Chapter Twenty – Magnetic


Her bloodlust rose up with every word that came out of her mouth. She was completely serious.

Deadly serious.

I didn’t need any blood tie to know her feelings. Her face was practically screaming them at me.

So fierce, my little part-fairy was.

I found it strange I seemed more interested in the fact she was related to the Stackhouses than she was, but then I’d also been able to tell her concern for Hadley had more to do with her incense Compton had had the girl all along. She seemed to care for her human kin in only so much as she was now freed.

She was protective of her blood.

We were very alike in that way.

But she felt more protective of me.

Why that struck me as odd, I didn’t know. But it did.

And it only made me want her more.

Staring back at me now, she almost seemed more fairy than human. Her incense now directed at me, she wore her emotions on her blood stained sleeves.




Had she been any other I would have had her jailed – at the very least – for challenging me as she had.

But she wasn’t any other. Nor was she any other’s.

She was mine.

Her earlier panic attack when I’d merely suggested she go shopping with Pam was nowhere to be seen. Now – when push had come to shove – and I’d ordered her to leave my side and tend to her kin, she’d shown me her true colors.

She wasn’t going anywhere without me, no matter what I’d said.

That she would be so outwardly insolent was surprising, but I looked forward to the challenge.

And I vowed I would fuck her compliant if it was the last thing I did.

Pulling out my cell phone, I hit the speed dial for Rasul and he answered just as it began to ring, so I barked into the phone, “Give Adele my apologies and come to Compton’s house. Bring the guards.” Hesitating for only a moment, I flipped through my mental files and hastily added, “And Dawson.”

He would be familiar to Hadley since he had been working for me before Adele had been hired, so hopefully his presence would put her at ease.

Just as I hung up, I noticed the girl was shivering at my side, so I removed my jacket and covered her up, softening my voice once more as I explained, “My guards are on their way, along with Tray Dawson, and they will escort you to my house. Do you remember him from my home?”

Her eyes remained on her lap while she slowly nodded her head, but I didn’t push for anything more.

She had been pushed enough.

Susannah, however, could stand to be pushed a little more.

So I stood up and stalked towards her, needing only two strides to reach her thanks to the fucking broom closet Compton used to chain Hadley in. She only backed up into the hallway because my body pushed against hers, making her move. My actions only served to piss her off more and she showed no fear, meeting my gaze head on, when I stopped and glared down at her saying, “You defied me.”

Glaring right back, her irritation tinged her tone as she replied, “And I would do it again.”

Another truth.

Another twitch in my pants.

Our mutual anger and lust collided, clashing together and causing a typhoon to rise up in our bond. If I didn’t think it would damage the girl more, I would’ve taken Susannah right then and there.

Because this was undoubtedly all Susannah. Sookie was nowhere in sight.

But since it probably would damage the girl more, I couldn’t. So instead, I upped the ante on our verbal altercation by verbally poking the now furious part-fairy and challenged her with, “I am your king. I say, you do. That is how this works.”

She poked back, seething in return, “You are my charge. You stay, I stay. That is how this works now.”



Possibly even months.

That was how long I estimated I would need her in my bed before I could even think about thinking straight.

Still glaring up at me, she was positively fuming. Completely disheveled. Covered in dirt and blood.

In a thousand years I had never seen anything more alluring. From the start there seemed to be a magnetic pull between us and as time went on it had only grown stronger.

All I wanted to do was fuck her and bite her and rub myself all over her. And I knew from our bond, I wasn’t the only one.

And we had enough time we could possibly get two out of the three accomplished.

We seemed to move in the same instant. As I reached for her, she reached for me and our lips collided in the middle. All teeth and tongues, we attempted to devour one another. But I had already learned my little warrior liked to win, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she shoved me into the living room and swept her leg out at the same time, taking mine out from under me. Completely unprepared for it, I landed on my back, but I wasn’t alone for long when she threw herself on top of me. Grabbing onto my shirt, her hands ripped it open, with the buttons scattering across the wooden floor.

Her legs straddled my hips as she leaned forward and bit down on my chest over my heart – enough to sting, but not enough to break the skin – declaring, “You. Are. Mine. Mine to protect. Mine to defend. No one, not even you, will keep me from my destiny.”

