she moved to within the barrier before letting it drop away.

Niall – it seemed – was released at the same time and I kept one eye on him, while I crushed her to me and claimed her lips with my own.

It was yet even more proof that she would likely be the death of me because all I felt was an insatiable need for her, when I should have been keeping my guard up with the enemy in the room.

Somehow I forced myself to release her and put myself in between her and Niall, even though she’d proven more than capable of handling him on her own.

The tension in the room was stifling as we stared each other down, when Pam’s voice broke into the silence, purring, “Sookie, my little friend, you are a medical marvel. Not only are you Vamprin, but you’re Vampagra as well. Your little stunt has given me an unprecedented stiffy.”

The unease ratcheted down a notch with Sookie’s snort, but I shot Pam a warning look to which she replied, “What? You think you’re the only one she makes hard? There’s a Fae shape-shitter in the dungeons I could call as my first witness, if you’d like.”

My child had a way of getting me back on track in the most unorthodox of ways – a gift and a curse all rolled into one – so I turned to face Niall and demanded, “What is Preston’s purpose? Did you send him?”

He didn’t seem to hear my question because all he could do was look back and forth between Sookie and me.

Her arm was wrapped around me from behind, with my own hand resting on top of hers, but I didn’t have to be telepathic to know what he was thinking.

My actions were wholly unconventional because vampire weren’t ones for physical contact unless fucking, fighting, or feeding was involved. He would probably be less shocked had I sprouted wings and shit a rainbow, but it made no difference.

While there were levels of enjoyment to be had with physical contact with Sookie, any physical contact with her was gratifying, and too much had happened in too short of a time for me to deny myself of it now.

However, we weren’t sideshow freaks to be gawked at and I was about to repeat my question, when his chin tilted towards the door at the same time I felt Sookie stiffen.

But before I could discern why, Niall said, “Your demon lawyer is here. I don’t believe him to be a threat to Sookie, but be prepared regardless. I will return later.”

Before I could utter another word he was gone.

Fucking fairies.

While we still had a few moments, turning to face Sookie, I asked, “Lover, how did you do all of that?”

Had she been able to do those things all along, Niall would have never been able to abduct her – much less keep her – for so long.

But all she did was shrug and say, “Beats me. One minute I’m freaking the hell out that he was going to kill you and in the next it felt like something shifted inside of me. Like two pieces of a puzzle that were always there were finally connected and I knew I could stop him.”

Her earlier worry was starting to come back, so I pushed calm through our bond, as she asked, “What do you think it means?”

I had no answers to give her, but our time had run out anyway when Desmond Cataliades appeared in the doorway.

For as long as I’d known him he’d always been stout – robust in both health and personality – so it wasn’t difficult to see he’d suffered greatly as of late. In his trademark black suit it was apparent he’d lost weight – too much to appear healthy – and it only exacerbated his weakened state, while he shuffled forward with the use of a cane, wincing in pain with every step.

But the greatest sign of his infirmity could be found in his eyes.

No matter the occasion – be it formalizing a political alliance or finalizing a mundane land deal – his formidable strength was always in his eyes. Of course that didn’t mean he wasn’t a force to be reckoned with.

He was mostly demon after all.

I’d witnessed him in action myself on the night of Sophie-Anne’s wedding reception, when her new husband attempted to overthrow the state when she couldn’t produce one of the bracelet’s he’d gifted her. It was a bullshit excuse for what he’d been planning to do all along and when his second Jade Flower had somehow managed to get the upper hand on Gladiola in the ensuing battle, Cataliades himself had ended her before she could land the fatal blow.

There was no question he was savvy above and beyond everyone else in his field – his mind worked in ways that left those who opposed him in any court dizzy – and while he was confident, he was not conceited.

His arrogance only came through when arguing the merits of his case, with his genuinely jovial disposition at the forefront in every other situation. He ingratiated himself with his supernatural clients – a difficult task to be sure – with his sincerity and savior-faire, instead of the ass kissing we’d all come to loathe.

