The Debt

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When a young but noble vampire saves the life of a royal fae, in the hopes of saving both of their races from the brutal war against one another, a debt is formed. One that is repaid centuries later in the form of a hybrid girl whose only purpose in life is to save his.

No longer All SPOV – because I’m easily influenced by all of you.

And in spite of the fact it feels like everything I’ve written is a work-in-progress, some of you overlook my flighty flaws and were still kind enough to grace me with this:


And these:

2014 You Want Blood Awards

the-debt-kjwrit-the-charlaine-harris-1st-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-viking-award-1st-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-saucy-award-1st-place

the-debt-kjwrit-blah-blah-vampire-emergency-award-1st-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-more-the-merrier-2nd-place the-debt-kjwrit-edge-of-your-seat-2nd-place

the-debt-kjwrit-pins-and-needles-2nd-place the-debt-kjwrit-the-george-carlin-2nd-place

2015 best-of-the-best-1st-place-the-debt-by-kjwrit 2015 pins-and-needles-1st-place-the-debt-by-kjwrit 2015 tissue-kleenex-award-3rd-place-the-debt-by-kjwrit



31 comments on “The Debt

  1. […] swore I wasn’t going to start The Debt until I was done writing Make a Wish – I just have too many other stories I’m […]

  2. bbrock525 says:

    Oh so good. Can’t wait to see how Sookie reacts to Freyda

  3. […] just don’t know what it is yet. And Yes! Bill dies in this one also. I’m also reading The Debt. Sookie grows up in Faerie knowing that she is to be the payment of a debt made long ago. […]

  4. karen says:

    Fantastic story

  5. gwynwyvar says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news dear. I know you haven’t seen me in a while, but I’m Really looking forward to catching up on all your wonderful stories….

    However, I found this. I’m pretty sure it’s not you!

    She also had Taken on her page?!?

    I wonder if anything there is hers? Bored to Death isn’t either!!

    I’m about to post on her page.

    I found it by mistake! Why do people do this??

    • kjwrit says:

      Thanks for the heads up and for looking out for me. I guess whatever you posted on her page must have gotten through because when I clicked on the link it had already been removed.

      And Bored to Death? Really?!?! What Eric and Sookie fanfiction fan wouldn’t know whose story that belonged to?

      Goes to show how much of an idiot they are. Do you recall what the thief’s penname was? I’m curious if they’re posting on other sites.

      Thanks again!

      • gwynwyvar says:

        No problem. Her name is JodiePodie
        There’s more info in my post:

        I googled myself out over this one lol.
        The Debt was ‘only’ using your title and banner. Don’t know if the story was hers, but it was different than yours.

        And yeah, Bored to Death. Shocked the heck out of me someone tried that one!

      • gwynwyvar says:

        Ps. The last message was the third I typed on my tiny phone screen. Too tired. Hope I got everything in! Sleep now 🙂

        • kjwrit says:

          The summary on her profile page for Vampire’s Tears was painful to read, from all of the typos. I’m guessing she’s young – as in too young to read anything I’ve written – and perhaps not that bright since she went so far as to use the same banners for her stolen fics. She’s taken them down though, so that’s all that really matters.

          Thanks again for having an eagle eye and acting on it! 🙂

          • gwynwyvar says:

            No problem 🙂
            Glad it was solved without a fight!
            Night.., I should put my phone on silent lol

            • missron80 says:

              To have not even tried to disguise the banners was what made me scratch my head. Taken was as is. The debt as is. From what I scanned of both of those before she removed them, they were definitely familiar. I’m pretty sure Taken was as is because the premise was the same. The debt also seemed awfully familiar but couldnt quite place it. All it took was a plagiarism is bad message and comments from you and voila! Gone! Hilarious!

              • kjwrit says:

                Did she try to rewrite them herself? Maybe we should give her points for not doing a straight up cut and paste?

                More importantly, did she FINISH them? I’m curious to see how my fics panned out. 🙂

                • missron80 says:

                  All were complete. The debt….lemme see if I remember. It started with Eric getting a blow job from someone named Roxie. He was miffed because she was all teeth so he was showing her what he meant by blow job eg running himself in her lips = tease. It’s familiar and I’m sorry if it’s one of yours! I can’t remember. But it is reeeeeeally familiar

                  Taken I think was as is. What if sookie had been taken before blah blah blah.

                • gwynwyvar says:

                  Taken was word for word, as was Bored to Death… I double checked them. Must have missed The Debt. A Different Life was word for word.
                  The Debt – or as she rebranded it ‘The Great Debt’ was about using the cluviel dor to get pregnant. And it felt familiar when I realised my mistake and read some… but I couldn’t place it.

              • gwynwyvar says:

                I’m looking at Jodie-Podie ‘s comments page and scanning down her ‘recent activity’. There are a few more stories on the list as having been posted, but I can find them elsewhere under different names. Nothing still on her page though.

                Nothing left of SVM/TB at all. I hope my post gets out to other fanfics authors and readers….

                Btw. I read one of her comments on a TB story. Something like ‘okay, but not as good as mine’ … ????
                Even though wattpad has linked me weird, I couldn’t help but comment on THAT!

                • missron80 says:

                  Bwahahahahaha!!! Not as good as her stolen stuff? What a shocker! You steal the crap stories.

                  Excellent spotting. Excellent spotting indeed. Well done I finding her. I had my three seconds of fun for the day. My evil quota was satisfied.

  6. missron80 says:

    Or maybe I’ve mixed those up and the description j just gave of the blowjob was the beginning of taken. All I know is that the debt was def your banner but not the same story.

  7. missron80 says:

    Ah! Knew it was from one of the hacked ones.

    The debt = fairy magic thingy gave them the chance to have a kid (I think)

    Taken = what if sookie was taken before bill and the queen etc.

    Still comes up in google searches but links take you nowhere now. She doesn’t seem to post anywhere else. At least not under that name.

  8. gwynwyvar says:

    One of the EIM Bratz found this one from her ‘activity’ list… it was taken down before today.

    It’s all just so weird! Who is this girl?

    Anyways, LOVE this story! I will eventually finish this diploma and read it all 🙂
    And review every chapter!

  9. missron80 says:

    Anyhow. Sorry for having a bit of a chat here kjwrit! Was much fun however.

  10. Tree says:

    It is my fondest hope you come back to this story – this might be the baddest badass Sookie I’ve come across yet.

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