The feral roar ripped its way from my throat. Her words. Her actions. Fucking just her were too much and without any conscious thought, my hand slid up her thigh, pulling the dagger from the sheath I knew I would find there. Sitting up, I used it to slash at my throat and tossed it aside, yanking her mouth to the wound and not saying a single word before I bit down onto her neck.

Seemingly thirsting for blood just as much, her lips had already closed over the wound, pulling my blood into her mouth, with it sliding down her throat as she slid her body atop my own. My arms snaked around back, with my tongue slithering across her skin, as we moved against one another. I wanted nothing more than to be inside of her when we inevitably reached the moutaintop we were both sprinting towards, but there wasn’t time.

Nor was this the place for what I had assumed would be her first sexual encounter.

We were not fucking for the first time in fucking Compton’s living room.

But the thought of being the first – and only one ever – to know her in that way was too much. I couldn’t hold back. Couldn’t stop my body’s reaction if I had wanted to and despite her competitive nature, this wasn’t a race I was eager to win. So I slipped my hand back up her skirt to make sure she joined me at the summit and growled again, finding what I’d already known.

She was panty-free.

When my thumb found her small bundle of nerves, she pulled back from my neck to gasp at the new sensation. Feeling her shock at the pleasure now coursing through her, I had to wonder if she’d ever had an orgasm before. But her gasp quickly turned into a throaty cry of relief, as she did what came naturally and ground her hips against my hand, with her body being overtaken by her climax just as mine did the same.

I managed for our sprint to end in a tie.


Our second mutual exchange of blood only enhanced the experience and for the first time – possibly since I’d been human – I felt lightheaded.



On her.

It made me both fearful and long for a third, with the thought of tying her to me permanently invading my mind.

And we hadn’t even fucked yet.

She trembled in my lap, coming down from her own high, but ever the warrior, my little Lolita didn’t let that dissuade her. Gripping my hair at the back of my head, she pulled back and stared directly into my eyes, saying, “Don’t believe for one second that will make me obedient, if you order me away again.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” I chuckled, completely mesmerized watching her lips form into a small smile. “You’ve proven you’re no submissive. It should be interesting when we finally…”

The sound of a throat clearing halted my words and my head whipped around to see Rasul and Dawson standing just outside of the entrance to the living room.

I really must have been completely mesmerized to have not heard their arrival.

But we’d still been speaking in a dead language, so I didn’t concern myself with what they could have overheard. And still in Susannah mode, I felt absolutely no embarrassment coming from her at what they had possibly witnessed, as she stood up and retrieved her dagger. Looking back at me – and still looking defiant – she licked the blade clean of my blood and re-sheathed it underneath her skirt before straightening her dress and standing there quietly, while I attempted to reorganize my thoughts.

At the moment, they were all centered around where else I would like to see – and feel – her tongue lick clean.

Something she was likely aware of, given the smirk on her lips now.

“Compton is under arrest?” Rasul asked, when I had yet to say anything.

Right. The fuck stain Compton was why we were all here.

Not because of the fuck stain in my pants I wanted to watch – and feel – her clean up.

But before I could answer his question Herveaux walked into the room. Glancing at me as I pulled myself to my feet, he turned his eyes towards Susannah and grinned, “Hey there, Sunshine. Is that your handiwork outside?”



I’d always liked Herveaux. For a Were, he had a decent personality. Always jovial when he wasn’t in intimidation mode.

I would have to tell the taxidermist to put a grin on his face before I mounted his head in my office.


Her warmth and light were mine.

Her eyes stayed on me for a fraction of a moment longer and seeing her brow arch, I was sure she could feel the spike of possessiveness in my blood at his greeting. But she didn’t acknowledge it and only smiled back at who was obviously the president of her fan club, replying, “Three-fourths of it is mine. His Majesty managed to get in two kills of his own.”

“Nice!” he chuckled in admiration. Of her – I was sure – not me. “Wanna see if we can make Compton spin like a top? I’ll hold the top of his head, while you yank his chain and we’ll see how far he goes.”

She laughed and followed him outside. And it was only due to sensing no attraction for him from her that allowed him to remain alive.

For now.

