Chapter Thirty-One – Complete


While I knew he couldn’t glamour me, his livid blue eyes seemed hypnotic nonetheless when I answered, “There isn’t much to tell.”

“Then your recitation shouldn’t take long,” he volleyed back in a low voice.

Deadly low.

Not seductively low.

And wondering for a moment if – in spite of his words – this was more of the same, my frustration got the better of me as I asked, “Are you attempting to distract me again?”

I liked the kissing and wanted to do more of that.

And if I was lucky, we might do more than that.

But it appeared I wasn’t the only frustrated one because his eyes narrowed, while he hissed, “The fairy.”

Was one I’d never seen before,” I hissed in response. “He appeared before me at your pond and as you can see by the cuts on my body, he’s good with a sword. But where he is proficient in skill, he’s deficient in personality. He admitted to being the one who ended Madden and claimed doing so for the same reason I went after Compton, but never said who his kin was.”

Even if I’d wanted to avoid his gaze, it would have been impossible with his eyes hovering inches above my own.

But I was done with avoiding anything or anyone.

Least of all him.

And while I didn’t know what to feel or think about my kin – fairy or human – I did know that I wasn’t alone.

I had him.

Apparently until the end of time.

And feeling emboldened by that knowledge, while he deliberated over my words, I tilted my chin up, ever so slightly, with my tongue deliberately darting out and licking over his descended fang. With our eyes locked together it was easy to see the flip of the switch behind his, going from contemplation to stimulation.

And his voice turned hoarse, with his anger ebbing into arousal, as he ordered, “What else?”

My sentiments exactly.

What else did I have to do to get his mind off of that fairy and onto the part-one underneath him?

He had admitted to not wanting to share any part of me, so I used his possessive nature to my advantage and said, “He offered to teach me how to block the blood magic, so neither you nor my kin could find me.”

I glanced away then and added offhandedly, “He said he’s been waiting for me for a long time.”

With him lying on top of me, the low growl that started rumbling through his body before I could even get the words out was doing wonderful things to my own. And while his skin was naturally cool to the touch, his gaze was white hot, warming me like nothing else.

So I stoked his fire, suspecting the slightest push was all he would need to go over the edge, by softly admitting, “He offered to run away with me.”

My hunch proved true when he bowed up to hunch over my body and snarled, “I’ll kill him.”

With the slight distance he’d put between us and his penchant for going to rest completely naked, it was easy to wrap my hand around the part of him that was pointing accusatorily at me. His eyes slammed shut, while he hissed – in pleasure that time – and instinctively thrust into my grip.

But he was still too inert for my liking, so I thought to fan the flames even more by releasing my natural scent from the magic that kept my true origins from everyone and taunted his threat by saying, “Good luck with your endeavors. I tried and couldn’t land a single blow.”

Not that I wouldn’t try again, if given the chance.

His eyes shot open and his nostrils flared, with his fangs pointing at me accusatorily too, when he contended, “You’re deliberately provoking me.”

And I was deliberately stroking him too, so I proudly lived up to his assertion by meeting his challenging gaze with my own and said, “You asked. I answered. You know fairies can’t lie. Even mostly human ones.”

My shirt was the first casualty in our war of words, with its shredded remains flying across the room. But then he hesitated for a moment, staring down at my bare chest that he’d already seen once before, and scolded, “You know enough to torment me with your endless line of suitors and your fucking scent, but you don’t have the insight to wear enough clothes to slow me down even slightly?”

Slow him down?


Why would I want that?

And while I was nervous at moving forward, it was a good kind of nervous, and my anticipation was only rising. So to prove my point that slowing down was the last thing I wanted, I magically stripped the jeans from my body too.

We weren’t in Rome anyway.

The fire in his eyes flared as he stared down at me and warned, “Good luck in your endeavors, my little Fae, because I doubt you’ll be able to walk when we’re through.”

My taunt – that legs weren’t necessary for one with the means of magical transportation – died on my lips because his lips took control of them in a bruising kiss. But I’d been taught from birth to never back down in a fight and it would seem that inclination held true in this scenario as well.

So I laced my fingers through his hair to keep him there and slashed my tongue against fangs, hoping it would be enough to goad him further. He growled with the first drop of blood that hit his tongue and it only deepened when I hooked my legs around his hips, trying to bring our bodies in line, but the difference in our height made it impossible.

The slickness of my arousal, coating the inside of my thighs, was now smeared against other parts of his body – that while nice, weren’t the parts I was interested in at the moment. And my own growl of frustration stemmed from that and the fact his lips then left my own, in spite of my best efforts at keeping him there.

Trailing down my body, he paused over the valley in between my breasts and said almost apologetically, “Your first time shouldn’t be a frenzied and hard fuck, but you’re making it difficult for me to control myself.”

Frustrated by the lack of any stimulation, I hissed, “Apparently I’m not making it difficult enough since you’re not doing anything. I may be inexperienced, but I do believe actual penetration has to take place for it to be considered my first time. So, less apologizing. More fucking.”

