Chapter Ten – Oblivious


I hadn’t been sure what to expect when I rose for the night. When I’d gone to rest at daybreak, Sookie had already departed, having chosen to take a tour of the estate to become familiar with our new surroundings. And while she now had access to my quarters, I couldn’t be certain she would have returned to the room during the daytime.

But her scent permeating my chambers as soon as my consciousness returned was answer enough.

My fangs snapped down before I could even think of stopping them and I groaned into the empty room, wondering if I would ever become desensitized to her.

Her scent.

Her moods.

Just her.

I needed to clear my head and knew clearing my cock of cum would be a good start. Subsisting on nothing but bagged donor blood for the last week was enough to satisfy my nutritional requirements, but admittedly there was something lost in its delivery. Having sex when feeding, while not mandatory, were closely tied for our kind, but more and more I found myself craving something more exotic.

Something mostly human.

And I didn’t mean a Were.

I could sense the sun would be up for at least another hour, but needing to do something to take my mind off of all of the ways I could test Sookie/Susannah’s stamina, I threw the covers off and headed towards the shower.

And ran straight into my preoccupation.

It was like my dick had magical powers of its own and had poofed its one true desire there.

“You’re up!” she smiled, completely oblivious my magic wand was politely requesting entry by knocking against her front.

“You noticed?” I asked and had a feeling we were once again having entirely different conversations.

Having been raised by supernaturals, I doubted she had the same views towards sex or the naked form as most humans did. And it seemed it least half of my assessment was true considering only one of us was clothed and neither of us cared.

Being able to feel her utter cluelessness whenever I’d flirted with her over the past week had been refreshing, and yet frustrating.

But I was nothing if not a patient vampire.

At least up until now.

“I can always sense when your mind awakens,” she smiled, as though I wasn’t presenting her with yet another Norse hammer.

One that wasn’t meant to fit on her bracelet.

“And is that all you can sense from me right now?”

There was no blushing of her cheeks or mortification in her veins, but when her eyes darted down my body and I felt the slightest twinge of lust rising to the top of her emotions, I nearly pumped my fist in victory.

So she DID find me attractive.

But just as quickly the sensation disappeared, replaced by what I could only describe as condemnation, and before I could figure out which one of us she was condemning, her eyes moved over my fangs and she guessed, “You are hungry?”


Although what I was hungry for, I doubted she would be willing to serve me and only admitted, “I could eat.”

Leaving out what she was still oblivious of – You.

My eyes had taken it upon themselves to study the pulsing of her carotid artery, with me hoping at least one of my fixations with this girl could be met tonight. But feeling something similar to chagrin flooding through her, I watched dumbfounded as she took a step back and let her eyes drop to her feet when she asked, “Shall I fetch you some blood?”

Ignoring her question, I asked my own with, “Why do you feel…disappointed?”

Or maybe that was just ME?

The mortification that had been missing from her emotions when I’d all but knighted her with my cock upon her arrival into the room made a swift appearance and she shook her head, denying, “I’m fine!”

And then she popped herself from the room.

It wasn’t like I could go after her with the sun still up, so I resumed walking towards my earlier destination of the shower only to once again stop in my tracks, hearing the soft pop behind me, with the sound of her steady heartbeat calling to the predator in me.

Roughly two meters to my rear, I could be on her before she could blink.

Still full of disappointment, she added her frustration to the mixture of my own and I turned to watch. Appearing as though she was only speaking to her shoes and allowing me to eavesdrop, she said, “The old woman is in the kitchen. I have been successful in avoiding her all day, but if you would like to eat now I suspect there will be an altercation between us. She is desperate to speak with me now that the sun is about to set.”

“I can wait and so can she.”

Patience – I was full of it.

It and cum.

I could feel her inner turmoil, but rather than press the issue, I resumed my trek towards the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Turning the spigot, the cold water did little to tame my urges so I attempted to distract us both by asking, “How was your day?”

Sookie was timid in so many ways, I wondered if she would be able to function without the presence of Susannah’s warrior spirit. But both were equally at ease with me and I could feel the presence of a little of both when she joined me in the bathroom. Her mood seemed to lighten when she allowed herself to relax and she chuckled, admitting, “I may have played with your staff to pass the time.”

My lathered hand slid down to my cock and my eyes followed suit, with me offering more to our conversation than she would realize as I said, “I’m sorry to have missed it.”

We both were.

While I’d recognized her scent within the room to know she had been there, it was nowhere on me or the bed – unfortunately – so I continued to wash up and listened as she explained, “The one called Jason is as graceful as a mastodon. Even without my gift I would have known he was climbing the stairwell thanks to his lumbering steps. He challenged a few of the Weres to something called a wing-off? It apparently involves seeing who can glutton themselves the most on fried fowl. While they were doing so, I may have tripped a few of your perimeter alarms to remind them of their duties.”

Normally my Were guards were better focused, but I knew we all viewed visits to this estate as a sort of vacation and they had come to view the household staff here as extended family. My trip wasn’t announced to the public at large, so there would be no royal obligations to contend with while we were in residence. But after the failed attempt on my life the night before, she was right to have reminded them of their obligations.

So I chuckled and asked, “How was their response time?”

“A few of them felt ill once they reached the perimeter fence,” she snickered. “And none of them could scent my presence thanks to the sauce covering their faces. At least not until the cat arrived.”

I could feel her distaste when she added, “I think I’m allergic to cats because your tiger irritates me.”