But knowing we still had a full night ahead of us, I ignored their exchange and looked at Rasul, explaining, “Compton has been conspiring against me with an unknown. I want to know who holds his leash.”

He nodded and left just as quickly, so I turned my eyes towards Dawson and further explained, “In addition to his disloyalty, he has kept Hadley Delahoussaye prisoner for the entire time she has been missing. She’s in the room underneath the stairs. I want you to escort her to my estate and call Ludwig to come treat her. Put her in one of the guest rooms and see to her needs.”

Locking my eyes onto his, so there would be no room for confusion, I added, “And be gentle with her. She’s been manhandled and frightened enough.”

His eyes had flashed upon learning what had become of the girl, showing the predator lying just underneath the surface. But he calmed himself just as quickly and nodded with his reply of, “Of course, Your Majesty.”

I made my way outside, with a part of me expecting to see Compton spinning on his heels around the yard.

I’d felt her want to give Herveaux’s suggestion a try.

Instead I found him where I had left him, now surrounded by three of my guards, but his hateful glare was locked onto my little tormentor who was smiling back at him.

While she ground his Maker’s ashes into the dirt, with the sole of her reacquired shoe.

My cock twitched again.

“Get him out of here,” I ordered, not wanting Hadley to have to face him again and turned to see Quinn and his men taking photos of the dead Weres, I assumed to identify them.

“There’s one more on the roof,” I told Herveaux, who wisely took off instead of lingering.

He must have felt the ghost of my blade still hovering over his neck.

But all movement came to a standstill when Dawson walked out onto the porch, with Hadley tucked under his arm. Some nodded and offered her kind smiles, but she wouldn’t have known with her eyes firmly trained on the ground.

Given her earlier indifference for the girl’s state, I was wary seeing Susannah approach them. So I was surprised when she put herself in Hadley’s path and slowly held out her hand, allowing Hadley the choice of whether or not to take it.

She did.


And we all watched while she led her to Dawson’s truck, but before she could climb inside, Susannah leaned over and whispered something in her ear I couldn’t hear. However I felt her determination and conviction at whatever it was and Hadley threw her arms around her, hugging her tightly and only nodding through her silent tears.

Everyone else went back to work when the truck drove away, but she remained standing there until the taillights were no longer visible. And when she made her way back to my side, seeing the look in her eyes, I didn’t have to ask what she’d said.

“You told her Compton wouldn’t live to see another sunrise.”

“Something like that,” she smiled.

“Your Fae is showing,” I whispered, with a chuckle and added, “But we should get going then. There’s a lot left to do before daybreak.”

Before we left, I tasked Quinn with searching Compton’s home on the off chance he was dumb enough to have kept any evidence of his treachery in his home. But the fact he’d been dumb enough to have kept Hadley there left me hopeful.

I could have flown us back or had her teleport us to the estate, but I wanted the extra time to organize my thoughts. She blew that all to hell when she turned to me and said, “I heard Compton’s thoughts. It was how I’d known Hadley was inside the house.”

“I thought you couldn’t hear vampire,” I hedged, uncertain as to how I felt about her newest achievement.

Although it wasn’t like I’d been hiding – or had plans to hide – anything from her.

How could I when she was my fucking shadow?

“I can’t,” she shrugged and added, “Normally. That was the first and only time.”

Honestly, I saw more pros than cons if her ability grew to include vampire, so I let the subject drop and asked something else that had been nagging at me.

“Why are you indifferent about finding your human kin?”

“Why would I feel otherwise?” she asked. “I do not know them. I have no attachment to them. Because we share the same blood, I would defend them without hesitation, but otherwise they are strangers to me.”

“And you have no desire to get to know them?”

I don’t know why I had expected her to react differently. But perhaps that was my own fault for expecting her to react as I envisioned a human would when everything she had shown me thus far proved she was more than.

Raised in the Fae realm, she acted and reacted in accordance with their values and beliefs.

And she proved it again when she smiled up at me and asked, “Do you sidle up next to every blond haired blue eyed Scandinavian and attempt to get to know them?”

“Touché,” I nodded, willing to let the subject drop.

But our conversation must have struck a chord within her because she grimaced and said, “But I wouldn’t be opposed to teaching the girl how to defend herself. Had the old man or sheriff come at me, I would have carved them up piece by piece a long time ago.”

