Chapter Thirty-Three – Agenda


I sat at my desk, giving the appearance I was listening to the daily briefing my guards were giving me, but I didn’t hear a goddamn thing. My focus was solely on Sookie and her mood, while she spoke with her more-than-likely brother.

That near certainty was the only reason I hadn’t denied his request outright.

Any male greater removed from her bloodline than a first cousin would have left with at least a limp for even daring to ask to be alone with my bonded.

It had taken all of my control to remain in my seat, feeling the onset of her sudden panic, but my logic had won out, knowing she was in no danger from him.

However the armrest on my chair hadn’t survived unscathed when it snapped under the pressure of my instantly formed fist.

But even after her panic quickly turned to warmth at whatever it was they were talking about, and her mood changed into an all-around jovial one, my focus on her didn’t die down in the least.

I wasn’t sure if it even could.

Our now permanent bond was intense. More so than the bond I’d shared with my Maker or the one I shared with my child now.

So intense that I could feel the slight itching sensation on her arm and then the relief brought about when she eventually scratched it.

I had an itch I wanted to scratch too.

But I would need her there to do it.

“Your Majesty?”

My eyes zeroed in on Quinn when his voice finally registered in my mind.

And then narrowed at him, as her voice replayed in my mind.

‘Then hurry up, so I can go hug Kitty.’

I would kill him.

Along with happy wolves.

And bespectacled kings.

And especially unknown fairy fucks.

His eyes widened at my narrowed my gaze and his survival instincts took him several slow steps backwards, while he offered, “Maybe now isn’t a good time?”

No, it wasn’t.

Because my good time ended the moment she’d left me on the stairs.

But now was a good time for him to count his lucky stars because I suspected the only reason I didn’t leap across my desk and rip his head from his shoulders right then and there was the fact she appeared in the open doorway just behind him.

Right then and there.

Warily watching our exchange, I could sense her caution and curiosity as though they were my own. They crept through our bond with all of the stealth of a Sherman tank descending on a China shop, with her trying to sense where my sudden fury was emanating from.

And perhaps it was a lucky guess – or maybe my blue eyes had actually turned green – because her defensive posture disappeared and she smiled at me, as she playfully held her arms open to act as though she was going to hug the weretiger unaware from behind.

And if she had, I would have killed him.

Knowing I was being irrational and giving a fuck, were two entirely different things. So with my eyes locked on hers, I ordered everyone else from the room by commanding, “Leave us.”

The change in the atmosphere must have been palpable to those around us because they didn’t need to be told twice and quickly swept out of my office, with a part of me cataloging each of their movements, calculating the proximity of each one of them as they moved past her on their way out.

And in that moment, I was absolutely certain I would have killed any one of them had they even caused her hair to sway in the breeze of their wake.

If anything, my irrationality only seemed to embolden her further, and with the door now shut behind them – sealing us in together as we should be for all time – she coyly asked, “Problem?”

Casually moving through the room – like she didn’t know she was seconds away from wearing a green-eyed monster – she didn’t even face me, much less look my way.

If she dared to release her true scent, she was toast.

But since she didn’t, I was able to maintain at least the appearance I was in control of any-fucking-thing, and answered, “Yes.”

I had several problems, in fact.

Naked and buried deep inside of her, completing our bond had made perfect sense. My jealousy over the unknown fairy aside, I’d been hers long before then. It only made sense at the time to make her mine in every way possible.

But I’d been a fool not to think there could be repercussions.

When she’d left me on the stairs to speak to the Stackhouse boy alone, I’d had to force myself to not follow after her. At the time, I’d attributed it to my own curiosity over what their conversation would entail, but now I could see the error of my assumption.

I’d been an ass to not consider I wouldn’t be able to stand being away from hers once I’d had it.

Something I only realized once I’d laid eyes on her again.

She’d only been in another room.

Out of my sight for less time than our romp in the shower had taken.

And yet it had felt like she’d been gone forever.

Little more than an hour earlier, I had likened her happiness to a drug.

And now – little more than an hour later – I suspected I was addicted to more than just that.

And it pissed me off.

But only because I sensed my addiction was my own.

