Chapter 8 – Need



As I stood in Eric’s shower I couldn’t help running through everything that had happened in the last few minutes. I could still feel the sensation of his lips pressed against mine with the taste of him still lingering in my mouth. I’d kissed my fair share of guys, but I’d never been kissed like the way Eric kissed me. The heat that generated between us would give a Louisiana summer’s day a run for its money. It was wrong for me to have kissed him again before running into the bathroom, but I felt like I needed to in case it was my last opportunity to do so.

Rationally, now that we were in his apartment, my fears of him being married were lessening given there weren’t any indicators that anyone besides Eric lived here. However, there was still that voice in my head telling me to keep my guard up at least until we could check out the address on his license. If the part time supermodel-homeless shelter volunteer-wife-mother of his children-cookie baker wasn’t there then I didn’t think I’d be able to hold onto my ‘no nookie’ mantra for much longer.

I felt horrible for insinuating that this was a crash pad for him, but it still didn’t make any sense to me why he would live here when his driver’s license said differently. Maybe he’d moved and never gotten his address changed on the license? As much as I longed to believe that was true, it didn’t explain why the doorman called him ‘Mr. Thomas’ and not ‘Mr. Northman.’ Then again, there was a different name on his license and all of his passports as well. For all we knew his real name might very well be whatever ‘Thomas’.

As odd as it seemed, given the circumstances we were in, everything else about Eric seemed ‘right’. It felt completely natural to me to hold his hand, or wrap my arms around him not to mention kissing him like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t form the words or the rationalization that made me feel like he and I were meant to be together, but I felt it nonetheless. I just hoped now that we were in New York we’d find more answers than creating more questions. Somehow I doubted that would be the case.

I finished up in the shower and wrapped the towel around my body after I dried off since I’d forgotten to grab any clothes beforehand. I silently prepared myself for the possibility of Eric being in the room before opening the door and I was flooded with both relief and disappointment when I discovered the bedroom was empty.

The duffel bag was still in the living room so I went into Eric’s closet and gaped again at the amount of clothes he had. Everything was organized with the suits hanging together, then his dress shirts, casual shirts, slacks, jeans, etc. with even spacing between each hanger. I selected a blue dress shirt and purposely pushed a few of the hangers closer together making a mental note to check them later to see if Eric had OCD tendencies. If he did I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would secretly mess with him.

Eric’s dress shirt came down to my knees highlighting the differences in our height and I had to roll the sleeves up four times just to get them to end at my wrists. I heard what I assumed was Eric in another room so I walked out of the bedroom and found him sitting at his desk with a bunch of papers in front of him. He looked up from the papers in his hand and his eyes travelled over the shirt I was wearing so I said, “I hope you don’t mind me wearing your shirt.”

From the way he was looking at me I didn’t think he’d mind if I wandered around naked either, but he only said, “No, I don’t mind at all.”

I walked forward and looked at the papers on his desk, but any time I tried to ask Eric something he seemed lost in his own thoughts. We were both tired from driving practically nonstop so I suggested we take a nap before trying to figure anything else out at the moment. He still seemed like he was in a daze, but he followed me back into the bedroom and walked into the bathroom as I crawled under the covers.

I sighed out loud at how comfortable his bed was and the sheets must have been a high thread count because they felt so soft against my skin. I must have dozed off for a few minutes because when I opened my eyes I saw Eric standing by the bed wearing nothing but a towel staring down at me. I had a pretty good idea of what was going through his mind at the time, but I asked anyway. He muttered, “Nothing,” and disappeared inside his closet before returning a moment later wearing just a pair of shorts.

It took every ounce of willpower I had to simply lay still and not jump on him, but my body seemed to have missed the memo from my brain because as soon as he’d said he had remembered something my arms automatically launched themselves around him happy that something had come back to him. His skin was freezing cold so I immediately started trying to warm him up not realizing the reason why he’d chosen to take a cold shower until I felt the reason up against my leg.

My resolve to remain chaste was diminishing fast, but my mind refused to let go of the notion that he might not be single. Even so, when Eric had taken the high road and lay on his back with his hands up underneath his head I still felt compelled to remain pressed against his side and when he made no response I huffed pulling his arms down until they were wrapped around me knowing it would be impossible to fall asleep any other way.

