Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I’d been in Sookie’s company for close to two hours by then and I hadn’t seen her eat or drink a thing and yet there was something in the way she tasted that had me moaning into her mouth in appreciation. My hands slid up her sides underneath her shirt as my hips slid down in my seat when she climbed on top of me and all I could think was I wanted more of her. More skin. More contact. More everything and my wish was granted when I felt her open each button of my button-fly jeans with her hand dipping into the front of my boxers and her fingertips teasing along the underside of my shaft. A violent shiver worked its way through my body and, I’m guessing, a loud noise because she gripped me firmly in her hand and giggled while shushing me, whispering, “You’re hung like a horse, but keep the neighing down before we get kicked out. I doubt I could get Seabiscuit back into his stall now that he’s through the gate.”

Huh? Isn’t that movie already on DVD?

I hadn’t been able to focus on what she’d been saying, only catching the tail end of her comment, but I didn’t care what was on the big screen feeling her hand start to pump up and down my dick. It had been so long since anything besides my own hand touched me down there that I couldn’t help thrusting up into hers and probably would’ve bucked her right off my lap had I not been holding onto her. She giggled again and shushed herself as she leaned down on top of me, kissing her way across my neck to my ear, and whispered, “This,” punctuating the word with a firmer grip around me, “is better than anything I could’ve dreamed up as a teenager.”

Me too…

I was thirty years old and on my first official date, so as a teenager this would’ve been classified as a wet dream come true.

Speaking of which…

Sookie had had me worked up since the night before; really, since that day at the park and now that she was actually touching me I knew I couldn’t take much more before I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from cumming. I wanted her too much and feeling her on top of me, kissing and licking and panting above me, was making it harder.

In every conceivable way…

“Sookie,” I managed to choke out. “If you don’t stop…I can’t…I’m gonna…”

My brain wasn’t working now that my entire blood supply was in her hand and I couldn’t think of another word besides ‘cum’, but I didn’t want to say it in case she thought it was crude. I quickly learned I didn’t have to worry because she gripped me tighter and finished my statement by purring her question into my ear, asking, “Cum?”

I nodded against her and felt my two days’ worth of whiskers scrape against her cheek for a split second before she slid off of me, but I didn’t have time to wonder if we’d be stopping now because her head was suddenly hovering above my lap and her hand was quickly replaced with her mouth.

“Fuck!” I groaned out into the darkness.

I’d never had what could be called a ‘proper’ blowjob before and had only ever cum into my hand or a condom. A few of the women I’d been with in the past had ventured down there for a brief time, but had never really done much more than tease me with their lips before moving on. I figured it must be something most women didn’t enjoy, but I was sure Sookie would all but call them lying bitches if her mouth wasn’t full. My fingers wove into her hair as she dove down with vigor, taking as much of me into her mouth as she could and what she couldn’t she used her hand to make up for. It didn’t take long before I could feel my balls tightening, signaling my impending release, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I tried to warn her by gripping her hair tighter and only got as far as muttering, “Sook…” when her hands moved to grip the outer sides of my thighs hard and she forced herself farther down on my shaft humming.

For the love of God, I’m sorry…

White light exploded behind my closed eyelids as I exploded into her mouth, unable to stop the torrent of cum she’d hummed right out of me, and a strangled gasp made its way out of my chest. I tried to focus. I tried to calm my breathing so I could apologize for not warning her I was about to cum down her throat, but it was an impossible task. My entire body felt like every nerve ending I had was tingling and every muscle I had was locked down, so I couldn’t even loosen my grip from her hair, but Sookie didn’t stop. I couldn’t tell if it was my own involuntary movements that still had her mouth sliding up and down my shaft until she hummed again and literally licked me clean, making even my toes twitch.

Marry me…

My upper head was making plans to buy her a ring at the first jewelry store we came across in the mall and then whisking her off to Vegas by nightfall while my lower head was purring in contentment under her ministrations. I barely had the wherewithal to remember my own name by the time she’d taken her seat beside me again and I looked down to see she’d already set me back to rights when she leaned over and whispered, “Sorry.”

I’d forgotten I’d meant to apologize for cumming in her mouth until she reminded me and I looked back at her sheepishly, saying, “I’m sorry. I tried to warn you…but…I couldn’t…you hummed and I…”

She giggled quietly and wrapped herself around my arm, leaning against my side and lacing her fingers through mine, saying, “Not you silly. I’m sorry.”

