17 – Destiny


I must have misheard.

She couldn’t have possibly said what I thought she did because surely she wouldn’t want to bond with me – or any vampire – now knowing what a bond would do.

It would make her vulnerable. It would be the integral step in making her susceptible to all those who wanted her for their own devious plans.

But even more than that shock was what came after her admission to wanting my bond.

“What did you say Sookie?” I asked again.

Pam sped from the room with a triumphant smile, but I couldn’t be bothered and had my suspicions as to why.

My child lived to meddle.

“Pam’s a relentless bitch?” she mumbled questioningly.

My lips formed a small smile in agreement, but I only wanted to hear one thing from her lips.

“Before that.”

Feeling cornered she leaned into the couch cushions and without turning to look at me, she huffed “Well I don’t know how long you’ve been standing there. I’ve said lots of things.”

My eyes took in the empty ice cream container on the coffee table – which explained the scent of mint and chocolate in the air – but the opened bottle of gin next to it gave me pause.

In my silence her ire only grew and she stood up to face me, poking me in the chest as her alcohol infused minty breath wafted over me, when she chastised me with, “I’ve had a while to say lots of things because someone just up and took off. Someone didn’t bother to hang around and see if I had anything to say about the mumbo jumbo hippy tree hugger tapestry horseshit. Someone just pawned me off on their child after they commanded that child not to bond with me.”

All but force feeding me her indignation, she glared at me and declared, “You’re not the boss of me! You can’t tell me what to do! If I want to bond with Pam then I will! I’ve got my own freaky shit now and I can hold her down while I exchange blood with her! What are you gonna do about it then, huh? Mr. My-Way-Or-The-Highway?”

Even as she wobbled to and fro with her neck craned up to defiantly stare me down there was fire in her eyes.

No one – not even before I was king – spoke to me the way she did.

She had never feared me, as others rightfully did so, and instead acted like the royal she’d been born as and yet still didn’t truly accept she was.

She was magnificent.

Needing her closer, my arms coiled around her body as I hoisted her up and even as she snarled at my actions, I grinned feeling her legs entwine at my waist.

“No,” she hissed, while pushing at my shoulders with no force at all. “You’re not gonna waltz up in here with your panty-poofing grin and think being all sexy is gonna make it all better, your Majesty.”

“What. Did. You. Say. Sookie?” I asked in between placing kisses along her collarbone.

“That you’re an ass?” she sighed, unable to stop her head from falling back while she rubbed her chest against my own.

Goading her on because I was an ass, I purred, “You love my ass.”

As though I’d glamoured her, she let one of her feet rub over said ass before tightening her hold on me and denied, “I never said I love your ass.”

“No?” I asked, as I nipped along her neck and stole a taste of her blood when my overeager fangs scratched her skin. “I could’ve sworn I heard some mention of that word.”

“Oh,” she moaned, as my tongue trailed along the spot underneath her ear. “That could’ve been Pam. She said you were a stubborn ass.”

Just as stubborn as my little fated fairy was, but I was enjoying the challenge and clarified, “Not Pam.”

Even though I’d moved at a human pace, she seemed surprised when I put her down on top of my bed and her body arched, when I pushed her shirt up and let my tongue play over her lace covered nipples before pulling back slightly to deny her what she wanted, and prodded her further by saying, “Admit it.”

Her hands laced into my hair, while her hips squirmed underneath me and she admitted through gritted teeth, “Fine! You have a great ass! Now if you don’t quit yer yammerin’ and get back work, I’m gonna put my fairy whammy on you!”

I may have been unable to shoot light from my hands, but they weren’t without talents of their own.

Within seconds every stitch of clothing she’d been wearing were nothing more than threads swaying in the breeze of a mumbo jumbo hippy tree hugger tapestry and when she looked up at me in surprise, I smiled and playfully teased, “It was their destiny.”

She unsuccessfully fought off the grin that took over her face, but it quickly faded away and her expression changed into one of saddened resignation as she sighed, “Speaking of which…you don’t want to bond with me.”