Their hate/hate relationship was nothing new and in truth, I found it amusing. He irritated me at times as well, but he was highly proficient at his job, so I overlooked his personality flaws. Smirking at the thought of him calling her ‘Babe’ as he was prone to do with all females, I only hoped I would be there to witness the resulting melee.

Stepping out of the shower, she held out a towel from her perch on the vanity, without batting an eye at my naked state. So I teased her in other ways by playfully offering, “There are pills you can take for that. What did he do to get your panties in a bunch today?”

“Why is that a saying?” she asked, ignoring every other thing I’d said, while I took the offered towel. “How do panties bunch?”

“Turn around and I’ll show you?” I grinned.

I figured she would ignore my flirting, like she usually did, but instead she inadvertently teased me by innocently admitting, “But I’m not wearing any panties.”

Made all the worse because I could feel she meant nothing provocative by her tantalizing words. The same, however, could not be said for me.

Neither am I.”

And just in case she hadn’t noticed, I dropped the towel from my body and held my hands out at my sides to show her I was indeed panty-free.

Seeing her mischievous grin, my earlier hopes of having at least one fixation with this girl being met tonight were quashed when she coyly held her finger to her chin in mock thought and said, “I could pop a pair onto you if you wish.” Her eyes narrowed at my lower torso before looking back up at me and giggling, “Tiny red ones would do well on you, I think.”

“Tiny?” I asked. And just in case she hadn’t noticed, I turned to put my lower half on display and reiterated, “Tiny?

That wasn’t my ego talking.

That was physics.

She doubled over and I felt no remorse doing nothing to stop her from falling to the floor, as she half-wheezed/half-laughed out, “I’ve read somewhere there is another saying that goes ‘The best presents come in small packages.’ And it must be true. My lovely bracelet came in one.”

It was hard to recall only moments earlier I had enjoyed her ease with me in such an intimate setting.

Actually, it wasn’t hard at all – like other parts of me now – and she held up her wrist to show me her lovely bracelet, while the rest of her continued to shake on the floor.

But I still pretended to be offended and stepped over her giggling body still curled up on the floor to walk back into the bedroom. My slightly battered ego was soothed by the feelings of frivolity flowing through her, so I took my time getting dressed in the walk-in closet before meeting my merry part-fairy back in the bedroom.

“We still need to speak with Adele,” I informed her,

Her giggles had ceased, but the merriment was still visible in her eyes when she said, “The old woman isn’t as high strung as she was last night. Apparently she’d gone home and studied pictures of her granddaughter, looking for more similarities between us. But she has come to the conclusion that perhaps she was wrong.”

“That will make things go more smoothly,” I admitted. “If she pressed the issue, I could always glamour her, but I would rather not. I wouldn’t allow a DNA test to be performed because of the possibility of the Fae in your blood being discovered, but fingerprints would work just as well.”

Her earlier chagrin reignited in her blood as she grumbled, “My blood is so polluted, I doubt any Fae qualities would surface.”

“Sookie?” I asked, taking another step closer to her. “Why do you believe your blood to be…”

My words trailed off, while I struggled to find the right word for what she was feeling and eventually settled on, “Vile?”

“Because it is.”

My fangs made another appearance. Either in anger over the influence of her Fae kin on her self-worth or at the thought of being given the opportunity to savor her sure-to-be delectable blood, I couldn’t be sure. But I offered her words I could be certain of when I said, “You are wrong.”

The strong denial was coursing through those same delectable veins, so I stopped them from coming out by adding, “Trust me when I tell you I know from your scent alone that your blood is better than any fairy or human I have ever known.”

It was true. While a fairy’s blood was narcotizing to our kind, I didn’t care for the side-effects. I didn’t like not having any control over my own body.

Something I had learned on my first night rising as a vampire.

But from her scent I knew her fairy blood would be diluted enough to provide the benefit of being a higher quality, without the compulsion to drain her dry.

Great taste, less filling.

She was Fairy Lite.

Once again, her eyes trailed over my descended fangs, while a war waged inside of her. I dared not move, waiting to see which side would emerge victorious, so when I felt something similar to acquiescence coming from her, I locked onto her light blue orbs staring back at me.

I had assumed she had perhaps chosen to believe my words – that she wasn’t filled with garbage, but with a priceless liquid treasure, so I wasn’t prepared for her next words when she asked, “May I feed you Master?”

I shouldn’t…

Because I already knew I would want the full course dinner, but I could tell she was only offering me the equivalent of a hors d’oeuvre. And when my assumption was proven to be true – that she tasted as good as she smelled – then I would likely be ruined for any other’s blood and be royally fucked.

Without the benefit of fucking.

But it would seem the Weres and Stackhouse boy weren’t the only gluttons in residence because the glutton in me demanded at least one of my fixations with this woman be fulfilled. And I took yet another involuntary step towards her, closing the distance even more while the predator in me rose. But still needing to hear the words she was in complete agreement, I asked, “Are you sure?”

And all of me silently howled in delight watching her tilt her head as she gave her approval with a whispered, “Yes.”

She softly gasped in surprise when I wrapped my arms around her and her breaths mimicked the staccato beats of her heart while I prepared her neck for my bite. Our mirroring moans filled the room when my fangs slid into her skin, but it wasn’t until my mouth became filled with Fairy Lite that I came to another realization.

I too had been oblivious.

There was no likely to be had.

Royally fucked didn’t come close to what I was now.

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