9 – Feelings


As soon as Sookie and Sammy-kins were out of sight, I turned to Pam and ordered, “Have Reuben look into the whereabouts of her brother Jason and the details of her grandmother’s death, along with the fire at their home. I want a full report by tomorrow evening. Right now I feel the need to skin a cat. Stay with her.”

I flew out of my chambers, without waiting for a reply, needing to be away from Sookie. Not only were her feelings through our bond pushing me to the brink of insanity, but my own feelings were in turmoil.

The turmoil stemming from the fact I had feelings for her at all, beyond lust and desire, which I had in spades.

While I headed towards the dungeons I quickly ran through my every action and reaction, since her arrival and didn’t like what I found.

The fact alone I’d readily agreed to only feed from – while not even yet fucking – her was sheer insanity.

As was the undeniable fact I’d had no true desire to feed or fuck anyone else in the short time she’d been there.

I couldn’t even blame her sinfully tasteful Fae enhanced blood because I’d only had it for the first time the night before. Nor could I blame my own blood in her, since she hadn’t truly desired me until our bond was nearly extinguished.

The emotions the woman managed to bring out in me…


Stunningly beautiful…charming…delightfully amusing…magnificent…


Within moments of Niall leaving her with me, my first thought had been to give her my blood in order to protect her.

My blood.

For a thousand years I’d only ever shared it with a human in turning my child.

But with Sookie – for Sookie – doing so had been my only thought in order to protect her. I could have easily left her in one of the iron cells to keep out the Fae, while surrounding her with Weres throughout the day and vampire at night to keep away the demons.

I’d been greeted no less by the sight of her bound and gagged when she first arrived. She looked like a prisoner.

It never even crossed my mind to treat her as such.

Strengthening our bond only made my attachment to her increase a hundred fold and yet – even now – my instincts were screaming for me to exchange blood with her again.


My need to make sense of it all only increased my speed and soon the scent of the fairy saturated the air, as I entered the dungeons.

And with it, my thoughts were brought back to when I’d heard his false claim of Sookie being his.

Vampires were possessive by nature. And while I’d never cared enough to claim any human as my own, my reaction to his misconception went above and beyond anything resembling normal. The desire to kill him had been a natural one, but thinking of her as my mate was something else entirely.

Even as my mind now tried to refute the notion, the rest of me revolted over the thought of anyone else ever claiming her in any way.

I’d nearly ended my own child for getting too close, while Sookie had been injured, when I knew her only desire had been to help.


But since I was already there…

Sigebert moved to the side, while I faced the now lucid fairy and demanded, “By what right do you claim Sookie as your own?”

My knowledge of Fae customs was negligible at best, but their race dated back millennia. It would stand to reason arranged marriages were the norm among them and if she’d been promised to him by Niall, I wanted to know.

Because then I’d have TWO fairies to kill.

I barely had the chance to shake my head over my own ridiculous thoughts of starting a war with the Fae – more so for the conviction I felt, knowing full well that I would – over starting the war itself, when he spat out, “She is a Fae Princess! My right to her goes above any claim of a mere vampire.”

Had Sookie been promised to him by Niall, it would’ve been his first response.

So I now knew him to be just another delusional suitor, standing alongside a dog, and possibly a wolf.

“A blood bond supersedes all within the Supernatural community,” I reminded him.

Even though – logically – my mind hadn’t settled upon that course of action, it seemed a likely occurrence, since I appeared to have lost all rational thought when it came to Sookie.

Hopefully, my own recklessness wouldn’t end up killing us both.

His fallacy was his own, so I turned away from his cell to finally deal with the were-tiger, when his words filtered in behind me.

“But you couldn’t follow us back into Faery.”

A second later he lay unconscious – crumpled on the stone floor – with a pool of blood forming around his head from where I’d slammed him against the iron bars hard enough that there was now a Preston shaped dent adorning his cell.

Calmly walking over, I straightened the bars by hand before turning to Sigebert and saying, “Have this mess cleaned up. I don’t need every vampire in the palace scenting his blood and the resulting frenzy that would ensue.”

When he made no move to carry out my orders I felt my eyebrow rise up in silent question, when I realized he was merely calming himself over the scent of the fairy’s blood.

It made me recognize – once again – I had no desire for it, even as I watched it spill freely across the floor.

His scent didn’t call to me – as I knew it should have – and once Sigebert had regained his composure I walked away, still perplexed by my immunity to it all.

