Bonus Chapter – The Sex Tape

(Takes place the week after they get back from the photo shoot, prior to the accident.)


I was tired as fuck driving home after taping the first of two episodes on Wednesday night. With the cluster fuck of the week before, the normal taping on Tuesday got pushed a day to prepare, which meant working for thirteen hours that day. It didn’t help that I missed Sookie more than I thought could be possible. I knew it was selfish of me to want her to quit her job, but really, I was a selfish person by nature. She didn’t have to work and from what little she’d told me about her workday over the last couple of days, she wasn’t really enjoying it. I didn’t get most of her Harry Potter references, but I was very clear on the fact she wanted to kick some little shit’s ass.

If he was as smart as he was a smart ass, he wouldn’t be caught alone with her.

My bout of food poisoning had ended, thank God, but with the long hours I’d had to put in, Sookie was normally asleep when I got home. She’d gifted me with a good morning blow job the day before, but I’d gotten so spoiled over our multiple orgasm weekend, I’d been walking around with perpetual blue balls, in part, thanks to her dirty texts. I wanted her all day, every day, in every position possible. I needed her, to have every part of her wrapped around me, but real life was a cock blocking son of a bitch.

She’d called me overdramatic; claimed I wasn’t as near death as I professed myself to be and declared it a side effect of having spent my life in front of a camera. Perhaps she was right, but tonight, she too, would learn what it was to be in front of a camera because if a picture was worth a thousand words, then a video would be worth a million. It would be another ‘first’ I could share with Sookie, having never done that sort of thing before and I highly doubted (at least I really fucking hoped) she’d ever filmed herself having sex with her douche bag ex.

The house was dark when I got home, but Sookie’s car was in the garage when I pulled in, so I knew she was there and I headed straight to where I kept my video camera, inside my entertainment center. I’d seen it in there a couple of weeks earlier, when I’d pulled out the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie, but it was nowhere to be found now, even after emptying the contents from the cabinet. I searched in every conceivable spot it could be, but after an hour I eventually gave up and made a mental note to have Alcide pick me up another one the next day.

Disappointed, I trudged upstairs and saw the soft light flickering underneath the bedroom door as I walked down the hallway. As I got closer, I could hear music playing inside and figured Sookie had fallen asleep watching TV, so I was surprised when I opened the door and found her sitting up in the middle of the bed, with lit candles covering every surface of the room.

“It took you long enough to get up here,” she smiled.

“I…” That was as far as my brain could go because all of the blood rushed from my head to my dick seeing she was wearing the skimpiest of negligees that hid nothing and everything all at once. The red silk and lace draped across her breasts, encasing them like large ripe fruit. Since she always smelled and tasted of cherries, they were the first one I thought of, but given how blessed she was in that area, there was no equally sized fruit my brain could come up with. It didn’t matter though because all I could think about was how much I wanted to peel it off of her to expose the sweet flesh underneath.

My disappointment from moments ago was completely forgotten, as my feet carried me forward, with me shedding my clothes on primal instinct alone and my only thought was I was a lucky bastard, but my progress was halted by her raised hand, as I reached the end of the bed, and she said, “Before we get started, I wanted to ask you something.”

Whatever it was, I would give her anything, so I answered her unasked question without waiting to hear it. “Yes.” She could ask me to escort her to an orgy wearing head to toe pink lycra and I would’ve said ‘yes’.

“Eric,” she giggled. “I didn’t even ask you yet.”

It didn’t matter. The answer would be ‘yes’, but I really wanted us to get passed the whole talky part of the night so we could move onto the fucky part, so I humored her and said, “Fine. Ask me.”

My interest in the talky part she was forcing me to bear was piqued when a blush bloomed onto her skin and she needed to take a deep breath before finally saying, “Well, since we haven’t had a lot of time together lately and you’ve been hovering near death because of it,” she cocked her eyebrow at what she thought was exaggeration on my part, but until she was walking around with a set of blue balls in between her legs, she couldn’t judge. I just cocked my eyebrow in silent response, so she continued, “I thought maybe we could… you know… tape ourselves.”


At that moment a feather could’ve knocked me over and I had to wonder if maybe she really could read my mind. When I’d gotten the idea earlier, I figured I would have to spend at least an hour trying to convince her before finally giving up on the whole idea, so we could progress from talky to fucky, but I didn’t have to. She wanted to. It was her idea. Or maybe I imagined it? Maybe she’d really asked about something to do with the house or work, but my cock and brain heard ‘sex tape’? My cock definitely heard it because it was standing up wanting to hear it again.

