Chapter 13 – Next Time


There were so many questions.

Questions which needed answers.

Queens. Drainers. Religious cults.

And yet I couldn’t find it within me to give a single damn about any one of them, seeing her give me the only answer I cared about in the form of a small nod of approval, to move past the cotton barrier that kept my eyes from the treasure I knew lie beneath it.

But the shyness filling her body reminded me once more that she wasn’t like normal human women her age. Her innocence was highlighted by the slight hesitance in her blood and told me she wasn’t sure just what she was giving me permission to do.

Gone was the fierce little warrior who didn’t think twice about taking me to task – mocking me in a way that would have brought about their death had it been anyone else – and in her place was her virginal twin.


And knowing her skittishness over the unknown could quickly bring this to a halt, I slowed down in spite of my own desires, demanding I rip the shirt from her body and fuck her six ways from Sunday, leaving behind enough cum stains on the couch that not even Billy Mays’ ghost could get rid of them.

Next time though.

But this time, I left her shirt in place while I gently moved back up her body and smirked at the slight disappointment I could feel tinging her emotions at my refusal to undress her just yet. Little did she know it was taking every ounce of strength I had to not just take what I wanted because – while she always smelled exceptionally sweet – the scent of her growing arousal was a pure siren’s song.

Tenderly taking her lips with my own, I coaxed them open with my tongue and she willingly opened both her mouth and body to me once more. Wrapping her limbs around me, I did the same, and instead of blanketing myself over her body, as she likely expected, I could feel her surprise when I lifted us both from the couch.

But I wanted more room to work with.

During our leisurely stroll to my bedroom neither of us broke our kiss and I was surprised more by the fact that I didn’t want to, rather than the fact that I managed to get us there at all, without instead taking the time to fuck her up against the wall and every flat surface in between.

Next time though.

I couldn’t even manage to tear myself away from her lips to put her on my bed and instead inched us along the top of the mattress until she was finally settled in the middle of it. Her hot little hands snaked up the back of my shirt and forced us to part when she ripped it over my head. But no sooner had she tossed it aside than I dove back down, reconnecting us once more, and her hands went back to where they’d been, causing each of us to shiver when they raked down my spine and slid into the waistband at my back.

Her legs were splayed wide, with my hips firmly planted in between them, and she pulled my lower half against her body, while pushing up at the same time. But feeling the slight apprehension coming from her, through the cloud of lust she was encased in, I didn’t push for more.


But my only clue as to what she was apprehensive about was given to me when she finally pulled her lips from mine to say, “What if it doesn’t work?”

I pushed that time.

My straining dick against her center.

“Oh it works, Lover,” I grunted. “Trust me.”

“Not that,” she giggled. But her playful eyes turned serious when she stared back at me and hesitantly asked, “What if I…my…you know…hurts you?”

By that point I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes uncrossed. The aroma emanating from her was obscene.

In that it made me want to do obscene things to her.

With her.

On her and in her.

And for the first time in a thousand years I wasn’t concerned about my survival above all else. She was right, of course. We had no way of knowing if all of her would accept all of me, without killing me first for even daring to try.

But there was only one way to find out.

So I sat up enough to stare back down at her and smiled, sharing with her something else I had been told that very evening.

“The doctor thinks it’s likely that because your blood did me no harm, the rest of you won’t either.”

You asked the doctor aboutabout that?” she gasped in embarrassment, covering her wide eyes with one hand and smacking my side with the other.

Nudging her lips with my own, I chuckled against her gaping mouth and replied without any shame, “I did.”

And then moving my lips across her exposed neck, I tongued her pulsing carotid, while tempering my urge to sink my fangs into her skin, and said, “Perhaps a taste test is in order.”

“What?” she asked, now staring at me through the small gap she’d made with the fingers, still covering her eyes. “What do you mean?”

Instead of answering her verbally – knowing there was a very good possibility she would abruptly close down the kitchen for the night – I moved faster than she could react to and snuck my hand up just underneath the hem of her shirt.

Both of her hands fell by the wayside and her eyes closed, with the most enticing sound I had ever heard leaving her lips, just as her hips thrust up into the palm of my hand.

My plan had been to swipe away some of the tantalizing moisture my senses were telling me could be found there and licking it away from my fingertips. But seeing her reaction to my touch…

My plans changed.

“That…it feels…oh god…” she stuttered, moving her hips against my fingers, now moving through her folds.

And when she couldn’t seem to find any more words, I decided to give her mouth something else to do by kissing her.

It was yet another mystery to solve.

How she could make something as simple as a kiss so tempting.

Even the taste of her saliva was narcotizing. I would gladly kiss her for hours and it only made me suspect the rest of her would taste equally appetizing.

But feeling her need for more and hearing her whispered, “Please,” against my lips, I gave her the relief she was looking for by slipping a single finger inside of her body and we both groaned in unison.

She was so hot.

And wet.

And tight.

The last was yet another reminder to me that I needed to go slow.