While Sookie’s scent and blood were laced with traces of Fae, I found her to be practically irresistible, but not so enticing that I wanted to drain her. It was a fine line I walked upon, but the thought of her no longer existing ripped away at my insides and threatened to unleash the monster contained within me.

I’d seen the reactions of other vampires in her presence within my Court and while they certainly coveted her, still the youngest of them could control themselves around her. Even my own child – whom I could feel, and beside myself was closest to her – didn’t crave her in the same way I did.


But I forced all thoughts of Sookie away and smiled upon seeing the mighty Quinn – celebrated pit fighter and two-faced bitch extraordinaire – shackled by silver manacles around his wrists and ankles, so that his arms and legs were spread wide against the concrete block wall behind him, forming a were-tiger letter X.


My fist connected with his sternum where X marked the spot in my mind and he howled in pain, above the sound of his ribs snapping from the force of my blow.

I could have put my fist straight through his body and connected with the wall behind him, but I’d never get any answers out of him that way and calmly asked, “What is your mission for Nevada?”

Sweat was pouring off of his disgusting bald head, making the air smell even more putrid, and his eyes yellowed.

But he was too weak to shift and only wheezed out, “Wh..what? I…I don’t…know…what you’re talking about.”

Shaking my head and clucking my tongue, I reached for a silver blade and used it to prick the tip of my finger. Watching the small pool of blood form into a bead for a moment, I then walked towards him, while softly admonishing, “Bad kitty.”

I felt a bit more settled, after leaving behind the remaining scraps of the were-tiger. Although, I was a bit disappointed were’s couldn’t maintain their animal form when killed.

Otherwise, I’d have that tiger skin rug.

Nevada would be back. Of that I had no doubt. But Quinn knew nothing of enough importance about my kingdom’s security in order to help facilitate a takeover, without removing me from the equation first.

So, as long as I remained vigilant, all would be well.

However, remaining vigilant was both the key and the predicament.

Even now, my thoughts were that I would require a shower before allowing Sookie to see me. Every fucking thought in my head somehow clawed a path straight back to her and it was driving me crazy.

If the thought alone didn’t absolutely push me to the brink of unrestrained fury, I would kill her myself to be rid of the distraction.

But I already knew I couldn’t.

Not ever.

It took a twenty-something former barmaid from a backwater bayou to completely bewilder me and alter every course of action I’d learned was necessary to survive for over a thousand years.

I should send her away.

I should put her under Pam’s charge and completely separate myself from her now, only returning to her side should I feel she were in danger.

I should no longer exchange blood with her.

I should go straight to the donor lounge and take every last one of them to prove to both myself and Sookie that we could not be.

She was a hindrance to my survival.

I was too depraved for an innocent like her.

My chest seized at the thought.

I could not understand why I felt the way I did, but I could not deny it either. Something about her continued to draw me to her and – while I didn’t like feeling all of the things she brought out in me – I couldn’t imagine letting her go.

So I would have no choice but to adapt.

It was only the sound of rustling chains that brought me out of my thoughts and I found myself standing in front of the inept Were guard.

While I’d felt minute twinges of lust when Sookie had mentioned the dog’s bar – which had produced another irrational reaction from me – I’d never felt it coming from her when she’d been with the wolf.

That, however, gave me no insight on his feelings for her.

My claim on her was no longer a charade in order to protect her. She was mine in every way, so I looked down at him and asked, “Do you have any romantic attachments?”

Truthfully, I could use Sookie’s telepathic skills right now, but I doubted she would be agreeable in helping me ascertain if the Were wanted to fuck her.

Or worse, that he had romantic feelings for her.

She had enough Supernatural devotees and the last thing I wanted was to give yet another one of them, access to her.

His eyes widened and his heart rate increased as he asked, “Why? Oh God…is Debbie here?”

He started rambling out how it was solely his responsibility that Sookie had disappeared from the palace – I assumed – in trying to save this Debbie from my imagined wrath.

So I cut him off and used it against him, by asking, “Are you fond of Debbie?”

“Of course I am,” he growled. “If I didn’t love her, I wouldn’t have proposed to her.”

All the better.

He would’ve heard the tiger’s screams and the fact I was covered in his blood helped in aiding me to stress exactly what would happen to him should he fail me again. Sookie’s talent – while impressive – was inconsequential in regards to his failure.