Was it her inexperience that immunized her from feeling that same obsessive need?

And by the same token, was it my vast experience that left me craving her because I had the knowledge no one else on earth could compare?

I didn’t know and I certainly didn’t like being the only pea in our pod built for two.

I also wasn’t sure how I would manage to get anything done in the foreseeable future, when the only future I wanted to see consisted of the look on her face when she came apart in my arms and around my cock. I hadn’t even been able to cross off the first item on my agenda.

A fucking briefing from my guards.

But I did know both me and my dick were being fucking ridiculous. I’d felt fine leaving my chambers earlier.

Hell. It had been my asinine idea to go downstairs.

I still had Newlin to fuck with.

Subterfuge to seek out.

Strategy to form. Tear down. And then reform again.

But all of those tasks had felt possible to accomplish, when I’d felt sated at the time.


But that was when all was well because she’d still been with me, in my sight and within my reach.

If I’d thought I’d felt like a homicidal covetous cocksucker before my cock and blood had been sucked into her body…


Now there weren’t words to sufficiently describe the kind of murderous rampage I would unleash on anyone I deemed a threat to her.

Or our bond.

And at the moment that felt like everyone.

As impossible as it seemed, it felt like I couldn’t breathe unless I was touching her in some way. And feeling both blue in the face and blue in the balls, I rectified the first by leaping over the desk and across the room, wrapping her in my arms and filling my lungs with the Sookie-scented air they hadn’t needed in a thousand years.

Her lust and amusement at my actions filled our bond, as she teasingly asked, “Are you going to tell me what your problem is or do you think our bond allows me to hear your thoughts now?

Her question only made me more annoyed that I was the only one infected with an STD.

Sookie’s Total Domination.

And she waved her clean bill of health in my face by remaining completely unperturbed by my actions and appeared unaffected, as she playfully answered the low growl now vibrating though my chest with, “Okay, I’ll guess.”

Putting a fingertip to her lips in mock-thought, she looked up at me and said, “Well…you’ve already eaten, so you can’t be grouchy because you’re hungry.”

And when my fangs snapped down in response, I was surprised they weren’t accompanied by a buzzing sound, indicating her teasing tweezers had indeed struck a nerve in the game of Operation we now seemed to be playing.

More than my teeth were dripping with want when the lust flared in her eyes and our bond, seeing them, but she acted indifferent and slipped her hands underneath the waistband at my back.

Sliding them down further, she cupped my bare ass in her hands and pulled me forward, closing the miniscule amount of distance that had remained between us. And sounding less guileless with my cock now pressed against her stomach, she still managed to tease me with her words of, “Well…you’re not wearing any panties, so there’s nothing twisted back here.”

More proof she couldn’t read my mind.

It was plenty twisted at the moment.

But the simple fact I was touching her and she was touching me, eased the ache I’d felt while she’d been gone. And I wondered if it was because our bond was still so new.

The supernatural version of the honeymoon phase.

If so, I couldn’t decide if I would celebrate or mourn its passing.

While visions of abdicating my rule danced through my head, so I could whisk her away on an infinite honeymoon, she did a little dance of her own, by sliding down my body. Perfectly willing to be the pole to her exotic dance routine, I held perfectly still to see what she had on her agenda.

And I soon found out that had been a good move on my part.

Quickly releasing me from the confines of my jeans, she was on her knees in front of me and licking her lips, studying my cock like it was the newest weapon in her already impressive arsenal.

And in a way, I supposed it was.

I had already learned earlier that while she was inexperienced, she wasn’t intimidated and didn’t let her innocence leave her a passive participant. Something my lover was proving again now because she didn’t hesitate at all to look up at me, with her lashes fanning the lustful flames coming from the blue eyes staring up at me.

And her next words only fanned my own flames of desire, by saying, “Maybe I should take your temperature to rule out a cold?”

And fuck me if I didn’t actually say, “Aahhh…” when she impaled me with her mouth a second later.

I’d already cum four times that night, but my maiden voyage into the virgin territory of her mouth left me feeling like the virgin in our pairing, when I struggled to not cum again immediately at the feel of her warm wet tongue gliding down my shaft. Her hand moved to stroke what wouldn’t fit past her lips and her expert touch left me wondering for a moment just what all she had studied to be prepared for me.