Pumping my finger in and out of her wet heat, her body and blood jolted when I moved my thumb over her clit, and her hands flailed around my body before finding purchase in my hair.

Holding my head in place – as though I would even think of removing my lips from hers – she writhed underneath me and growled into my mouth through half-lidded eyes, “More.”

“So bossy,” I smirked, with my inner caveman thumping his chest over the reaction I was causing.

Her responding eye roll probably had more to do with next move than my teasing words, but there was little I could deny her – and certainly not that – so I slid a second finger in alongside the first, giving her what she asked for and at the same time, stretching her in preparation to take all of me.

Into all of her.

Her cried out, “Fuck!” was met by my promised, “Soon,” and curling my fingers inside of her body, I soon found what I was looking for.

Her g-spot.

Moving my thumb faster over her clit, I rubbed over that same spot on every pass through her slick depths and soon enough her body seized underneath mine as she cried out my name with her release.

Embarrassingly, I nearly came with her from the sight of it alone.

She was magnificent.

I continued to slowly pump my fingers in and out of her, causing small aftershocks to ripple through her, and eventually her eyes fluttered open and a lazy smile appeared on her lips, as she graced me with a whispered, “Wow.”

“That was only the appetizer,” I smirked in return.

And speaking of which…

Keeping my eyes on hers, I grinned wider both seeing and hearing her whimpered disappointment when I removed my fingers from her body. And bringing those same fingers up to my lips, I stared back her now wide eyes – realizing what I was about to do – and said, “Here goes nothing.”


Her shouted rebuke startled us both and she grabbed onto my wrist with all of her might as she whisper confessed, “That’s how…when he…my Gran’s brother…”

My actions stopped, while my mind automatically flipped through my mental Sookie file with her words.

Her grandmother – Adele Stackhouse – sister of Bartlett Hale.

Bartlett Hale, who mysteriously died while caring for…

The puzzle pieces quickly snapped into place and something inside of me snapped right along with them.

He touched you?” I darkly growled, furious at both his molestation of her and the fact I couldn’t kill him myself.

A seven year old Sookie had already taken care of that.

And despite already having a good guess as to what the answer would be, I couldn’t stop myself from asking for confirmation.

“He touched you in this way?”

Various amounts of shame, disgust, and righteous indignation moved through her blood and across her face, but her only reply was in the form of another small affirmative nod.

I wanted a necromancer.

One who could call his body from his grave, only so I could have the pleasure of killing him over and over again, until there was nothing left of him but scraps I would then feed to a pig.

And then set its shit on fire.

But it was feeling her disappointment, needling its way through my rage, that made me focus back on the here and now.

Focus back on her.

It was just as well.

I didn’t know of any necromancers anyway.

Blanketing her with my body once more, fruitlessly attempting to shield her from her past, her tension slowly began to ease, while she whispered out, “I don’t want you to pity me.”

Pity you?” I questioned, pulling back enough to look into her eyes. And seeing another small nod, I admitted, “I don’t pity you. I am awed by you. That you could endure as much as you have in your short life and still manage to find joy is a remarkable thing.”

She had no way of knowing we had that in common.

Neither of us spoke for a while after that. While she attempted to compartmentalize the memories my actions had stirred from her childhood, I plotted various scenarios of desecrating that bastard’s grave.

Digging up his bones and putting them through a wood chipper, with the pieces shooting into the shit stew at the sewage treatment plant was leading the pack.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed. My only contentment stemming from the fact my body was shielding hers from the rest of the world.

No one could get to her without going through me.

I wasn’t up to digging too deeply into the reasons why that thought pleased me as much as it did either.

But another part of me started looking up, stirring from somewhere much lower on my body, when I heard her softly say, “So…I guess I ruined the mood, huh?”

Not answering her at first, I dove down once more, only this time into our blood tie and now wondered if the disappointment I’d felt coming from her wasn’t from her childhood trauma, but from the abrupt end to our intimacies.

Testing my theory, I nuzzled into the side of her neck and kissed the spot just beneath her ear. It could be taken as either a tender gesture to reassure her all was well or one meant to ignite something more heated.

I then left my blue balls in her court to do with them as she wished.

Her responding shiver and the renewed scent of her arousal answered my unspoken question, without the need of any blood tie.

But even without those telltale signs, her next words would have dispelled any doubts I may have had and caused me to chuckle at the darkness of her tone when she warned, “Don’t start something you’re not going to finish.”

Never mind the implication behind her words.

I would finish.

We both would.

So I gave her my own warning in the form of, “Daybreak may be coming, but there’s enough time to make sure we cum before it.”

In spite of her inexperience, I sensed that she wasn’t looking for a storybook romantic romp. It could have been from the way she gripped my hair and jerked my lips back to hers. Or the way she wound her legs over my own and ground her hips against mine.

Or it could have just been my own wishful fucking thinking.

But either way, I was intent on finding out.