We talked for a few more minutes with him telling me that he truly didn’t believe he was married and I wanted nothing more than to believe that to be true until I finally fell asleep with Eric’s final words floating through my mind, ‘Then I’ll just keep making new memories, hopefully with you.’

The muffled sound of a crash woke me from my nap and my eyes snapped open just in time to see Eric creeping down the hallway holding his gun defensively in front of him. A sickening feeling started in the pit of my stomach as I threw the covers off and started going after him. As soon as I made it to the bedroom doorway Eric held his hand up behind him in a ‘halt’ command towards me without ever turning to face me and continued moving forward until he slinked around the corner and out of sight.

I held my breath straining to hear everything around me, but all I could hear was the frantic beating of my heart in my eardrums. It felt like a lifetime had passed when Eric came walking back into the hallway shaking his head with the gun down by his side as he said, “I guess I have clumsy neighbors.”

“What?” My mind couldn’t make sense of anything he had said.

Eric continued walking towards me and it wasn’t until his arms were wrapped around me that I realized I was shaking like a leaf. He rubbed his hands up and down my arms and back trying to calm my nerves as he said, “A woman, I assume my neighbor across the hall, dropped a bag of her groceries right outside the front door. That’s what the noise was.

I felt relieved immediately, but wondered how long it would take when every little unknown sound would no longer induce panic to flood my body. I couldn’t imagine living that way for the rest of my life and it only made me more resolved to try and figure out who was after us and why.

Eric continued to embrace me in his arms and with my face pressed against his chest it was hard to ignore the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I inhaled deeply relishing in the fact that his scent and touch soothed me in a way that I’d never felt before. I felt safe and it was in that moment that I made a leap with my mind and my heart. The man wrapped around me, this Eric Northman, had made it perfectly clear that he would be mine whenever I was ready. I didn’t believe he’d only meant sexually either, but completely mine as I already knew that I was completely his. The ball was in my court and I knew there was a chance he would never regain his memories so what was I waiting for, a wife and family that very well might not exist?

What if something happened to one of us? With everything that had happened in the short time we’d known each other it was a very real possibility. I had lost so much over the last few days, hell over my relatively short lifetime that I needed Eric. I needed him in every way possible and for me my need outweighed the possible consequences of my actions because I knew I would always regret it if I had held back now.

My movement was limited while Eric held my body tightly against his so I turned my head slightly placing a kiss on his chest. His whole body stilled as if he was trying to figure out what my intentions were so I slowly trailed wet kisses across his chest until my mouth settled over one of his nipples. It pebbled instantly as soon as my tongue made its first pass over it and Eric wove his fingers through my hair at the back of my head keeping it in place while a soft moan escaped his lips.

I could feel his rapidly rising erection growing between our bodies and my hands ran across the muscles on his back from his shoulder blades down into the waistband of his shorts where I gripped one of his finest assets with both hands holding him firmly against me while my lips made their way across his chest giving equal attention to his other nipple.

Sookie,” he moaned as he pulled my head back from his chest as his lips came crashing down onto mine. His hands ran down my back to the backs of my thighs before trailing back up underneath the shirt I was wearing and he growled into my mouth when he discovered I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Eric cupped my ass pulling me up as my legs automatically wrapped around his waist and he turned so that my back was up against the wall with his body holding me in place.

He pulled his mouth away from mine and kissed his way across my jaw to my neck, licking and nipping at my skin with his teeth. His hands left my hair running down to my shoulders before coming to rest on my breasts and my eyes closed as I arched my back pushing them against his hands as he skimmed his fingertips across my nipples through the fabric.

The sensation he created across my sensitive skin caused me to moan out, “Eric,” while my hips ground against him desperately seeking any sort of friction. The feel of cool air across my front and the sound of buttons scattering across the floor caused my eyes to snap open to see his heated gaze staring back at me as he leaned forward capturing one of my nipples in between his lips.

I cried out as he flicked his tongue over my hardened peak while his free hand snaked in between our bodies rubbing circles over my clit. My left hand gripped the hair on top of his head, glad that I’d left it long enough on top to do so, while the nails on my free hand raked up his back. I could feel the tension in my body coiling tighter and tighter with my impending climax when he thrust two fingers inside of me sending me over the edge as I screamed his name.