“I’m sure.”

I was.

“But give her time to re-acclimate before trying to teach her how to properly dismember a body,” I teased.

“If you say so,” she shrugged again.

“So now you’re willing to follow my orders?”

Now you’re not ordering me away from you.”

Her haughty tone was only stoking the embers of my barely contained lust for her, so I was grateful seeing the house coming into view.

Before I attempted to fuck her compliant.

There was no sense in cleaning up since I was sure we were only going to become bloodier as the night wore on. So we went down into the basement as we were and found Compton’s naked body chained in silver in the center of one of several rooms none of the regular household staff had access to.

“You angled him over the drain,” I mused aloud and smiled back at Rasul. “Good thinking.”

“I do try, Your Majesty,” he nodded humbly, all while Compton hissed over the silver burning into his skin.


Wasting no time, Susannah moved to stand in front of him and leaned down, narrowing her eyes and scrutinizing his lower half, before turning to me and asking, “Are you sure he’s male? I wasn’t aware they came this small.”

Since she’d spoken English, everyone in the room laughed at her words.

Well, everyone but Compton.

She stood up and held out her arm, with the bracelet I’d given her glinting in the light of the room. Caressing the Mjolnir charm in between two fingers, she infused her voice with pity as she clucked her tongue and said, “Even my hammer is mightier than yours.”

It was quite possible I was in love.

Hadley enjoyed it.”

He’d barely gotten the words out before she backhanded him with her closed fist and pulled her dagger free with the opposite hand. I did nothing to stop her and she felt nothing but vengeance as she sliced the offending appendage free from his body at his offensive words. Holding it up to show him – as if he didn’t know – she smiled and yelled over his agonizing screams, “Then I’ll be sure to give this to her. I have a feeling she’ll enjoy it much more now.”

She allowed it to drop to the ground as she walked away, muttering ‘dick’ to herself, and I caught myself wondering why she and Pam weren’t best friends yet. But before I could ruminate any more, I watched her select a large silver knife – that in actuality was more like a meat cleaver – from the nearby table and return to stand in front of him. I could tell she felt more annoyed than anything and she knew better than to end him, so I said nothing and only listened as she chastised, “Oh shut up you big baby.”

And thankfully, I wasn’t the only one in the room to shift uncomfortably, watching her cauterize his wound with the flat side of the silver blade.

When she was done, she picked up the piece of him she’d dropped to the ground and tossed the blade back onto the table on her way to come and stand next to me. But her words were for Herveaux, who had just entered the room, when she turned to him and asked, “Do you have a small box I can put this in for Hadley?”

I could tell she was being facetious and I suspected so could he, but he willingly played the straight-man to her one woman show and pulled his keys from his pocket. Comparing one to what she held in her hand, he nodded and said, “It’s got a magnet on it, so she can stick it to her fridge if she wants. It’s stuck up under my right rear quarter panel right now, but I’ll get it for you before I leave.”

She grinned at him.

I did not.

But I refocused on the task at hand and walked forward, shaking my head and saying, “Billy boy, Billy boy, Billy boy.” Jutting my head towards Susannah, I asked, “Don’t you know who she is?”

Of course I’d known that he didn’t, but I wasn’t talking about her Brigant or Stackhouse blood. I’d merely intended to taunt him with the fact she had been the one to end his Maker.

“Your whore?”

I would have taken his tongue if I didn’t need answers from him.

So I took his fangs instead.

And as the night wore on, he lost more pieces of himself, but I kept him alive long after I had my answers.

He paid for his crimes up until I’d had no choice but to allow death to take him when dawn was only moments away.

After all, Susannah had made her kin a promise.

And I ensured it was kept.

My mind was still on de Castro when I felt the sun begin to rise and I was still damp from my shower when I finally fell into my bed. I could tell that she was close by, but instead of calling out to her – verbally or otherwise – I burst out laughing and likely fell into my daytime rest mid-guffaw at what I found waiting for me.

Not only had my sword been magically cleaned and returned to its spot, hanging above my bed, but attached to it was a small black box.

Magnetic, I knew.

However I didn’t open it to confirm the contents.

I already knew that too.

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