“For what?” I asked incredulously and incredibly loud, only to be shushed by the other people in theater and only then realizing we weren’t the only ones there.

No one was seated near us, but I felt my blood quickly work its way north to redden my cheeks anyway, when she said, “For not doing better. You’re much bigger than I would’ve dared dreamed, so I’ll need to practice before I can deep throat you.”

For not doing better? Was she kidding?

Wait…was it a GOOD thing or a BAD thing that I was ‘bigger’?

I’d seen more than my fair share of naked men thanks to my chosen profession and I’d never given much thought to comparing any of them to myself, but I set all of that aside for now needing her to understand. “Sookie,” I said too loudly and then lowered my voice again when a chorus of loud shushes filled the air. “You were…that was…” I was still at a loss for words until I managed to find the only one I could think of to accurately describe her, everything, in a nutshell.


She nuzzled her head against my shoulder, making me despise the armrest that separated us, and softly laughed, “Aww…honey, that was far from perfect, but don’t worry. Practice makes perfect, so I’ll get it right before long.”

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out where she thought she’d gone wrong. There was no mistaking my pleasure in what she’d done; after all, she’d swallowed it, but that made me realize that while I was completely sated, Sookie didn’t get any kind of relief.

Should I touch her? Would she let me? Did she want me to? I wanted to…

Was I really fucking questioning this when she’d just had my dick in her mouth not five minutes ago?

Our fingers were still laced together, so I moved our hands to rest on her thigh and began slowly sliding them upward, hesitantly asking, “Sookie?”

“Hmm?” she hummed innocently while she not so innocently pulled her fingers from mine only to put her hand on top of them and increase their speed to their final destination right in between her thighs.

“Sookie,” I growled lowly now feeling just how wet she was through the denim fabric of her jeans. It would seem I hadn’t been the only one getting any enjoyment out of our earlier activities and I had a sudden juvenile urge to call up every one of the women I’d ever been with who had barely bothered to remember my name, or the guys who’d done nothing but ridicule and emasculate me my entire life for my weirdness, and shout ‘Ha!’ or stand up on my seat and claim ‘I’m king of the world!’

But first I was going to return the favor and make Sookie cum…

The thought alone had me getting hard again and I turned in my seat and started nibbling my way across her jaw line while she arched into my hand, whimpering and rubbing herself against my fingers, making me wish she’d worn a skirt instead of pants. I wanted to touch her, feel her skin instead of the denim barrier that separated us, and I slowly pulled the button of her jeans open and lowered the zipper, giving her every opportunity to stop me.

But she didn’t stop me.

“Fuck…me…” I muttered against her neck as my hand discovered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her skin was smooth and completely bare so when her hips bucked up into my hand again, my fingers met no resistance as they slid right between her wet folds.

“God, I want to,” she gasped, “but we should probably stop.”

Her body was giving me mixed signals since her hand pressed down even harder on mine and I managed to keep it still while letting her do as she pleased against it, wanting to cry as I asked, “Stop?”

“Oh…yeah…” she grunted, still writhing against my fingers, so I was still confused and not really sure what she wanted me to do until she explained, “because I doubt I can keep quiet if we keep going.” She turned her head and kissed me, making me forget what we were even talking about and she bit down on my bottom lip hard, pulling another growl from my throat as she let go, adding, “Too bad these aren’t bench seats. That way I could get some practice in and my mouth would be too full to scream.”

The images her words brought to mind made me put the buttons of my jeans through my own quality assurance test as my dick strained against them and I sagged in my seat, practically begging, “Do you want to get out of here? We could go…somewhere else? My place?”

Your place? Any place? I don’t give a shit where, just please just say yes!

Sookie’s face changed to a look of pure innocence as she pouted, “But the movie isn’t over yet.”

What movie?

My eyes unwillingly left her to look up at the screen where I recognized the sparkly vampire and his teenage bride. I only knew who they were because despite my solitary lifestyle, I didn’t live completely under a rock, and I turned back to her, asking, “Seriously?”

Sookie maintained her pout for another second before grinning widely, replying, “No, not seriously. Who would want glitter dick when there’s a war horse to ride?” Her hand shot back to my crotch to let me know exactly what she was talking about and she stroked me once, whispering against my lips, “But feel free to bite me. I’d be willing to turn into a vampire if I got this for an eternity.”

