Various One Shots

A place to stick everything else that doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Movie Night

Things have calmed down and Eric and Sookie have settled into a normal relationship. Saturday has become their “movie night” date night, but what happens when it’s Eric’s turn to pick the movie? Starts off canon. Post DITF. AU/OOC

Rated M


A mostly fluff filled one shot written for tvgirlSVM and inspired by the song of the same name. AH/AU

Rated M

Written for The Fangreaders Anniversary Writing Challenge:

Sookie ran away from Eric five years earlier, but what happens when they’re forced to be in the same room and they’re both after the same thing? AH/AU

Rated M


Pussy Wars

A birthday present for wifey Makesmyheadspin and a reason to put Eric in a tool belt. AH/AU

Rated M



Another birthday present for wifey Makesmyheadspin.
Rated M AH/AU All EPOV

12 Steps

12 Steps

A promo fic for the launch of The Fangbangers Anonymous: TB/SVM Writers Directory.
Sookie figures out Sam isn’t her HEA. Post DEA. Humor/Parody



Eric Northman has spent the last decade singularly focused on finding those responsible for his parents’ murders. But when he unexpectedly comes across another person from his past, it could undo more than just his life’s mission.

Rated M; AH/AU; All Eric POV

Written for RedJane12

The Santa Clause banner

The Santa Clause

A Christmas trope. Boy meets girl. Girl despises boy. Throw in some sugar free gummy bears and things are bound to explode. Now grab a bottle of wine and some crusty bread. It’s about to get cheesy up in here.

Rated M; AH/AU; Dual POV’s

Written for The Queen of All That is Delicious

The Wish banner

The Wish

Jason’s excellent adventure where – for one night – everything goes right.
For Jason, that is.

Written for msbuffy

The Gift banner

The Gift

It’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately for Eric, Sookie doesn’t take kindly to what he’s been thinking.

A parody written for hisviks

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