Chapter Twenty-Eight – Concede


First the Were with his Sunshine bullshit and now she had a vampire king on her ass?

Another one, that is.

The amusement flowing through her did nothing to tame the beast inside of me, trying to claw its way out of my body.

So it could claw its way through the body of the King of Zeus.

While she’d obviously taken his offer as a joke, I had no doubt he would follow through with his promise if she would only agree. I knew one of his vampiric gifts was an enhanced sense of smell. It was likely what led him to choose the V imbibing human from the crowd.

But that same gift would have also informed him she only smelled of my blood.

Nothing more.

Because our fucking obligations continually got in the way of our fucking.

I only realized the soft growl rumbling through the room was coming from me when I felt her hand vibrating against the skin of my back, as she attempted to soothe me with her touch.

It was working.


“Relax old friend,” Stan chuckled. “I only mean it if she’s willing.”


With the ensuing silence – because I couldn’t kill with merely a look, no matter how hard I tried – she spoke up and said, “While I am flattered, Your Majesty,” – and she was – “I am afraid what King Northman said earlier is true.” And then letting her hand skim down my back, she stuck it into my back pocket and pinched my ass adding, “He is mine.”

She meant that too.

His soon-to-be former sheriff moved just a hair at the same time, so he pierced her neck just a hair with the tip of the sword still at her throat and glanced back at her saying, “The grownups are talking. Hold still while I woo your Queen.”

Susannah giggled – fucking giggled – making him smile back at her and ask, “Come, my darling. Wouldn’t you rather choose the less obvious option? The road less traveled, if you will.”

Fucking asshole.

“Doesn’t that bastard have enough going for him, just for being able to walk around looking like that night after night?” he asked, hamming it up for her entertainment. “He may be the King of Amun, but there’s no need for you to give him yet another feather in his cap. Besides, I am the King of Zeus. Wouldn’t you much rather hold a lightning bolt in the palm of your hand?”

Double entendre fucking asshole.

Calling an end to his pitiful seduction before I killed him myself, I glared back at him and said, “Your lightning bolt would probably get lost in the palm of her hand.”

To his amusement.

And hers.

But realizing something else, I scoffed, “You don’t even know her name.”

“I don’t need to,” he smiled back. “Calling her my Queen just falls off the tongue.”

He was in danger of losing his, but I didn’t want my kingdom much less his. So rather than end him – for my amusement – I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell. Calling his second, she answered on the first ring and I had Pam to thank – or blame – when I said, “I am in some MTV Real World reject called Fangtasia. Come and get your king before I end him myself.”

Stan only laughed. Something she heard because I heard her sigh of relief. But remembering the other issue down in the basement, I added, “And bring donor blood. Lots of it.”

Shoving it back into my pocket, he tilted his head and said, “Aww, you do care.”

“It’s not for you, asshole. It’s for the one down in the basement.”

Straightening up, his cut went a little deeper into his sheriff’s neck as he said, “Ah yes, Felicia. I believe it’s Freyda’s turn to wear the silver.” And then staring down at her, he added, “As much as you love getting the finer things in life, silver should be right up your alley. We’ll pretend it came from Tiffany’s, okay?”

I chuckled right along with Susannah that time and had to concede that maybe Stan wasn’t so bad.

And if I had truly believed him to be a threat, Davis would already be a puddle on the floor. But while I had been so busy marveling over everything she could do – both to and for me – I hadn’t given much thought at all to how much she would be coveted when her abilities inevitably became known.

And that was without even knowing of her telepathy or fairy laced blood.

While she had pledged her life and loyalty to me alone – a vow I no longer questioned she would keep – the truth was she was free to leave my side whenever she wished. When the threat had passed – as they always do eventually – she could become bored watching me do nothing interesting at all night after night. She was free to spend her days however she wished, so what if she came upon another charismatic Were or the like, who called her sweet nothings, when at most I kept trying to find the opportunity to fuck her.

Suddenly, calling her my girlfriend didn’t seem like enough.

We followed them down into the basement where we found the female named Felicia exactly as Susannah said we would. Chained to the wall, she was paler than she should be from the blood that had been drained from her body. The cuts and bites marking her skin couldn’t even heal properly and even now, still oozed blood she couldn’t afford to lose.

Stan growled as soon as he laid eyes on her and swung his blade, slicing through Freyda’s shins and watched her fall to the floor, screaming out in pain.

And then he smiled at Susannah, when she shook her head and said, “She doesn’t have two legs to stand on.”

So I moved to block her from his view and ordered, “Quit flirting.”

They both laughed.

At me, I was sure.