We were definitely getting married. Just as soon as I could convince myself to pull her out of my bed.

I could already picture her there and I regretfully pulled my hand out of her pants so she could close them again and we practically ran out of the theater hand in hand, straight into a couple that were standing just outside of the doorway in the lobby.

I barely had enough time to pull my hand from Sookie’s to grab onto the guy I’d knocked into, saying, “Sorry,” as I managed to keep us both from toppling over.

“Rene?” Sookie asked.

He looked over at her once he got his bearings again and took in our rumpled appearances and flushed faces as he barely smiled, saying, “Sookie? Fancy meeting you here.”

He seemed agitated, so of course I immediately guessed he was one of her former boyfriends. His dark hair and eyes were the complete opposite of my own, but since my fingers were still sticky with her arousal, I was able to stand tall. She was mine now. I even had permission to keep her for an eternity just as soon as I could figure out how to turn us both into vampires.

“Yeah, well…we were just taking in a movie,” she replied before turning to me. “Eric, this is one of Jason’s good friends Rene Lenier. Rene, this is my…Eric. Eric Northman.”

Hear that? I’m HER Eric!

Who knew a great orgasm and the promise of an eternity of them with Sookie could give me so much confidence?

He eyed us both again in a weird way and I wondered if he’d somehow heard of the rumors about me when he seemed to shake off his thoughts and said, “Nice to meet you.” He turned to the girl at his side, saying, “You remember my sister Cindy, don’tcha?”

“Of course,” Sookie smiled while the girl smiled bashfully at us. She couldn’t have been but sixteen or so and Sookie continued, saying, “I haven’t seen you since you were knee high to a junebug. Are you guys here to see the wedding of the year?” and gesturing to the closed doors we’d just burst out of like our asses were on fire.

There’d definitely been a fire blazing in that region…

Rene’s face hardened as he looked at us suspiciously and said, “Well, we were watching the movie when I realized someone was getting up to no good in the back row, so I told Cindy we had to leave.” I subconsciously straightened my clothes as I felt my face heat up again, when he added, “It was shameful!”

What-fucking-ever! It was Sookie’s dream and I’d spend an eternity making every one of them come true.

Yep, orgasms worked wonders on confidence levels.

“Oh,” Sookie squeaked out. We all stood there awkwardly for a moment when Sookie jumped as her pocket started vibrating and she pulled her phone out of her pocket, saying, “Oh look, I missed a call from Jason.”

Rene managed to work his face into a friendlier expression and said, “Well, we’ll let you all get on your way. Tell Jason I’ll be seeing him soon,” and with that he turned his sister by her shoulders and led her away from us.

The heathens.

I still felt like I was missing out on something and turned to Sookie, saying, “He seemed a little tense. Did you guys used to date or something?”

Her face crinkled up right as she said, “Eww…no. He’s just known Jason forever. They like to compete for women when they go out.”

It seemed odd that he’d get so bent out of shape over what Sookie and I had possibly been up to in the back row of the movie theater if they’d never dated, but I didn’t have long to think on it because Sookie’s phone started vibrating again in her hand. She stared down at it, muttering, “Weird. It’s Jason again. He never calls me,” and she answered it a second later, saying, “Hey big brother. What’s wrong? Did you fall down one a them holes, since you’re so deep, and can’t find your way back out again? You shoulda left a trail of breadcrumbs Hansel.”

I snickered at her side until I saw her face twist into concern as she exclaimed, “What? When?” She listened to whatever his response was and said, “If they come back, don’t you say a word and tell them you’re not talking without your lawyer present.”


She huffed into her phone at whatever he’d said, and added, “It doesn’t make you guilty for wanting a lawyer with you. It makes you smart, so just shut your dumbass the hell up and do as I say! You stay right where you are and I’ll be there soon and we can talk more about it.” She ended the call and looked back at me worriedly, saying, “I’ve gotta go. I can run you home or you can come with me, but…”

Her whole body looked tensed up for a fight and I rubbed my hands up and down her arms attempting to sooth her, asking, “What’s wrong? I don’t think you should be driving. I’ll go with you.”

I’d go with her anywhere.

She sucked her bottom lip in between her teeth and her eyes filled up with tears as she said, “It’s Jason. The sheriff just left his house. He’s a suspect in a murder.”


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