On the contrary, I wanted it more than anything.

Even knowing we were fated – something I thought was only a myth until now – a permanent blood bond was a tangible way to claim her as my own. Every Supernatural no matter their race would recognize my invisible mark on her – whether or not they heeded its warning – but since I would be standing at her side ready to relieve them of their heads, it wouldn’t matter.

She would be mine in every way, but knowing how true Robert Burn’s line was that ‘The best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry’, the completion of our bond could be what ultimately took her away from me and that is what had initially given me pause.

When I’d stormed out of the room I’d gone straight to the roof so I could think through every possible avenue before us. I needed to stay two steps ahead of everyone else if I was to keep her safe from harm.

But it wasn’t until I’d exhausted every conceivable strategy – ranging from imprisoning her in my chambers, to sending her away to a remote location with a new identity, to turning her – my eyes cast upwards to the stars looking for guidance and it was then that I knew I could do none of those things.

Those stars had been my only constant for one thousand years until she had come along and now I knew I would never be able to look at them again and not think of her.

They would cruelly mock me for an eternity if I failed her.

The Ancient Pythoness had said we were two halves of the same whole and no matter how much I tried to force logic into the equation to tear apart her claim, the fact remained I couldn’t explain what drew me to this god awful state. As much as I had always despised it, never once had I any inclination to move on.

I still had no answer for why I’d ended up at her childhood home when I was without my memories and even though there had been many times in my long lifetime when I’d had no choice but to walk away from everything and start over, I knew there would be no walking away from Sookie.

My own instincts fought against every bit of logic I tried to apply to any scenario that took her away from me.

The thought of her being bonded to anyone but me was enough to drive me mad, so ultimately I knew what we had been told was true.

We would permanently bond to one another, but not because it was our destiny.

It was because she was mine, just as much as I was hers.

As I returned to my chambers, I had assumed I would have to talk her into it – explain the reasons why it was the most prudent course to take – alleviate her fears so she would know I would always protect her above even my own life, but when I arrived my little fairy had surprised me once more with her words.

Even if she hadn’t expected me to hear them.

“You want to bond with me,” I reminded her, murmuring softly and nuzzling against her jaw, allowing myself a moment to get lost in her glorious scent.

She didn’t respond right away, but I smelled her tears just as they ran down her face and onto my own, so I looked up and brushed them away, softly entreating, “Answer me.”

“What is there to say, Eric?” she sighed. “FateDestiny? I couldn’t care less, but it doesn’t matter what I want because if you don’t want it too, then it makes no difference. No matter what that oracle woman said, we do have a choice and you’ve made yours.”

She shrugged her shoulders and looked away, ending with, “I’ll get over it.”

She’ll get over it?

This woman confounded me like no other being on the planet and I captured her chin so her eyes would meet mine and said, “Say it Sookie. You had the mettle to put your great-grandfather on the floor and snatch the very air from his chest, so don’t shy away now. You’ve never held back from speaking your mind before – about me being an ass or otherwise – so spit it out. Tell me what it is you want.”

“You heard me before, you giant ass!” she huffed angrily while pushing at my shoulders.

“I heard you tell Pam. Now I want you to say it to me,” I entreated lovingly, attempting to sooth my stubborn little fairy.

Her face reddened – from what I could feel, in both anger and embarrassment – and she spit out, “Fine! I want to bond with you. I wanted to before our evening ever went to shit. Are you happy now, you big bully?”

I didn’t know what it was, but her anger always turned me on more so than anything else. So I shifted enough for her to feel my reaction to her wrath and agreed with a smile, “Oh yes, I am quite big.”

“You big jerk,” she snarled, while trying not to smile, but I could feel her amusement when she opted to attempt to squirm out from under me instead.

Her actions were only making me bigger, but feeling her insecurity over her admission above everything else, I stilled her body with my own, needing to hear her tell me her reason for wanting to bond, and simply asked, “Why?”