And while I had no immediate plans to let her out of my or Pam’s sight, I knew it to only be a matter of time before I would have to allow her out during the daytime.

Her bloodline was that of the Sky Fae and she likely already craved feeling the sunlight on her skin, so I would have no choice.

Because I already knew I couldn’t deny her anything.

Several profuse apologies and promises of no future infractions from the Were later and I was once again inside of my chambers.

Pam’s nose twitched in irritation upon my arrival, saying, “Normally I don’t mind a little pussy blood, but that is just disgusting.”

Since I happened to agree with her, I said nothing and entered my room, only to storm back out and ask, “Why is Sookie not in my room?”

I could understand her earlier irritation, but I wouldn’t put up with any childish behavior.

Aside from her lingerie clad pillow fighting.

But she knew I’d meant for her to stay in my room with me and the fact she’d chosen to return to her own room left me unsettled.

And riled.

Pam began pushing her luck by rolling her eyes at me, but I felt like an even bigger ass when she said, “How would she have gotten in?”

I’d forgotten to take the necessary steps with her so she could enter and exit my room at will when I first returned.

But Pam had access, so I asked, “Why didn’t you let her in?”

The bitch rolled her eyes again and went back to filing her nails, as she casually explained, “She wandered around the room in circles, trying to come up with an excuse for you to need her telepathic skills. Once I assured her you were a big boy and could handle it without her, she went to bed. She did not ask me to let her into your room. You did not tell me to let her into your room. You told me to get her a pussy, so that is what she’s cuddled up to right now, while you stand there smelling like a foul one and all I’m left with is none. So, Papa Bear, I guess that makes her Goldilocks and fuck me if I’m not Baby Bear.”

She was lucky I was impatient to see Sookie again, so after one last glare aimed her way, I sped into the shower and washed away what was left of the tiger. Pam had left the chambers by the time I walked back out and crossed into Sookie’s room, drawing in a deep breath, so her scent would cleanse my sinuses of the rank tiger’s.

I had no idea if she was still angry with me now that she was fast asleep, but it still didn’t stop me from picking her up and carrying her back to my room.

The kitten I would never call by name mewled in protest, so I reluctantly brought him in too and placed him on her pillow beside her head, before retrieving everything else they would need during the day and then crawling in behind her.

Every time she was near all I wanted to do was rub myself all over her, marking her with my scent.

It was idiotic, considering she was never out of my or Pam’s sight and rarely around others. But I couldn’t seem to help myself, with my mind always chanting the same thing.


All of the confusion I’d felt earlier was still there. The only thing I’d been able to work out was that I was okay with being confused.

My want for her rose above every other concern I had and as she stirred awake – thanks to my incessant need to inhale her skin – the smile she gave me would have left me breathless had I needed to breathe.

While she could see my own glow, she too glowed like the sun when she looked at me that way and it warmed me the same as the sun once warmed my skin on frozen shores. I wanted to deny the things she made me feel, but I found I didn’t want to lie to her and offered her a different truth instead.

“I do not like having…feelings.”

But I crave you…your presence more than I care to admit.

I yearned for vengeance against all of the simpletons in her past that had caused her to be hurt.

I wanted to be the only one she desired and would gladly rip the shifter to shreds, no matter the debt I owed him for contacting my child when he’d found me cursed.

But most of all I just wished for her to be happy, if only so she would always grace me with her smile.

And even though that confounded me most of all, it was the truth.

I would change none of it – even if I could – so I told her so, in less-romanticized words.

Her emotions moved from confused back to happy once more and that too warmed me, as did her underestimation of my feelings for her when she smiled and clarified, “But you do like me.”

I was sure she could feel the evidence of how much I liked her, pressing into her stomach, and with her declaration made of liking me too, her lips were on mine.

She tasted like nothing I had any memory for and yet I wanted to devour her whole.

Kissing had been a waste of time until I’d kissed Sookie and now I could spend hours doing nothing but. The softness of her lips and the sweet – yet demanding – strokes of her tongue drove me wild.

With her body, so warm and soft underneath me, I knew I could get lost in it forever, but it was her wandering hands that pushed at my restraint.

It had seemed innocent enough, with her hands trailing down my bare back, and I moaned in approval when her fingernails dug into my sides. But when they slipped into the waistband of the lounge pants I’d thrown on – in deference to her modesty – and she gripped my ass, while spreading her legs to wrap around my own, I was barely holding on by a thread.