Well, those of us who had the sense to not get swept up by the bullshit anyway.

His beloved nieces Diantha and Gladiola were trailing behind him, each with their bodies tense in anticipation of defending their uncle from a surprise attack, but I knew from their stances it wasn’t me they were worried about.

And it only worried me more.

Niall’s fuckery was forgotten for now, as I held my hand up and halted his attempt to bow, while he greeted, “Your majesty.”

I gestured for him to take a seat and Diantha swept into the room to move a chair closer to where he stood, so he wouldn’t have to travel any farther than necessary. Had he been human, I was sure there would be sweat pouring from his brow, just from the effort of coming into the room.

But he smiled at her gratefully and gently lowered himself, offering, “I apologize for not contacting you sooner your majesty.”

I nodded in deference to his statement, but really, he wasn’t obligated to report his comings and goings to me. He’d been under contract to Sophie-Anne and as the reigning monarch, only through her by proxy to the state.

I would’ve needed to negotiate my own contract with him once I assumed the mantle as king and was just grateful that he’d chosen to reveal himself to me, instead of someone like de Castro.

He nodded to Diantha who then left the room, shutting the door behind her, and looked over at Sookie who was now seated at my side.

As a supernatural himself, I was sure he could smell me all over her and because he was still under the assumption she was my Royal Courtesan, he deferred to me, when asking, “May I speak freely?”

At my nod, he smiled, with some of the mirth that had missing from his gaze just seconds earlier, and said, “My dear, you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. So much like your grandmother, Adele.”

A jolt of shock ran through our bond – likely from each of us – as Sookie asked, “You knew my Gran?”

His smile grew wider, as he replied, “Yes and your grandfather as well. He was one of my closest friends for a great many years up until his death.”

“Fintan,” she stated, seeming to realize he was speaking of her biological grandfather.

I could feel the sadness run through her because I knew she didn’t want to think of her grandmother cheating on her husband. But absent any evidence proving otherwise, it was the only scenario we had to go on.

He nodded again, with his eyes looking back to me and explaining, “In a way, it was my fault he was killed. Fintan and I were very close and he’d told me when he’d fallen in love with Adele. As I’ve said, I’d known him for a great many years and I knew love was something he had wanted. But it had eluded him for a long time, so I was happy when he’d finally found it. Her husband was unable to give her children due to a childhood illness that had left him sterile, but they’d both wanted them badly and Fintan loved her enough to want to give them to her, even though he knew she would never leave her husband to be with him. Once they’d agreed on their chosen path I offered them what I thought at the time was a gift.”

His eyes looked knowingly to Sookie, when he added, “A thimble full of my blood for each of them and any child born from their line – who had the essential spark of the Fae – would have the gift of being able to read human minds, as I can.”

Sookie gasped out loud and my own internal shock was there as well. But anger boiled through her, even as she politely corrected, “More like a curse than a gift.”

And at his bewildering look, she asked, “Did it never occur to any of you what that would be like for a child? Did none of you think how awful that gift would be, without any direction or guidance from anyone who understood it? Or hell…who would even believe it?”

Even as he opened his mouth to respond, words seemed to have failed him in that moment because he closed it again without a single utterance.

But recalling her taking me to task over my jealous thoughts of her and other men – as well as the darker thoughts over what she must have heard from her monster of a great-uncle – made me realize what a nightmare her life must have been before she was able to learn on her own how to manage her telepathy.

It gave a much deeper meaning to the trite thoughts I’d had of my own child, less than thirty minutes earlier, of having a gift and a curse all rolled into one.

But it was yet more proof that my lover was stronger than anyone could’ve guessed.

And unlike the chastised demon in front of us, she was not left without words because she asked, “Why should I believe you? I never heard anything from my Gran’s thoughts about you or Fintan. Even when we talked about my disability, she never once thought about fairies or demons.”