“I don’t know,” she huffed, not realizing what I was asking for. “You were probably always big and being a bullying jerk seems like it just comes natural to you.”

Gods, this woman and the things that came out of her mouth.

Nothing with her was ever simple.

Why did I love her so much?

I love her?

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I knew it was true.

What else would explain all of the feelings she’d been able to stir within me? Why else would I suddenly put her safety and her happiness above all else?

Enough so that I’d been willing to let Niall take her back to Faery if it meant she would’ve been safe from harm.

That was when I should have known. As much as not having her with me would have caused me pain, I would have preferred it over knowing what could happen to her by remaining at my side.

And in her absence I would’ve hunted Nargal into the pits of hell, so she could safely return to me.

I could feel she was beginning to panic – not because I had her pinned but because she felt vulnerable from her admission in the growing silence – so I attempted to put her at ease by giving her an admission of my own.

“You are correct. I have always been big and – as always – your perception is keen because being a bullying jerk does come naturally to me,” I teased, hoping to calm her nerves.

But I was completely sincere, when I went on to add, “But…there is something – something that after my long lifetime is as foreign to me as the sun in the sky. It by no means comes naturally to me and yet you, with your magical Sookie powers, somehow managed to conjure it within me. I can’t even claim it was against my will.”

Rolling her eyes, she said, “Quit talking in circles Eric. I can’t take anymore crazy talk tonight, so as a wise ass once told me – spit it out.”

“I love you Sookie.”

Instead of relief or joy at my admission, the exact opposite occurred with her becoming catatonic. She all but turned into a statue, not even blinking as she stared up at me, but the sound of Pam’s voice on the other side of the closed door, hollering, “I fucking knew it!” was enough to bring her back to life.

The future of Pam’s life was still undecided.

“What?” she whispered disbelievingly. “Are you joking? Because that’s not funny Eric.”

It’s a RIOT! MYYY Maker! In looo..oovve…”

As the relentless bitch’s Maker, I sent the equivalent of a smack through our bond, along with a warning for her to go the fuck away, before returning my full attention to Sookie and replying, “I would not joke about something so serious Sookie.”

“You wouldn’t?” she whispered while probing our tie.

It was like feeling a thousand tiny tendrils moving throughout my body that were both foreign and innate at the same time. I could somehow discern they were coming from her and unlike my bond with Pam – which was more of a mental connection – my tie with Sookie felt like nearly every part of me was open to her – hungered for her – and the parts that weren’t were merely lying in wait for that third and final exchange.

My cock twitched wondering what those tendrils would feel like then.

But seeing her still waiting on my response, I answered just as softly, “No.”

More tears welled in her eyes, seemingly satisfied with what she’d found, but still she asked, “Does that mean you want to bond with me?”

Her disbelief was slowly fading, but I reassured her out loud with, “I do,” reaffirming my response with a kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Because of the hippy tree hugger horseshit?” she probed still unsure.

“No,” I replied with a small shake of my head.

I could feel she was still hesitant to allow herself to believe what I knew she could feel from me when she asked, “Then why?”

My next words poured from my lips without any thought. I didn’t need to think because it was simply the truth.

“For a thousand years I have walked this earth, dying each day and rising each night – just waiting, but I didn’t know what for. I had always felt there was something more – something I was still missing – and that longing is what has sustained me. It is what gave me purpose and drove me to search across every continent for something that had no name. That overwhelming pull only ceased when I came to be here. And still I was left waiting, merely existing night after night and subjected to the same monotonous way of life I’d come to know and expect. And just when I thought there wasn’t possibly another surprise left for me in this world, you came along.”

Staring down into her eyes, I explained, “You are beautiful and brave – bright and passionate. You’ve never ceased to fail in surprising me – be it with your wit or your actions. You are a constantly changing puzzle I know I will never figure out and yet know I will never stop trying. I have never been in awe of anyone like I am constantly in awe of you. I no longer feel like I am waiting because you are what I was missing – even if I never knew it before now. You have breathed new life into me and my home now resides wherever you are. I am in love with you – another awe inspiring surprise I never would’ve expected in my long life – and I want to bond with you because I am yours.”