And seeing the challenge in his eyes at my challenge to him, I taunted, “Or are you afraid you won’t live up to your words and I’ll be able to walk just fine?”

That sexy smirk of his that I’d been missing for days reappeared, as he shook his head and said, “Oh, lover. When this night is through – remember – you only have yourself to blame.”

And because my mouth sometimes got in line before my common sense, I nearly reminded him actual penetration would need to occur for his moniker to hold true too.

But I didn’t get the chance.

Because in the blink of an eye, I suddenly felt him everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere.

His desire and affection coursed through my veins.

His lips and tongue danced across my chest, with my body arching into his mouth on its own, seeking out more of the amazing sensations he was bringing out in me. And a small cry of pleasure left my own mouth, feeling his fangs gently scraping across my skin, with his tongue licking away the small trail of blood.

And his hands…

Oh, his hands

They worked magic far greater than any ability I possessed, with one teasing the breast not occupied by his mouth, while the other slid in between my legs, with his two of his fingers slipping inside of me. So consumed by the pleasure he was giving me, I didn’t even know his mouth had trailed further down my body until I felt his feather light kiss atop my feather-like birth mark.

Which was quickly followed by another scrape of his teeth and a muffled declaration against my hip that suspiciously sounded like, “Zeus and his lightning bolt can fuck off.

But before I could ask him what he’d said – or berate him for wasting time by speaking at all – every argument died on my lips as his own descended on the other pair of mine.


Never had I felt something so good.

Never had I suspected anything could feel that good.


And he would never leave his perch from in between my thighs if I had my way.

Our impromptu romp, following our second mutual exchange of blood in Compton’s living room, paled in comparison to the way he was working my body now. Every part of me was alight with sensation. And no part of me could decide what to do, while he continued to do what he was doing.

Grip his head in my hands to keep him there?

Use my legs instead, knowing he had no need to breathe?

But then my brain hiccupped, while my body bucked against his mouth, when he growled against my sensitive skin, “How can even your cum taste this impossibly good?”

“All fairies are hygienic?”

Even mostly human ones?

I knew from my only other experience with such matters that my body was right on the edge of release. And the timing of his release of words was doing nothing to help push me over that edge, so I took matters into my own hands.

He shouldn’t have been so surprised.

I had explained to him it was a simple state of matter.

The force of magic surrounded us in an instant, with our positions on the bed changing instantaneously, and he barely had the chance to roar out, “The fuck!

When I did just that.

Now sitting astride him, I straddled his hips and lined up our parts, forcing myself down onto him and hissing in both pleasure and pain at the feel of him penetrating my body for the first time. Pain was a sensation I had plenty of experience with, so I didn’t let it deter me. Already knowing it would dissipate quickly, I just let my instincts guide my movements instead.

They had never failed me before and now was certainly no different.

His hands landed on my hips, helping their rise and fall on top of his own, with his eyes rolling into the back of his head, as he snarled out, “The fuck is wrong with you?”

But before I could become concerned he was angry with the liberties I’d taken, he quickly sat up and kissed me again, only breaking it when I was desperate to breathe and brought our foreheads together.

Staring into my eyes with an intensity I hadn’t seen before, he quietly asked, “The fuck is wrong with me? How can you feel so perfect? How can you be so perfect?”

“Born for you.”

I would have sworn I’d said the words a thousand times by then, but this time they left my lips in panted breaths, with my control over my own eyes lost in my already overloaded body. But feeling his hand slide across my abdomen, with his thumb only adding to the excess of sensations coursing through me by rubbing circles over my most sensitive spot, my eyes shot open just as my release took hold of my body.

The near violent eruption exploding through me was a direct contradiction to the loving warmth I could see in his eyes, as he stared back at me. And his next words were just as incompatible with the affection pouring into me through our blood tie, when he smugly declared, “Goddamn right you were.”


But she was sadly mistaken if she thought I was anywhere near done with her.

I’d fought tooth and nail to not cum from the moment she’d impaled herself on me. Any thoughts of trying to make her first sexual experience a romantic one flew out the window and out of my head in that moment, with me knowing on some level I should have expected the warrior in her would come out the moment I’d challenged her.

But being as deep inside of her as I could get, I could at least console myself that I was in her pussy, even if I had been the one to act like one.

I hadn’t realized just how long it had been until the moment she brought my drought to an end, but now I smelled like fairy and sex and I couldn’t think of a single reason why either one of us would ever leave the bed.

Unless it was to fuck up against the wall.

I still hadn’t allowed myself any release. And because I had made her a promise, I decided to reward myself for the impossible feat and in the process, make her legs unusable for the foreseeable future.

Pulling her off of me, I tossed her back onto the bed on her hands and knees, and thrust right back into her. Her responding moan was nearly enough to do me in, but I held off by holding onto her hips and slamming back into her. My eyes mapped her back, registering but not really seeing the scars of her previous skirmishes.