Using the gloves he found off to the side, he gently removed the silver restraints from the female’s body and laid her on a table. Undoubtedly weak, she still managed to lift her head and sniff in our direction, whispering out in a hoarse voice, “The girl.”

Is mine.

That should be abundantly clear to everyone in the room by now.

“I am sorry, young one,” he shushed. “You will have blood soon, but you may not have hers. She is your Queen.”

“Quit flirting,” I repeated.

He just laughed again – and Susannah muffled hers against the shirt at my back – while he reached down and grabbed Freyda by her arms and deftly strapped her against the wall. Now missing eight inches of her height, she merely hung there, while gravity helped her blood flow from the stumps that were left of her legs.

Less than twenty minutes had passed since my phone call when we all heard the unmistakable sound of a helicopter hovering overhead. Heading upstairs, we made it to the main floor in time to see a relieved Isabel Beaumont tear into the building. Her eyes filled with blood red tears seeing her king alive and well, but before she could do or say anything, he made the first move.

Smiling at her, he removed the broken eyeglasses from his shirt pocket and held them up, asking, “Did you by chance happen to bring any tape with you?”

“Argh!” she screamed and snatched them from his grasp, throwing them onto the ground and smashing them under her feet, railing, “If you ever pull a stunt like that again I’ll kill you myself!”

So I offered, “Call me and I’ll help you.”

I would.

Stan laughed again and wisely nodded in respect to his second, before turning to me and dropping his shtick to sincerely say, “I am in your debt, my friend.”

Without any thought, I reached out and took Susannah’s hand in my own upon hearing those words and said, “You owe me nothing.”

I had all I would ever need standing beside me.

And besides that, after all, I got to walk around looking like this night after night.

“But you can stop trying to woo what is mine,” I added on second thought.

He clapped me on the back before taking her free hand in his own. Kissing the back of it, he returned her lent blade to her palm and smiled, before sighing, “It wasn’t working anyway, but you can’t blame me for trying.”



But I could end him.

“Can I offer you a lift?” he asked and gestured to the sound of the helicopter whirs outside.

But I just shook my head and gripped her hand a little tighter saying, “I already have my own ride.”

“Don’t brag,” he playfully admonished. “It’s unbecoming.”

And I laughed then.

If he only knew.

After assuring me he would share whatever useful information he managed to bleed out of his sheriff, we headed out.

And I then remembered our two prisoners, who were still bound and gagged in the back of the minivan.


Fucking obligations.

“What, here?” she snickered at my side. “King Davis already conceded. There’s no need for you to prove your point. You are mine.”

My anger evaporated just as quickly – with something else that was just as volatile taking its place hearing her claim me – when she leered back at me and added, “What? Are you going to order me to quit flirting again?”

“Like it would do any good,” I teased. “You only follow the orders you want to.”

“See?” she grinned. “You can teach an old dog new tricks.”

Hadn’t I been thinking not so long ago about trying to do something more than finding the opportunity to fuck her?

Why was that again?

I couldn’t be sure.

But I could be sure I hadn’t planned on spending half the night away from the estate without telling anyone we would be gone. Pam would know through our bond I had returned to the scene of the crime, but there was still the unknown fairy threat hanging over our heads.

So I admonished my lower one to get out of the gutter and back in the game, before leading her to the van and waited until we were inside to ask, “Will you be able to teleport all of us back to the estate?”

I knew she could teleport two in addition to herself and would sacrifice the other human to keep Newlin, but I would rather have both.

Someone would pay for fucking up my night because I was sure we would have been fucking had my child not been kidnapped.

“Go find us a dark corner and we’ll see what happens,” she shrugged, but cut her eyes toward me in a way that made me mentally note we would be recreating that scene at some point in the future as well.

When fucking obligations wouldn’t get in the way of our fucking.

Pulling out of the parking lot, I didn’t have to go very far before I found a deserted warehouse district. Slowing to a crawl, a part of me wondered if this was where Stan had been taken from.

But then all of me was wondering what in the hell happened when we were suddenly driving at a crawl down the road leading to my estate.

“The whole fucking van?” I asked in surprise.

She’d teleported the whole fucking van.

“Did you not want me to?” she asked in confusion.

I fought the urge to call Stan and be unbecoming, and instead only shook my head and smiled, offering, “I’m sure Pam will love it.”

Her eyes lit up and she grinned, magically changing back into her earlier outfit of a t-shirt and jeans, saying, “She’ll love this too.”

She wouldn’t.

But I was starting to wonder if maybe I was beginning to.

And we hadn’t even fucked yet.

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