Her tears had been flowing the entire time, but her gaze never faltered from my own so I could not only feel the truth of her words, I could see it in her eyes when she said, “I love you too Eric.”

I’d heard her say words to that effect to Pam and I’d been bullying her since my return to make her say them again. But actually hearing her say them to me – feeling the truth behind them because she was literally radiating her love for me – was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I had nothing to compare it to because it so far surpassed every other elated memory from my past and I knew nothing would ever come close to making me feel that way again.

But I was just as certain she would surprise me and prove me wrong anyway.

Sookie pulled my lips to hers and while her tongue stroked along my fangs, her hands started pulling at my clothes, which only reminded me how very naked she was beneath me.

Sitting up on my knees to enjoy the view, it turned out my clothing too had been destined for scraps and she giggled seeing them fly across the room.

But her laughter ceased when I pulled her body up, with my arm wrapped around her waist, so that her ass was resting on my thighs, and her legs wrapped around me while her back arched, invitingly pushing her twin peaks towards me.

I didn’t care for the show Pam tried to make me watch in the 90’s, but I certainly loved Sookie’s.

Goose bumps rose up on her skin in the wake of my tongue’s path and even taking into account my cooler temperature she felt inordinately hot to my touch. I hadn’t noted a noticeable difference while lying atop her and while a blush now covered her entire body – given what we were in the middle of doing – it was to be expected.

But when her hips gyrated, thereby trapping my cock within her wet folds, my already descended fangs throbbed at the scent that engulfed us.


Not just any fairy, but an obscenely fairy scented Sookie and instead of questioning why her scent was so much stronger, I only wanted to enjoy it and was about to ravage her when she whispered, “It burns…”

“What burns, lover?” I asked with my desire turning into worry, while my eyes darted over her body.

Automatically a part of my mind started counting her pulse rate, with my ears listening to her lungs.

But as I started to lay her back down onto the bed to further assess what was wrong, I stopped when she clung to me, saying, “All of me. I…I…I need you…”

Her lips moved along my jaw and she tested my willpower by scraping her teeth against my neck, so all I could do was grunt out, “Perhaps you are coming down with something. A flu or virus perhaps? I can have a doctor brought here.”

Even I didn’t believe my own words, knowing no human cold would make her smell more of a fairy.

So I had no basis for denying her proposed medical treatment plan when she said, “No.”

Especially when her eyes met mine and – while glassy – she was cognizant, as she reached down in between our bodies to press my cock against her, sliding herself up until I was poised at her entrance and then lowering her body back down my own, adding, “I…need…you.”

My hands automatically moved to her hips, as I helped her along, with me grunting out, “You have all of me, so take whatever you need.”

Any other time I would’ve laughed with glee over the thought of Sookie needing to fuck me to feel better – it gave my life a whole new purpose – and I didn’t rule out the possibility of having a chuckle over it later on. But right then it was all I could do to not bite her.

The fairy scent only grew tenfold with every plunge of her hips and my eyes were playing tricks on me because it almost appeared she was emitting a soft glow, but I was worried if I bit her now, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

The pure fairy prisoner’s blood spilled at my feet and that didn’t even make my mouth water, but my eyes were locked in on her lovely neck as my mouth and fangs salivated with every pulse of her heart. Cumming would only make my restraint that much harder, but at least it would provide some sort of release and my body needed it.

Sookie had been moving her hips atop mine, with the precision of a well-trained exotic dancer, using me as her pole. And while I had no complaints, there was more to it than that.

She moved in every way my body wanted her to, as if she was somehow using our incomplete bond to read my wants and needs. It only made me want to complete our bond now, knowing it could only get better – even if I couldn’t imagine a heaven any better than what she was giving me – but I was still fearful I could drain her in the state I was in.