I must have taken too long pondering whether or not her offer was fantasy or reality because her blush deepened as she said, “We don’t have to. I just figured it would give you something to… you know… never mind.”

She flopped backwards onto the bed in embarrassment and covered her face with a pillow, but I was on top of her a second later, pulling it from her face and asking in a hoarse growl, “Lover, did you just offer to allow me to film us making love? Giving me the gift of seeing me pleasure you, whenever my need for you can’t be sated by your warm flesh in person? Watching you writhe with desire while I fuck you on the screen and stroke my cock pretending it’s your hand, your mouth, your pussy, surrounding me, squeezing me until I can’t take it anymore and cum shoots out of me, all the while imagining I’m shooting it into you?”

Her hooded eyes told me the blush on her skin was no longer from embarrassment, but from desire as her breaths and heart rate picked up speed, with every dirty word I said, and she chewed on her bottom lip, merely nodding her reply which made it all the more tempting, but heartbreaking, as I said, “While I would love to take you up on your offer, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you for a rain check.” I leaned down brushing my lips across hers and stealing a quick taste of the cherry flavored lip gloss I knew would be there before moving along her jaw and inhaling deeply. Her taste and scent both calmed and excited me like nothing else ever had and I eventually made my way to her ear, saying, “You see, I had the same idea for tonight, but I couldn’t find the video camera. That’s why it took so long for me to come upstairs.”

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, arching her body against mine and half-giggled half-moaned out, “That’s because it’s right there.” One of her arms came loose and my eyes followed the path it was pointed towards where I saw the video camera sitting on top of my dresser, pointing at the bed.

Seeing it and the red light on top of the lens, indicating it had been recording the entire time we’d been talking, made my cock throb with anticipation. I doubted I would ever stop questioning how in the fuck I’d gotten lucky enough to find someone like her; someone who on paper would seem like we’d never match, but in reality was the epitome of perfection for me and I gave voice to that thought, saying, “You’re perfect.”

She leaned up, tugging my bottom lip with her teeth and released it again say, “Far from, but time’s a wasting. That thing will shut off eventually.”

Instead of wasting time verbally arguing that she was, in fact, perfect, I chose to argue with my tongue thrusting into her mouth, attempting to swipe away every doubtful word as yet unspoken by her. She silently argued back, but I would expect nothing less from her and upped the ante by grinding my still denim clad erection against her silky smooth center. Her ankles locked behind me as she gave back just as good as she got and a small part of my brain berated myself for not stripping completely before climbing on top of her.

My hands were everywhere, unable to decide where to start unwrapping my gift wrap covered Sookie, until her hardened nipples scraped down my bare chest, drawing my hands up her body and peeling away the layer separating me from my first course. I took my time, licking and kissing my way towards my destination, and tasted every inch of each of her breasts, except for the parts we both wanted the most. Pushing them together with my hands, they looked like the world’s best Sookie sundae, with two cherries on top, and when she squirmed underneath me, but trapped by my body weight, she sighed out a whispered, “Please…” I couldn’t deny her or myself any longer. Tracing along the ridges I’d already memorized with my tongue, I lapped at them as though they were covered in whipped cream and made a mental note to add it to the shopping list tacked onto the refrigerator door. Her legs dropped from my waist and she planted her feet onto the bed, giving her the leverage she needed to crush her hips against mine while I rewarded her with a thrust of my own, making us both moan in pleasure.

I licked and sucked, chewed and bit, each one in turn and unable to decide which one was my favorite before finally calling it a tie and moving onto the next course of my Sookie supper. Her body was tone but soft, as a woman should be, and I delighted in peeling away her negligee as I went, nipping at the skin just underneath her belly button and making a soft giggle come from her lips. I loved the responses I was able to elicit from her body and when I pulled the red material free of her body, she brought her feet up next to my head and let her knees fall by the wayside, giving me a full view of her panty-less state and I couldn’t contain the low growl from leaving my chest.

“Perfect,” I whispered again and before she could try to argue the point with me, I dove forward and took whatever words she may have said away with my tongue passing through her slick folds. Her fingers wove through my hair while her body once again arched, bringing her hips up towards my face, so I wrapped my arm across her hips to keep her still.

She should know I was nowhere near done.

“Eric…” she cried, as I avoided her most sensitive spots, teasing my tongue along the edge just enough to build up her expectations before moving away again. It was a game, an adult version of the childhood pastime ‘I’m not touching you’, almost cruel in nature, and much more annoying if I took Sookie’s frustrated grunts into account. So tiny beneath me, her small frame fought against my grasp, trying to move her body into a position to get some much needed relief, but she had to learn; this was what blue balls felt like.