But I would still kill Brigant.

It only seemed even more just, since it felt like she was sucking the life out of me.

In the best way possible.

The scent of her growing arousal wafting up around me only aided her maiden voyage into blowing my mind and it pissed me off even more.

I was the one with a thousand years of experience in the sexual arts.

And yet she was the one threatening to bring me to my knees.



It wasn’t fair.

Nor was the sense of victory emanating from her, feeling me approaching the brink of my undoing and knowing her win column was about to reach new heights.

And I knew I would be too.

But it was her hum of approval that did me in and filled her mouth with more than just my spent willpower.

Still in the warm depths her mouth, and still hard and aching, I decided since she was literally and figuratively firmly implanted underneath my skin, I was left with no other recourse.

To get underneath her skin and revisit other warm depths she had to offer.

Knowing of her aversion to undergarments made no difference when she magically stripped us both, just as my cock buried itself back inside of her before her back even hit my desk.

And she laughed when I snarled in her face, with my accusation of, “I can’t get enough of you.”

And then I slammed back into her, with Exhibit A.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” she laughingly moaned, telling me with more than her words that she’d known full well how she affected me.

Infected me.

With her Sookie transmitted disease.

I was Patient Zero.

But with no threat of an outbreak – because I would break in half anyone who even thought of having her in that way – I searched for my own fucking cure, sure I could only find it by fucking her until I could think straight again.

It could very well take decades.

Even flat on her back, with my body pinning her in place, she refused to remain completely submissive to my dominating attempts at regaining control. And my control only slipped even further when she clawed her way down my back, like my dick had clawed its way into her body, and then stared up at me in challenge, while she licked my blood from her fingertips.

But I wasn’t quite sure who I was staring down at.

Part Sookie. Part Susannah.

Both of them were looking back at me and I wondered if it was the completion of our bond that finally brought the two together. But it didn’t really matter.

Both of them were mine.

Her next words, however, were in stark contrast to her forceful display, when she gently pulled my lips to her own and said, “Nothing that feels this good can be bad.”

So while our tongues battled for the upper hand, and her lust and playfulness continued to mainline into my bloodstream, it was what else I could feel coming with it that weakened my knees and my resolve to fuck her into submission.

More than affection.

More than desire.

More than devotion, adoration, or passion.

I felt all of them coming from her, with each of them hunting down and then latching onto the matching emotions already within me.

Pulling back from our kiss, I stared down at her in awe and seeing the welling of tears in her eyes, I didn’t have to ask the cause for them.

I knew.

The culmination of emotions adding to the sensations already flowing through our bodies was all it took to push us both over the edge and I came apart on top of her – inside of her – with her own orgasm milking even more of mine from me.

And if I had my way, she would never be rid of the scent of my cum.

Neither one of us spoke at first, until her legs slowly slid down from their perch on my hips, with her giggling out, “At least you’re true to your word. My legs don’t work anymore.”

Chuckling, I held her body to mine as I stood up, only to lay us both down on the couch, with her now on top of me. And sliding my hands up her body, I peeled the foreign object they ran across away from her skin and briefly glanced at it, as I tossed my calendar aside.

Her head and eyes followed the sound it made falling to floor, and she softly laughed again, while I soothed the rigid marks the spiral bound book had left behind on her skin with my fingertips.

Laying her head back down on my chest, our mutual contentment flowed back and forth in our bond, and she sighed, snickering out, “I didn’t realize I would be on your agenda this evening.”

Lying there, she warmed more than just my body, and feeling everything going through her in that moment, only amplified everything that had been going through me since our return from Rome.

And that’s when I knew I could no longer deny it, even to myself.

So now that the impossible had come to pass, it met no resistance when it passed through my lips and gave her yet another tally in her win column. But while I was willing to give a name to all of the emotions flowing through us both, I hadn’t surrendered completely and refused to go down alone.

Our pod was built for two.

And I reminded her of that when I kissed the top of her head and softly admitted, “I love you too.”

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