I used what little wits I had left to focus on pleasuring her because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer and hoped I would be able to regain my sanity in whatever downtime we had before the inevitable next round. Without breaking our stride I tossed her back onto the bed and pinned her hips with my own pounding into her.

Her hair spread out in a wild sweaty halo above her head, as she allowed me to do as I pleased, but even lost in her own euphoria she still managed to push me to the brink by lunging upwards and attaching her mouth to my neck. Her teeth and tongue assaulted my senses and I heard myself growl in warning, but my Sookie was never one to back down.

Especially not from me.

Instead she wrapped her limbs around me as tightly as she could, with only our hips remaining mobile, and as I felt her inner walls clamp down around my cock – demanding I cum for her – she put her own neck at my mouth and pleaded, “Bite!”

Just before she did the same.

My brain must have short circuited because I only knew I’d executed her orders when her blood hit my tongue.

And then I was done for.

I’d hoped to complete our bond on this night, but now all I could do was hope that I would be able to stop and not drain her. I’d already fed from her earlier that night when we first rose, so I knew I shouldn’t take much, but my gods…her taste was unlike anything I’d ever had.

Now she tasted so much sweeter than any other time I’d had her blood in the past and coupled with the sensation of her feeding from me as well it made me cum a second time.

Sookie’s body had yet to stop convulsing around me while her climax washed over her, but her mouth never wavered from her task.

With every pull and swallow it felt like a part of me was crawling inside of her and making itself at home to stay, just as I felt her presence within me grow at the same time. Every nuance of everything she was feeling was mine to be had, so perhaps it was due to feeling her happiness and relief, that even after my Sookie-inflicted wound closed, I continued to drink from her vein without thought.

But as I felt her start to become cold I panicked and licked her punctures closed before pulling back completely, gasping – gasping? – “I’m sorry. Are you alright?”

She only smiled back at me, lazily asking, “Can’t you feel that I’m alright?”


I scrutinized our now completed bond and surprisingly, she did feel alright – invigorated even – but chilly as well.

Moving us underneath the covers, I pulled her into my arms and explained, “I thought I’d taken too much of your blood. I was worried I’d drained you.”

“Don’t be silly,” she snickered and then added, “But I thank you for putting out my fire with your hose.”


She was the equivalent of fairy flavored vampire crack and I was the one who was silly?

“I’m being serious Sookie. Something’s changed. Your scent and your blood are sweeter.”

Staring back at me, I could see she was waiting for more of an explanation, so I offered, “I would guess it has something to do with your fairy powers showing themselves tonight, but you’re only one-eighth Fae so I can’t be sure. Your fairy shapeshifter is full-blooded and his held no appeal to me whatsoever when it spilled out of him across the floor, which is also…odd.”

“He’s not my fairy anything,” she huffed, completely ignoring my slip about his blood being spilled.

But hearing her words brought out a possessiveness from within that shocked even me and completely erased what we’d just been talking about from my mind.

If I thought I’d loved her before, it trifled in comparison to how I felt about her now that our bond was complete. It was as though a missing piece of me – a piece that had been gone all along and I didn’t even know about until its return – was restored.

The beast within me that I’d spent my lifetime keeping chained was no longer tethered and instead he prowled freely, standing guard with his fangs bared in warning over that restored piece.

The part of me where my bond with Sookie now resided.

Like an animal marking its territory, I threw myself over her body, covering her completely with my own, and growled, “You are mine. I’ll never let anyone near you again. I’ll kill every fairy and demon in every realm if I have to in order to keep you safe from harm.”

I’d lay them all to waste and then claim my bonded while drenched in their blood.

I didn’t realizing I was snarling until Sookie shushed me, calming me with her lips against my own, and said, “And I’ll help you do it, just not right now. Now we have other things to do.”

Her roaming hands and our bond told me exactly what she wanted to do and I was all for it, but still I coyly asked, “And what would that be?”

She answered me without words and instead managed to give me yet another surprise.

Bonded sex?

Nothing. Else. Like. It.


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