It was mean of me to deny her when her being here with me, like this, was making yet another one of my dreams come true, so when she finally whined out, “You’re killing me,” I chuckled against her skin, nipping her inner thigh with my teeth, and said, “Now you know what it feels like.”

Her sharp intake of breath above me clued me in that I was about to get Sookie’d, so I made a preemptive strike and thrust my tongue inside of her, cleaning away every drop of her slick juices I found, fucking her with one muscle while the other impatiently waited for its turn and effectively silenced her protest. The talky part of the night was over as far as I was concerned and I moved my lips up and captured her swollen clit between them, rolling my tongue around her sensitive flesh and suckling at it like a newborn. I filled her with two of my fingers while my tongue flicked across her clit in time with my thrusts and when her inner walls started to spasm around my hand, I pressed down on that hidden spot inside of her with pinpoint accuracy making her scream out my name as she came.

I licked my fingers clean while she came down from her high, with both of us smiling at each other, and I thought she was still somewhat out of it until she surprised me by pouncing on me and pushing my chest until I was flat on my back with her on top of me. “My turn,” she purred against my lips before stealing my breath away with another kiss. I’d never get enough of her; heart, body and soul, she was mine as much as I was hers and the overwhelming feeling I had to claim her, possess every part of her, screamed from every fiber of my being.

Did she know?

Had I told her?

I’d already told her many things I never thought I would share with another person and this would be no different, but she had to know. Just the thought of her being with anyone else like this shot fire through my veins, so when her lips moved down to my chest, my fingers fisted into her hair, pulling just enough for her to look into my eyes, as I practically snarled through my teeth, “You’re mine Sookie. Now that I have you, now that I know what it is to love someone, to be loved in return, I’ll never let you go.”

I meant every word.

Completely unafraid of my outburst, she lightly bit my chest with her tongue flicking across my nipple and drawing a hiss from my lips before saying, “You’re mine too so don’t you forget it.”

“I am,” I admitted.

As if I would ever forget that.

She smiled softly and her eyes danced, as she said, “Now if you don’t mind, I must be on my way. I’m headed south to the Northman Pole,” she winked. My cock must have heard her itinerary because it bobbed through my now open jeans, smacking against her stomach to remind her where he was, just in case she forgot. I loosened my grip on her hair, bidding her a silent Bon Voyage, as she followed the same path down my body as I had traveled down hers.

Proving she was a better person than me, she didn’t tease me for very long, and as soon as she pulled my jeans from my body, her lips were sliding down my cock. She’d blown me quite a few times by then, but I still marveled over her ability to take in all of me. Her tongue curled around the underside of my shaft and when I hit the back of her throat, I felt her relax her mouth and swallow, allowing me to slide in further, until her lips were clamped down around the base. I was afraid to ask her where she learned that trick and figured I was better off not knowing, or even thinking about it at all, and just enjoyed her skill knowing I would be the only one benefiting from it from here on.

She slowly eased her way back up before taking another tortuously slow path back down, repeating it several times, until I realized this was my payback for what I’d done to her earlier. Her rhythm was just enough to get me going, but nowhere near fast enough for me to do anything with it and I wondered if it was the first time in history somebody could be blue balled while getting their dick sucked.

“Sookie…” I whined.

I wasn’t above begging.

“Hmmm…” she questioned, with her lips firmly clasped around my base. The vibration of it made me even harder and my balls were begging for release.

They weren’t too proud to beg either.

“I’m sorry for teasing you,” I apologetically pleaded.

She made another pass up and down my length before mumbling, “Mm hmm…” to my poor cock, in a tone that said she didn’t believe me. It wasn’t his fault I’d teased her. Why punish him?

I was just about to pull her off of me, so I could fuck her through the mattress, when her speed started increasing and her mumbled “Mm hmm’s” went from agonizing to tantalizing. For the first time that night, every part of my body was happy, but I wanted to cum inside of her (or inside of a condom inside of her), so I went back to my earlier plan and pulled her off of me while moving my body on top of hers.

“I can’t believe you interrupted my adventure down under,” she laughed through her mock indignation. “You know how much I like those accents.”