When she moaned back into my mouth, while pulling me down and grinding herself against my aching dick, I growled in warning, “Careful lover, you’re provoking the beast.”

I was sure she had no idea of how much I truly wanted her. How little it would take for me to lose control.

Especially when she giggled and I felt one of her hands slide to the front of my pants, with me hissing the air out of my lungs, feeling her hot little hand circling my shaft, as she teasingly asked, “Is that what you named it? The Beast?”


Who would’ve thought a first time hand-job from a virgin would feel better than every fuck I could ever remember?

I knew my best bet at retaining any rational thought would be by trying to maintain some sort of conversation.

So I smirked down at her, doing nothing to stop her from completing her tortuously slow strokes, and answered, “You tell me lover. You’re the one who seems to have a firm grasp on the situation.”

Even if she hadn’t been a virgin, dick envy was something I’d never been afflicted with.

Nor was it warranted.

I could feel Sookie’s shock at her own actions, but her longing for me outweighed it and she did a terrible job of trying to look innocent through her glassy-eyed lustful gaze, as she replied, “Oh, I’d say it’s…adequate.”

“Adequate?” I asked in mock disbelief, while thrusting into her hand.

My eyes rolled back into my head of their own volition and I clamped down on the mattress underneath my hands, knowing I was only seconds from tearing away the scraps of fabric covering her still virtuous body.

I would let her explore my body in any way she wished, but I would not take her innocence from her.

That was a gift to be treasured, far greater than any jewels or riches, and one I hoped to one day receive.

“Well…” she exhaled against my chest and increased her tempo – only making my face dive right back down to chew my way across her neck, as I matched her speed with my thrusting hips. “Maybe it’s more like a gracious plenty,” she breathed against my shoulder.

This woman would be the death of me.

I was sure of it.

“Lover,” I growled lowly into her ear. “Will you allow me to touch you? I want to make you feel as good as you’re making me feel.”

“Oh God yes…” she moaned.

I knew she wasn’t ready to gift me with her virtue tonight, but it was probably a good thing, since she had me worked up enough I would likely fuck her through the mattress.

However, that also meant my virginal temptress had me close to cumming mere minutes into her debut hand-job and I wanted her to cum with me.

I would no sooner bathe my balls in liquid silver nitrate than remove her hand from my cock. So I was left using only my hands as tools, until my mouth could hopefully join in later on for round two.

I rested my weight on one arm, while trailing my hand of the other along the tops of her breasts through the fabric of the cotton tank top she was wearing. Her nipples stood firmly beneath it and as her body arched up into my palm, I seriously reconsidered my plans because my mouth was salivating over the thought of wrapping my lips around her firm young skin.

Her own hand pumping up and down my shaft wouldn’t allow me to move away from her grasp. So instead I slipped my hand underneath her shirt and took her lips with my own, when she cried out my name in approval, as I alternately pinched and caressed her tender flesh.

Her hips writhed against me, needing relief further down, so I moved on in my southward trek of her body and hissed again when I felt the wetness of her arousal that already pervaded the air around us.

“You’re so wet for me,” I crooned into her ear, enjoying the way her body flushed at my words, while I slipped my fingers through the length of her slick folds.

Soaked would be a more accurate term, but it would truly be a race to the finish line and I needed to get her there before me.

Between what I could feel of her pleasure through our bond – intensifying my own – combined with the scent, sounds, and textures of her body, I was rapidly approaching sensory overload in a way I’d never before experienced.

Her hips bucked up into my hand and she cried out my name, as I worked her clit with my thumb. Her own movements faltered for a moment – lost in her own pleasure – but my spontaneous growl and still thrusting hips got her back on track.

I bit through my lower lip trying to stave off my climax, but I nearly lost all control when Sookie leaned up to lick the blood away and pleaded against my lips, “More.”

My lust addled brain didn’t know if she wanted more blood or more sex play, but I was willing to give her both and my head dropped back down to her neck as we both groaned out, when I slid one of my fingers inside of her.

She was so fucking tight, I knew I would need to take the time to prepare her body to accept mine, but just the thought of her slick wet heat pulsing around my cock had me growling again.

I continued to work her clit, while thrusting into her, slowly building up speed until our pace matched one another’s. So when I felt her teeth scrape against my neck, I forced myself to remain coherent enough to form a single word.

My only thought.