I was interested in his answer as well and focused on him, when he simply replied, “Magic. I’ve checked on each of their descendants not long after their births, but you were the only one to have been born with the essential spark and therefore gifted with telepathy. Your grandfather used his magic to shield your grandmother’s thoughts about the nature of her children’s conception and any supernatural connection to them.”

Sookie internally harrumphed, but stayed silent.

And while I found it all fascinating, it told me nothing of why she was in danger, so I stated, “Your note spoke of Sookie being in grave danger.”

He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, looking sorrowful and said, “Yes and I’m afraid that is my fault as well.”

Then focusing on Sookie, he explained, “You see – fairies, demons, brownies, elves, angels, and trolls are all loosely related to one another. However, we aren’t necessarily able to go into each other’s realms. Elves may go into the Fae realm and trolls can enter the Demon world, but the two most powerful of the species – fairies and demons – may not crossover into the other’s world. There are stories on both sides as to why this shift happened, many millennia ago, but it was not always like that.”

Seemingly lost in his own thoughts, he paused for a brief moment before continuing on with, “At our start, we all resided together in what is now solely the Fae realm. And where there was once a time when procreation was possible between the two, our own genetic compositions were changed when the demons were cast out, so that it could never be possible again. All fairy-demon hybrids were summarily executed. Tensions between us eventually eased over time and we are able to coexist in the human world fairly peacefully – some even rarely forging friendships, like Fintan and I. But there are some of my kind who still believe we were unjustly ousted from our rightful place, in what is now exclusively the Fae realm, and wish to return. However, for that to occur, there would need to be an intermediary. Someone born of both Fae and demon blood. And that someone would have to possess the essential spark in order to travel between both worlds unhindered.”

The beast inside of me stirred his chains, while my mind worked through the ramifications of what we’d been told.

As far as I knew, the powers Sookie had manifested only came about tonight, so I knew I was missing some vital piece of information as to why they would want or need her. something I gathered Sookie wondered as well because she asked, “But why? What would me, being able to go into Never Never Land, do for them?”

He seemed to steel himself before he calmly answered, “I can tell that you have exchanged blood with his majesty – twice if I’m not mistaken – so I take it you are aware of blood bonds?”

When she nodded in reply, he continued on with, “Before the last of the hybrids were killed, they were able to freely enter both worlds. And if they had a child with a demon, so long as that child was alive, the bond of blood with the demon parent could gain them entry as well. If a powerful enough demon were able to get into the Fae realm, they could undo the magic that keeps us out, all but ensuring a war the likes of which we have never seen. And since we all can freely enter this world, I’m sure you can guess where that battle would take place.”

A low threatening growl rumbled through my chest over the thought of them wanting to use my lover as a brood mare.

But they would never get the chance.

I would make sure of it.

But he was right about where the battle would be held and, while the Weres were talking of revealing themselves soon, humans knew nothing of the existence of other supernaturals.

Both fairies and demons were equally vicious and while the rest of us could try and remain on the sidelines, it would be trouble for us all if they intended to wage a war in the only world we could exist in. It would be impossible to cover up now, when there were twenty-four hour news channels and smartphones to upload videoed evidence within seconds to fucking YouTube.

The nightmare would be unending and in the fallout the humans would turn on the one supernatural they knew to exist.


“It was all just folklore,” he said quietly. “Stories told to children. I thought I was giving my friend a gift and never once did I think I would be the catalyst for the apocalypse because – make no mistake – there will be no winners if this comes to fruition. When it was discovered Fintan’s descendants had been gifted with demon blood, he was killed by the faction wanting back into Faery, so that the magical barrier that warded your home would be extinguished. It wasn’t long after that, that you were discovered by my kind. There were whispers by some that you should be taken immediately, in order to help facilitate our way back into the Fae realm. Others insisted things should remain as they are and you should be removed from the equation altogether.”