My body convulsed with involuntary shudders with my legs still locked around his waist and I felt the mattress against my back without ever realizing we had left the hallway. I sat up on my elbows and my eyes grew big as I watched Eric slip the waistband of his shorts over his hips letting them fall to the floor finally allowing my eyes to see what I had been feeling. He was definitely proportionately built and I licked my lips seeing the bead of moisture pooling at the tip.

Our eyes never broke contact as Eric crawled on the bed leaving wet kisses along my each of my legs and blowing warm air across my moistened center before parting my folds with a long lick of his tongue. My skin was still hyper sensitive from my first orgasm and my whole body shuddered at the contact making Eric snake one of his arms across my abdomen to keep me still. It didn’t take long before my hand found its way back into his hair holding him there as I wantonly pushed myself against his face.

Eric thrust two fingers back inside of me as his mouth wrapped around my clit flicking his tongue over my small bundle of nerves in time with his fingers and just as I was reaching the point of no return Eric sat up grabbing my hips and plunged inside of me to the hilt. I came so hard my vision was reduced to nothing more than flashes of light and I vaguely registered that Eric held himself completely still inside of me while we both felt my inner walls spasm around his length.

I’d never felt anything like what Eric was making me feel and when I couldn’t take it anymore I moved my hips urging him on. His lips found mine kissing me with a passion that could no longer be contained while he slowly withdrew before pushing forward again. We swallowed each other’s moans at the sensations coursing through our bodies while our rhythm gradually picked up speed. I could feel the tension building yet again when Eric lifted one of my legs higher up on his hip changing the angle of his thrusts and hitting that hidden spot deep inside of me over and over until my entire body exploded like never before.

I felt Eric’s body tense above me as he forcefully thrust into me one last time before giving in to his own explosive climax with my name being the only coherent word that left his lips. We stayed that way for a while before he leaned down tenderly kissing me again and then rolled to my side pulling my body flush against his with both of us a panting and sweaty mess.

I was still riding my post multi-orgasmic high when I felt Eric’s body tense next to me and I looked up asking, “What’s wrong?”

He appeared to be holding his breath as he said, “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked still confused.

“Sookie, we didn’t use any protection.” He seemed to brace himself waiting for an angry reaction that he wasn’t going to get.

I sighed admitting, “I know and it was stupid for us not to considering we don’t know your medical history. I know I’m clean and I’ve been getting a Depo Provera shot like clockwork for years even though there’s been no need for me to be on birth control for the last year until now. But, what’s done is done and honestly, after all of that, I’d be hard pressed to get upset over anything right now.”

I pressed my lips against his successfully willing his tension away as his fingers wound their way through my hair deepening our kiss. He wrapped his arms and legs around my body and sighed against my neck mumbling, “I must have done something right in a previous life to have found someone like you.”

I giggled whispering, “Well, technically, I found you.

He placed a light kiss against my neck and his voice dropped an octave as he said, “You do realize that now that I’ve had you, tasted you, you’ll never get rid of me, right?”

My own voice sounded a bit hoarse when I replied, “Who said I wanted to be rid of you?”

Our hands started roaming over each other yet again when my stomach growled in protest of not being fed anything substantial in over 24 hours. Eric pulled away saying, “I need to feed you. You’ll need all of the energy you can get.” He waggled his eyebrows as he spoke and he looked so damn sexy doing it with his ‘sex hair’ that for the first time in my life I had to fight the urge to lick someone’s eyebrow. “Sookie, if you keep looking at me like that you’re never going to get fed.”

I felt the blush bloom in my cheeks which was completely ridiculous considering what we’d just done and looked away from him saying in denial, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I turned over looking for the shirt I’d been wearing when I felt Eric grab onto each side of my body as he started tickling me saying, “Really? You don’t know what I was talking about?” I was half snorting half giggling as I tried to squirm away, but he pounced on me leaving me no room for escape.