And then she did.

My fangs slid into her neck at the same time and with the first pull of my blood into her mouth, I came in long thick streams in between our two bodies and roared out my pleasure against her skin, but refused to allow a single drop of her delectable blood go to waste.

The smell of her tears reached me when she fell over the edge of bliss, but I knew they were thanks to the orgasm still rippling through her body.

She too refused to let go of the wound she’d created and I rejected all thoughts of forcing her to, now that I could feel her so much more.

It was like she was inside of me.

I would swear I could feel her heart beating inside of my chest.

I preferred her there, so I could always keep her safe.

It wasn’t until Sookie’s kitten showed its displeasure at being ignored – by walking across both of our faces – that we finally pulled away from one another.

At least it had waited for us to be done before making its annoyance known.

When I was finally able to look down at her, I thought she had never looked more beautiful. There had never been anyone more beautiful to me than she and I’d expected her to feel or show some sort of embarrassment over what we’d just done, but all I could feel from her was her awe and overwhelming affection for me.

She adored me.

With the reciprocal feelings floating through me, I knew she would absolutely be the death of me.

I claimed her lips in a kiss – unable to stand awash under the rays of my very own personal sun and not worship her back – but sadly I could feel the pull of another sun I hadn’t seen in a thousand years and knew my reverence would have to wait until the next evening.

Slowly pulling away from her, I sped to the bathroom to clean myself up and returned with a warmed washcloth.

Sookie blushed seeing my now naked body, since I’d ditched the soiled lounge pants, and I couldn’t help smirking when I said, “Even after all of the pleasure we just gave to one another and yet you still blush?”

I could feel she was more amused than embarrassed, so I turned sideways and teased, “A gracious plenty, yes?”

But I should have known better than to tease my little minx – since it had become quite obvious Pam was her mentor in taunting me – when she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, I can’t be sure. I don’t have anything else to compare it to. But I’ll let you know if I find out differently.”

It was only the insane amount of amusement I could feel filtering into me from her, that kept me from ripping the room apart at the thought of Sookie with anyone else. But to her credit, her face betrayed nothing.

I was impressed.

And vengeful.

I tackled her back onto the bed and mercilessly tickled her sides, until tears were streaming down her face and she was gasping for air.

“Do you concede defeat?” I asked, playfully snapping my fangs down by her ear.

“I concede nothing!” she laughed out. “Tickling is not a fair fight with a vampire.”

“Of course it is,” I exclaimed. “It is not my fault vampire simply aren’t ticklish, my lover.”

She was still gasping for air as she smiled and said, “Yeah, well you might be faster than a speeding bullet too, but it still wouldn’t be fair for me to challenge to you a gunfight at high noon.”

“Touché,” I conceded, with a small smile.

Everything about her simply mesmerized me and I was admittedly overcome with lust once again, when she stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing more than one of my t-shirts, now that her night clothes had become soiled as well.

But nothing compared to having her body curled up against my own.

Basking in her warmth was better than any raging inferno in the dead of winter and I didn’t resist the urge to pull her on top of me, covering my body with her own, like a lizard lounging underneath the summer sun.

But just as she drifted off to sleep, I heard her whisper, “Thank you.”

Thank me?

I had no idea of what she could possibly be thanking me for – nor could I think of any reason I’d given her to – but I didn’t care enough to wake her for an explanation, feeling just how tired she was.

The pull to die for the day was growing stronger when I heard my phone alert me I had a new message. If it weren’t for the encumbrance of running two kingdoms, I would have ignored it, but in spite of my new and confusing feelings for Sookie, the duty I felt towards my kingdom was still there too.

I ended up dying for the day, with the phone still in my hand, wishing I had ignored it, knowing my very own personal sun would be a little dimmer come nightfall once she learned of the news I’d just received.


4 comments on “9 – Feelings

  1. I really love the banter that you’ve kept up between Eric and Sookie. That was one of the best things about their relationship and I find that it is difficult to write. I’m really loving this story!! I followed you over from FanFiction.net

  2. theladykt says:

    Preston really is delusional. Quinn is in for it for screwing with Eric. Aww for make up time.

  3. kleannhouse says:

    these two are good together and i am happy the tiger is no more, Preston damn if he isn’t suicidal…. and the the sex they had was a great start KY

  4. Shandiii says:

    I’m glad you got rid of Quinn I really don’t like him. love these two together

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