The Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds Banner

When the Fae Realm falls into the hands of Breandan and the Water Clan, neither supernaturals nor humans alike are safe from their vicious ways. But can they find a way to unite and stand against them or will it be each man for himself?


Alternate EPOV/SPOV

Rated M


4 comments on “The Hunting Grounds

  1. theladykt says:

    oooh new story!!! yey!!!

  2. Adriana says:

    Wow! Great beginning and kind of sad for the Berts.

  3. kleannhouse says:

    damn a new story and i didn’t get the original release, damn i get two chapters to read…. Yeah me KY

  4. Mikmi says:

    Hi I am a new reader on your site. I love your stories thus far. Wondering if you are still updating the hunting grounds and Taken?

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