Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Knowing Newlin’s wife was his murderer is what made me decide that going for a run in Lakeside Park the following morning would be as safe as it ever was. I often ran there to clear my head and after meeting Sookie the night before, my head was chock full and needed to be emptied. With my earbuds firmly in place, I took off on my favorite running trail and just concentrated on my breathing, taking in the visual smorgasbord of the autumn leaves which had turned into vibrant shades of reds and yellows. I was steadily huffing away, but my thoughts were still firmly locked on Sookie which is why I was startled for the first time in a long time when I rounded a grove of trees and ran right into her.

We both tumbled to the ground and my earbuds came loose in time to hear the air leave her lungs with an ‘oomph’ sound on impact, but at least I’d been able to grab onto her in time for my body to cushion her fall. My mouth opened to apologize, embarrassment and regret filling my veins…

But another vein quickly filled as well.

It all happened too fast for me to figure out how, but somehow Sookie had landed on top of me; her legs straddling my hips and her face hovering inches above mine and with the way she was positioned, there was no hiding my body’s reaction to it. I struggled to find something to say, but I struggled even more to not grind my body against hers and remained silent with me wondering if she was having any struggles of her own.

I still had a tight hold of her hips, with my fingertips tracing over where her gun was holstered at her side underneath her shirt, when she finally smiled, saying, “Gee Doc, you certainly have a way of knocking a girl off of her feet.”

A joke. Joking was a good idea. Almost as good as grinding against her.

It was impossible to not return her smile as I said sheepishly, “Just call me Casanova.”

Or just call me…

“I’m all for somebody getting a little action, but can you tell her to arrest my wife already? The bitch put the murder weapon back on the fucking mantle at home next to our wedding photo.”

“Jesus, son…couldn’t you at least buy her dinner first?”

I cringed hearing the voices of Newlin and Corbett behind me, but Sookie merely laughed at me; I hoped assuming I was cringing out of embarrassment, which was actually quite accurate at the moment.

“Funny,” she chuckled, “I could’ve sworn your name was Eric.”

My ego did a little happy dance that she’d remembered my name, but it was short-lived when Corbett spoke up again, saying, “You got company.”

“No shit,” I mumbled, but when Sookie’s eyes went wide and looked up, I realized my mistake in inadvertently answering Corbett and I opened my mouth again to apologize when I heard the sound of a twig snapping followed by, “Gimme all your cash.”

What. In. The. Fuck? Could this morning get any worse?

Since it appeared that Sookie had heard the new voice as well, I took a chance and turned my head to see a guy standing there holding a knife in one hand and realized the answer to my question was yes; this morning could, in fact, get worse.

“We don’t want any trouble mister,” Sookie said in a frightened voice as she slowly moved to stand up, but I noticed the contradiction wherein no part of her body trembled. Her profession and holstered weapon temporarily forgotten, I scrambled to my feet ready to try to protect her, but as he took a step towards us Sookie lunged at him and grabbed onto his extended arm, bending it back until he had no choice but to drop the knife, and delivered a swift kick to his abdomen. She landed on top of his prone body on the ground and wrangled his arms behind his back at what looked like an uncomfortable angle, chastising, “You’re lucky I was already dirty or this would really hurt.” Sookie punctuated her statement by pushing his face into the dirt and seeing her like that was just a tiny bit of a turn on.

Who was I kidding?

It was a huge fucking turn on and I was jealous that he was the one underneath her now in my spot.

THAT’S my girl!” Corbett hooted from behind me. I’d forgotten all about our other company and shot them a quick glance hoping they’d understand my request for them to shut the fuck up.

“Did you see that?” he asked, still jumping around like his favorite team had just won the pennant.

I wasn’t about to answer him, again, and Newlin merely wandered off mumbling, “Great! Now she’s never going to arrest that bitch…”

I ignored them both and watched Sookie give our would be mugger a halfhearted slap to his head when he tried to squirm out from underneath her. He was nearly twice her size, but he couldn’t get loose from the hold she had on him and I moved closer in case she needed my help, admitting, “Sookie, I’m impressed.”

And jealous.

And turned on.

She smiled wide again, saying, “Aww, this was nothing. It’s a technique I perfected as a child on my older brother and his threat of wet willies.”

“That’s a true statement there,” Corbett chuckled, with me chuckling along with him. “Those two damn near destroyed the living room on many occasions.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I smiled while trying to force away all thoughts of how I’d like to see how much damage we could do to a bedroom.

Her eyebrow cocked up and her grin turned into something more torrid as she licked her lips and asked, “Why Eric, are you packing something more threatening than a wet willy?”

Fuck. Me.

Don’t say that! Don’t say that! Don’t say that!

“Sweet baby Jesus…why did my sweet baby have to go and say that?”

I could see Corbett pacing in my peripheral vision with his hands covering his eyes as though seeing his daughter flirt (?) with me was burning out his retinas. It served his ass right for not going the fuck away so I could figure out if she actually was flirting with me. I quelled the urge to mock him with his statements from the night before of how she was a grown woman, but my mouth took the opportunity to answer her without my brain’s consent, saying, “Would you like to frisk me and find out?”

“Fuck, man…that’s my daughter!”

My face flooded with embarrassment and I would’ve given anything to be able to tell Corbett to get the hell out of there, but I couldn’t, knowing Sookie would hear it. However, I managed to block him out completely when she smiled at me, saying, “Maybe later. I’m a little tied up at the moment.” Glancing down at her latest arrest, she said, “Well, at least one of us is, right?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her; they appreciated every inch of her and my face flushed again when she caught my eye and said, “Uh…Eric? Do you mind?”

“Umm…sorry…” I sputtered out with my eyes dropping back to my feet.