“Admit it, you want me. Again and again and again.” I was pinned beneath him, but I was too stubborn to let him win. Knowing men tended to be visual creatures, while Eric waited for my surrender (he’d have a better chance of becoming a werewolf at the next full moon than getting me to give in) I ran my hands up my body and slowly licked my lips before sucking each of my pointer fingers into my mouth, moaning as if they were something else, and then watched his gaze darken as his eyes followed their path to my breasts. I gently traced my nipples before rolling them softly between my fingers and I arched my back up into my hands moaning again.

Eric was so still I couldn’t even tell if he was breathing anymore as he watched me playing with my breasts and when I ran my right hand down the front of my body he immediately slipped off to the side of me not wanting to block my hand’s progress. I slowly traced an invisible pattern across my stomach inching lower and lower and when I was sure Eric was concentrating on nothing more than watching my hand I sprung up off the bed like I’d been shot out of a canon and grabbed the shirt I’d been wearing as I ran down the hallway laughing out, “I admit nothing!”

I had forgotten that the shirt was now minus several buttons and he must have been too stunned to move because I had enough time to grab a pair of underwear from the duffel bag and put them on along with a sundress that I slipped over my body before he finally joined me in the living room wearing the shorts he’d had on before. He was trying to scowl at me but the corners of his lips gave away his amusement and I had no doubt I would be paying for my little stunt at some point in the future.

We’d somehow lost the day when I looked at the clock and saw that it was already after 8 pm. Neither one of us felt like going out to eat so as we hunted through his practically bare cupboards in the kitchen we managed to find several take-out menus in one of the drawers. After deciding on Chinese food Eric picked up the phone in the kitchen and called in our order to be delivered.

I gazed into the refrigerator and saw he had a few bottles of water and beer, but not much else and said, “If we’re going to be staying here for a while we should go grocery shopping.” When he didn’t respond I turned to see him standing at the window in the living room looking down onto the street below. I walked over and put my arms around his waist leaning against his chest asking, “Are you okay?”

He sighed before answering, “Yes, I’m just frustrated that I don’t remember more. I mean, I remembered this building and then the lock picks I had in the desk drawer, but nothing else.”

I wished I had some magical cure I could give him, but since I didn’t I just hugged him tighter hoping it would make him feel at least a little bit better. He kissed the top of my head and said, “I should go put on a shirt before the food gets here.”

I followed him into the bedroom having decided to take another quick shower since we’d gotten all sweaty together with Eric pouting wanting me to wait so he could join me. After I promised to soak in the tub with him after dinner he was more agreeable and gave me another toe curling kiss before I scooted into the bathroom.

I piled my hair on top of my head knowing we’d be bathing again in a little while and quickly washed up. I’d been in the bathroom less than ten minutes when I opened the door and stepped into the bedroom wearing the same sundress I’d thrown on earlier when I heard some sort of commotion coming from the living room.

I grabbed Eric’s gun from the nightstand and ran down the hallway to see him facing off with an Asian man. He was shorter than Eric by a good six inches, but he seemed to be just as powerful. There was a gun on the floor that must have slid under the coffee table with each of them attempting to keep the other away from it. The attacker held a switchblade in each of his hands while Eric had a large bloodied chef’s knife in his right. The other guy had cuts across his forearms and abdomen with his blood dripping to the floor, but they didn’t appear to slow him down any. I could see through the rips in his shirt that his arms and chest were covered in tattoos that looked like the kind worn by the Japanese Yakuza gang. They lunged at each other with neither of them making a sound other than the occasional grunt and they moved so fast it seemed like a choreographed dance.

I held the gun in front of me but there was no way I could shoot for fear of hitting Eric so I stood there helplessly watching their every move. The attacker lunged forward again only he slipped in a pool of his own blood giving Eric the opportunity he needed. He grabbed his right wrist and spun around behind him jerking his arm as he went and the attacker cried out as I heard his shoulder dislocate from its socket. The knife he’d held in that hand clattered to the floor, but he still tried to reach around with his other hand in another attempt to stab Eric. Eric, however, was too quick and he swept the man’s feet out from under him and landed on top of him as he forced the knife the man still held in his left hand to point at his own chest above his heart while asking, “Who are you? Who sent you?”


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  1. kleannhouse says:

    damn they finally did the horizontal mambo and then their attacked , damn what a night Kristie

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