Sighing, he looked back at apologetically and said, “I am sorry my dear, but I’m afraid you can’t trust any of my kind.”

“But I can trust you,” Sookie stated unquestioningly, which made me wonder if she’d gleaned it from his thoughts.

“You can,” he agreed. “But I’m afraid I can’t stay. I too am being pursued, I believe by beings under the direction of some of the Fae, so I must return to where I am safest while I continue to heal.”

He began to hoist himself up to his feet, but before he could turn for the door, I asked, “Who? Who is it that leads the ones intent on taking what is mine?”

Raping her is what they were intent on doing, but I could barely restrain myself just thinking it and I knew, by speaking the words aloud, it would be my undoing.

The door opened to reveal Diantha on the other side – probably having heard her uncle’s faltering steps – and shame colored his face, as he turned to face us once more, and replied, “Nargal. My half-brother.”

My arm reached out to grab the hilt of my sword behind me, as I stood and brought it down in front of me, while shoving Sookie behind my body and all but accusing, “Is he not the father of your nieces?”

I was almost certain he was, but I’d never had reason to keep up with the demon’s family tree.

Gladiola had appeared in the doorway as well, but none of them took a defensive stance at my maneuvering, when he replied, “Yes, but my brother’s parenting ended with their conception. I am the one who was a father to them and I am the one they are loyal to. But if you are not comfortable with their presence, I will find another way to communicate with you in the future. I am no longer privy to my brother’s dealings, but if I learn of anything new to do with Miss Stackhouse, I will inform you immediately.”

I didn’t acknowledge his words because I wasn’t sure if I could trust any demon in Sookie’s presence – even him – but they didn’t seem to be waiting for a response when the three of them departed without another word.

Pam – as unruffled as ever – merely looked back at us, saying, “Well things certainly aren’t boring with you around my little friend. Are you expecting any more guests for this evening’s supernatural performance of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

I wasn’t in the mood for her flippancy and ordered, “See them out.”

With my look, adding, ‘Have them followed.’

The door had barely shut behind her when I turned to face Sookie, not sure about anything but the fact I’d likely kill anyone at the moment who even attempted to look at her. My inner beast was howling with a blind possessive rage over the thought of anyone – fairy or demon – trying to take her from me.

I was so busy trying to get my own emotions under control, so I could strategize, that I must’ve missed what she was feeling in that moment because I was blindsided when she attacked me.

Hands, lips, teeth and tongue.

It was a full on frontal assault.

And I was an all too willing opponent.

She’d managed to hoist herself up my body, with the use of her arms and legs, but my hands found purchase on her ass to hold her against me as we ground our hips against one another.

I knew there were so many things we had to talk about – we had so many things coming at us from all sides – but all I needed in that moment was to be connected to her.

Sookie had already bewitched me long before that night, but now that I knew the paradise that could be found between her legs, I couldn’t get back there fast enough.

Grasping onto the last shreds of my rationality, I resolved to speak with her later about completing our bond. I wanted us both to be clear headed when that conversation took place. But I also wanted the privacy of my chambers and uninterrupted time in which to do it – if she agreed – because a frenzied fast fuck in my office wasn’t ideal for something of that magnitude.

But a frenzied fast fuck in my office was perfect for right now.

The feel of her tongue stroking against my descended fang only served to remind me of our explorations the night before – and how gifted her mouth truly was – but a repeat performance would have to wait.

Now we were both too far gone in our need for one another and I set her down on my desk, while we frantically started pulling at each other’s clothes, when there was a sharp rap on the door.

A threatening growl ripped from my chest, but my warning went unheeded and the door opened, with an unmistakable voice chuckling, “Is this a bad time, your majesty?”

I could feel Sookie’s annoyance and frustration over the disruption, as well as her embarrassment over our compromising position.

So I quickly set her to rights before moving to the front of my desk – wondering what the fuck else was about to go wrong – and bowed before the Ancient Pythoness, greeting, “Your Grace.”


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