All I could see was perfection.

And knowing it would taste just as good as it looked, I leaned down and trailed my tongue up her spine to the nape of her neck. Caging her smaller body with my own, my hips continued to move against hers, while I gathered her wild strands and wrapped the hair around my hand. Fisting it and pulling her head to the side, I could feel her pleasure at the slight sting of pain that went with it, as I crooned into her ear, “I will kill any man who comes near you.”

The Were.

The vampire.

The fairy.

My lover managed to gather the right blend of suitors for a dumb joke if they walked en masse into a bar.

Always so bloodthirsty, my little minx purred underneath me, with her gratification over my very real threat blaring through our bond. But always a worthy adversary, she didn’t let that stop her from taunting me with, “Then hurry up, so I can go hug kitty.”

Hurry up?

I’ll give her hurry up.

My cock left its forever home only long enough for me to have her back against the wall before it was buried back inside of her. And seeing the small X still scratched onto her chest – and knowing it was the fairy fuck who’d put it there – my possessive thoughts and my hips went into overdrive.

He had been waiting for her.

He could teach her how to evade me and our incomplete bond.

He wanted to run away with her.

Ripping my tongue open and bathing the mark in my blood, I couldn’t stand to look at it for a second longer and didn’t stop until it disappeared entirely.

She either didn’t notice my darkened mood or it only aroused her even more because she did some hair pulling of her own to get my mouth to return to hers. She’d climaxed again before we’d left the bed and was rapidly approaching another, but this time I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from following after her.

And then it hit me.

I would always follow after her.

I may have been her king and she may have pledged herself into my service, but actions spoke louder than words.

She would only have to put one foot in front of the other in order to get my own to move in the same direction.

I’d sensed absolutely no desire coming from her to take the fairy up on any of his offers. But that didn’t make the homicidal covetous cocksucker within me feel much better. And having already conceded she was everything I could ever want or need – the sentiment only truer now that I finally fucking had her – I broke our kiss and looked into her wild eyes.

Deliberately taming my movements – despite what both of our bodies were yearning for – I wanted her mind to calm enough to understand the magnitude of what I was about to say. So I waited until the sharpness returned to the pale blue eyes staring back at me before softly asking, “Bond with me?”

I knew of no magic that could overpower the connection of a permanently bonded couple. And as epically cool as some Fae magic could be, I hoped in that context it would epically fail. But as much as I wanted to tie her to me in every way, I wouldn’t force her to complete a bond.

Above all else, that would only be her choice to make.

And she chose quickly, even if it took me a moment to realize it.

Gratification of another kind rose up in her body and I caught a flash of a smile on her lips right before they caught my own in another kiss. Feeding me her pure happiness through our tie, I consumed it like a drug.

Everything about her was deliciously decadent.

Her hips easily coaxed mine into resuming their previous pace and only when I could feel her lungs burning for air, did I move my lips away from hers. Still holding her up against the wall, all I had to do was choose a side and allow gravity to pull my head and lips down across her skin. Her carotid artery was testing my willpower and she was still bombarding me with her true fairy-laced scent. The small amount of blood I’d had of hers so far only served to tease me further towards the brink of insanity and feeling the inevitability of our climaxes approaching, I prepared her neck for my bite.

Completely unprepared for hers.

And what I’d thought was an ambitious – if not hedonistic – attempt by her to mark my skin, was completely off the mark as well. Because just as I felt both of us reaching the precipice, my tongue moved aside to make way for my fangs, when her own blunt teeth sunk into my flesh.

Unable to control a goddamn thing, I bit down on her neck and just held on for the ride.

Drowning myself with her blood.

Drowning in the feel of my own blood taking a permanent hold inside of her body.

Drowning her in my cum.

I don’t know how long we remained that way. It seemed like forever and not nearly long enough, when it felt like I had no choice but to pull away before I gorged my way into having a new child in three nights’ time.

I wanted to enjoy her warmth for as long as possible before convincing her even all of eternity wouldn’t be long enough with her.

But I would settle for it.

While she had stopped feeding as well, she kept her head tucked up against my shoulder and eventually giggled out, “Wow.”

Wow, indeed.

And seemingly regaining the power over her neck, she pulled back from my chest only to plant her head right back against my shoulder, as she laughed to the point tears were forming at the corners of her eyes.

Unable to not smile – for a multitude of reasons – I kissed the top of her head and asked, “Care to share what you find so amusing?”

Her arms flew out at her sides and she fell backwards, with her hands landing on the floor behind her.

And only then did I realize we were sitting on it.

Something she must have already realized and she added yet another mark to the infinite number in her win column, smiling at me with a self-satisfied look on her face and said, “You fucked me until your legs gave out. My mission is complete.”

I was right.

Eternity wouldn’t be long enough.

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