She chuckled again, saying, “I don’t mind if you look.” When I looked up at her, she grinned, adding, “I’ll even let you touch.”

“Where did I go wrong?” Corbett asked the air around him.

“Umm…excuse me?” I asked hesitantly even though my feet took another step closer, prepared to take her up on her offer; Corbett be damned.

She jerked her head for me to step closer and grinned coyly, asking, “Would you mind?” She turned her head with her eyes glancing down at the small of her back and I reached down, willing myself to not reach down further, but my fingertips grazed the top of her ass anyway before I found where her handcuffs were housed and pulled them out, handing them to her. Her fingertips slid across mine before she took hold of them and said, “Thanks.”

No… Thank YOU.

“Why did I think this was a good idea?” Corbett muttered from nearby. I wished I could’ve answered him, for once, because I thought the idea of me and Sookie together in some way was a great idea, but I kept quiet so she wouldn’t think I was a nut job.

“Stay there,” she ordered the mugger after getting him cuffed and she stood up, brushing the dirt off of her pants.

I wasn’t sure if he would actually stay put now that she wasn’t physically holding him down, so I asked, “Do you need help?”

I was a smart guy. I went to medical school and everything and yet I still always managed to put my foot in my mouth in one way or another in any given conversation, and this time was no different. I didn’t think about how my question might sound when put into context with what Sookie was doing at that very moment, but I realized it a second too late when I saw the surprised look on her face.

I was just about to sputter out another apology when her surprise turned back into a grin seeing me blush and she turned her back to me, saying, “Sure.” She peeked over her shoulder to catch my eye before glancing down at her ass, asking, “Did I miss a spot?”

Corbett had it right when he’d said, ‘Sweet baby Jesus.’

She was giving me permission to touch her ass; her ass that I’d looked at more times than I was comfortable admitting; that I’d admired from afar but was now up close and could be personal with.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Northman.”

Her ass that her father would be watching me touch.

God damn it!

I blew out a deep breath and reined my urges in, saying, “I…uh…think you got it all.”

Sookie looked almost as disappointed as I felt, but it was quickly replaced with a grin as she fell ass down into the dirt and sprung back up onto her feet, asking, “How about now?”

“Sookie!” Corbett chided even though she couldn’t hear him, but I could and my face flushed yet again, only this time in frustration.

She giggled seeing my reaction and said, “You’re cute when you blush.”

After the cluster fuck our morning had been, I figured I didn’t have much left to lose and said truthfully, “If you keep it up, you’ll be the death of me. How will you get your autopsies done then?”

If my heart didn’t give out from her teasing, her father would figure out a way to have me join him on the dark side.

Her grin never faded as she stared into my eyes, saying, “Well, we can’t have that.” A more wicked expression appeared on her face as she added, “I can think of much better ways to die.” Sookie gave me a wink that made my heart stop and whipped out her cell phone to call the station, telling them she needed a patrol car to respond out at the park, while I watched Corbett continue to pace and mutter to himself. It sounded like he was praying, but I wasn’t paying too much attention to him since Sookie seemed to draw every ounce of attention I had.

While I’d never had what I would call a ‘girlfriend’, I’d been with my fair share of women in the past, but none of them affected me the way she seemed to. I was embarrassed seeing her watching me stare at her and yet I couldn’t take my eyes from her. Maybe I’d subconsciously taken to heart all of the times Corbett said we’d be good for one another or maybe it was because she was a kick ass pinup girl like a blond haired blue eyed Lara Croft, but whatever it was; I wanted more.

Corbett had finally disappeared into the woods and after Sookie ended her call, she pulled the perp to his feet and gave him a quick pat down before sticking the handle of his knife into her back pocket. At least it would deter me from touching her there now that her unseen chaperone was MIA and as we walked the rest of the trail towards the parking lot, I asked, “What were you doing out here anyway?” She wasn’t dressed to go running; she was dressed for work although she was a little worse for the wear now.

“Getting knocked off my feet by Casanova,” she grinned.

“Before that,” I chuckled, loving her playful personality. It was such a stark contrast to my normal everyday life and I wanted to revel in it while I could.

Her eyes darted to the guy in her grasp walking a step ahead of us before looking back at me, saying, “Well, I couldn’t talk to the widow yesterday because she was still too upset, so I was just taking another look see before meeting up with her this afternoon.”

I debated on telling her where she could find the rock that murdered Newlin, but there wasn’t any way to do that without revealing my curse. Seeing her looking up at me like I was a normal man, I wasn’t willing to let that end so soon, so I kept my mouth shut and just nodded.

The patrol car was waiting for us by the time we got to the parking lot and Sookie handed him over, along with the knife, and told them she’d meet them at the station. I followed her blindly to her car, not wanting her to go just yet, but had no reason for her to stay and ended up blurting out, “Have dinner with me.”

She turned to face me with another smile, asking, “Was that an invitation or an order?”

It was a good thing she thought I was cute when I blushed because I could feel the heat in my cheeks and forced out my question with the rest of the air from my lungs, asking, “Which one will get you to say yes?”

She took a step closer and stole whatever air was left in my lungs, as she said, “I’ll tell you what…I’ll say yes as long as we can take turns on who’s the dominant and who’s the submissive.”

Yep…she would definitely be the death of me.


4 comments on “Chapter 3

  1. Raven says:

    Nice story can’t wait to finish reading it 🙂

  2. I really love the role reversal.

  3. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    ooohhh!!! another one of your fab stories! i read this ages ago so i’m revisiting this wonderful eric. can’t wait to see how it ends! pleeeeeeeese update soon!!!!! xxxxxxx

  4. kleannhouse says:

    these two are too funny, love the banter between them and the blush that she causes on Eric…KY

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