With her body so firmly attached to my own, I rid hers of the only garment covering it in the only way possible, by ripping the shirt straight down the middle. Her blood ignited even more and her approving growl turned into an approving whimper when I trailed my lips further down her body.

Cupping one breast in one hand, my lips went to work on the other, while my free hand trailed further down her body to test her readiness. As much as I wanted to taste all of her, I didn’t want to cause her to relive any memories of her childhood trauma.

I wanted to replace them.

Next time though.

While her hips bucked up into my hand, her own hands reached down to my hips, clumsily working the button open on my jeans and then finally freeing me from the denim confines.

To my relief.

And her surprise.

“Jesus,” she whispered, when her hand tentatively encircled my shaft.

So I thrust into her grip, smirking against her skin, and said, “That’s not his name, but he’ll make you call out to your God just the same.”

Giggling, she replied, “I’d call you cocky, but…yeah. That would be stating the obvious. In more ways than one.”

Using her feet to push my jeans further down my legs, I kicked them free and then settled myself back on top of her, with my tip resting just inside of her folds.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

I would have laughed at her question had she not looked so worried and tried to ease her anxiety by chuckling out, “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that question?”

As much as my hips wanted to move forward, I remained idling exactly where I was. I needed to be sure she wasn’t having any second thoughts and found that I had none whatsoever, when her hands came up to softly grip the sides of my head, as she looked into my eyes and whispered, “I’m afraid I’m going to kill you.”

I was afraid of that too, but I really didn’t think one could die from blue balls.

But I didn’t intend to find out.

So I placed a gentle kiss on her lips and smiled back at her, saying, “If I do, it’s the way I would want to go.”

Balls deep in a veritable Candy Land.

Mirth replaced the concern in her eyes and a small smile replaced the frown on her lips, while she said, “Figures, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“If it doesn’t work out, make sure the doctor refunds my payment,” I smiled in return.

Ludwig had given me her money-back guarantee.

And since there was only one way to see if it would be necessary, I slowly worked my way into the tight confines of her body, with the smile quickly disappearing from my face, only to be replaced by who-fucking-cares.

Fucking. Exquisite.

Every-fucking-thing about her.

The temperature of her body surrounding my own. The scent of her arousal wafting around me. The staccato beats of her heart pumping in her chest.

Any of them – all of them – made her stand out and above every other I’d ever been with.

I took my time, gently pulling back and then pushing forward, not wanting to hurt her and only when all of me was finally inside all of her, did I still.

When my eyes finally found hers again – too busy beforehand, searching the back of my skull for words to describe the nirvana to be found in between her thighs that didn’t exist in any language – she smiled up at me and whispered in secret, “You didn’t explode.”

“Don’t jinx me,” I chuckled because just as she spoke, her inner walls pulsed around my length, and threatened my control.

But seeing a flash of fear go through her eyes, I explained, “You feel so fucking good, I might embarrass myself and finish before we even get started.”

“Well then at least my first time would be the same as most other virgins,” she snickered. “One and done.”

Over my dead body…

Or rather – in her case – under my dead body.

She could be on top next time.

Pulling back, I slowly thrust back in to the hilt and when I was satisfied she had adjusted to my size, I put my thousand years of experience to use in making sure she was satisfied. For the next few hours I put her body to the test, testing how many times she could climax in a single night because I had several anti-climactic nights to make up for and by the end of it, my sheets weren’t the only things ruined.

I suspected she’d ruined me for all others.

Everything about her seemed tailor made for me, from the way she encased my cock, to the way her body responded to mine. Her stamina in keeping up with the paces I put her body through astounded me and the only disappointment to be had was by my own doing, by not giving in to my urge to bite her.

Because I also suspected it would ruin me in ways that had nothing to do with my true death.

I could smell her blood pooling just beneath the surface of her flushed skin. It enveloped me. Called out to me. Urging me to give in and taste the nectar of the gods.

A venefican trap that had already felled five of my kind.

And while her body had undoubtedly accepted mine, I couldn’t help but wonder – if I dared to taste her blood – it might be my downfall as well.

Her scent alone was enough to tell me I wouldn’t be satisfied drinking from any other.

How would I ever go back to the by then shitty taste of AB Neg, after tasting the nectar of the gods?

“Why do I get stuck with the wet spot?” she playfully complained and flailed her limbs for a moment before giggling, “I’m too tired to swim to shore.”

Chuckling, I pulled her body on top of mine and she startled on top of me, hearing the two loud claps just before the room was encased in darkness.

“I was going to do that,” she laughed, softly clapping her hands against the sheets at our sides.

And I was thankful for the darkness, keeping the unfamiliar emotions now coursing through me thoroughly concealed from her knowing eyes. Perhaps fucking her had been a mistake because I doubted now that I would ever have enough of her.

But it was done.

And perhaps I was too.

I would check myself for a fork when I woke, just to be sure.

But in the meantime, I merely held her body tighter against my own and kissed the top of her head, smiling into the darkened room and assuring her wants would be met by simply saying, “Next time.”

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