I ripped open a condom and thanked God she had an appointment on Friday to get put on birth control. Just the thought of being able to slide into her, at any given moment, whenever the mood and opportunity struck, was nearly enough to make me cum, but as I rolled it on her teasing words ignited a fire back into my very core. I knew she was joking and had no doubts about her being faithful to me, but the possessive beast in me wanted to fuck that ridiculous affinity for foreign accents right out of her. As I lined myself up at her entrance, I almost apologized for what I was about to do, but where was the fun in that?

Instead I plunged into her all the way to the hilt, with a silent ‘take that’ directed at her, and a soft whoosh of breath expelled from her lungs at my sudden entry. I loved the feeling of being encased within her, her heat surrounding me on all sides, and how no matter how many times I’d already had her, she still felt just as tight as she had that first time. I knew I hadn’t hurt her, but I remained still anyway to allow her to adjust to my size and stayed that way even after she tried wiggling her hips in an effort to make me start moving.

“Eric…” she whined for the second time that night.

“Yes my love?” I asked, while licking the outer edge of her ear.

Her heels were dug into my ass while her fingernails scraped up and down my back, but instead of arguing or attempting to get me to move, she simply wrapped her arms around me, hugging her body to mine, and said, “I love you.”

It was all I needed to hear for my plans on fucking her through the mattress in an attempt to physically claim her, to change in an instant. She loved me, another first I got to share with Sookie, and she deserved to be made love to in return. So I showed her with my body how much I loved her by moving reverently inside of her; reading each of her unspoken cues so I knew when to speed up or slow down, where to touch her with my hands and lips while never losing my stride and when her desire increased, so did my tempo. The expression on her face, the look in her eyes, and the sounds she was making were about to do me in, so I sat up on my heels, pulling her hips up with me, and changed the angle to where I was hitting her g-spot and her clit with each thrust of my hips. It was enough to violently throw her over the edge and seeing her cum undone in front of me, while feeling her muscles contract around me had me almost seizing on top of her, cumming harder than I ever had before.

Completely spent, I made sure to fall to the side of her, so I wouldn’t crush her, and tossed the used condom into the wastebasket now kept next to the bed. Her cheeks were flushed and a light sheen of sweat covered every inch of her, as she tried to catch her breath. She never looked more beautiful to me and I reached over, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, and said, “I love you Sookie.”

Did she know?

Had I told her?

I knew I’d told her I loved her many times by then, but fearing she might not know how much she meant to me had me spilling my guts once more as I said, “I may not remember what first drew me to you, but whatever it was, I thank my lucky stars every day that it happened. I can hardly remember what my life was like before you and I want no part of knowing what my future would be like without you. Promise me, no matter what happens, we’ll always work through our problems. Promise you won’t ever leave me.”

The thought of losing her terrified me and what had started as a playful romp together, ended with me feeling helpless and exposed.

Pam was right; I was a walking chick flick.

Seeing my vulnerable state, Sookie’s eyes softened and she climbed on top of me, hugging me tight and saying, “I love you too and I’m not going anywhere.” I believed her, but my mood improved when she smiled, while playfully adding, “As a matter of fact, even as big as you are, I don’t think you could get rid of me if you tried. I’m tenacious and now that I have my teeth in you,” she playfully nipped my lower lip, “I’m not letting go. Think of me like a dog with a bone. A pit bull,” she ended up yawning out.

I smirked, saying, “You think I’m big, huh?” She was too tired to put up much of a fuss and lightly tapped my chest before I continued, “Well I know how much you like my bone,” as I thrust my hips against hers, “but I think it’s time for my ferocious pit bull to go to sleep.” Except ‘ferocious’ meant ‘sexy’ and ‘pit bull’ meant ‘love of my life’, but ‘bone’ meant ‘boner’.

Hopefully she meant ‘big’ when she said ‘big’.

She pretended to growl, but settled down against my side and I watched her breathing slow and her mouth form into a small ‘O’, with her falling asleep within minutes. It was just one more thing I doubted I would ever tire of; watching her sleep, but I eventually got up and turned off the video camera before blowing out all of the candles. I set the camera next to my iPod so I’d remember to download it in the morning. After all, if I couldn’t have Sookie with me 24/7, at least I could have that to keep me company in the meantime and I smiled climbing back into bed when she immediately curled up against my side.

I really was a lucky bastard.


3 comments on “Bonus Chapter – The Sex Tape

  1. kleannhouse says:

    I Loved this chapter but i can’t remeber if the amnesiac Eric watches the video they made. I guess i will have to wait and see. KY

  2. askarsgirl says:

    Oh he watches it, I remember that!

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    Can’t wait to see Eric’s reaction to the tape! x

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