Chapter 49


I woke up a few minutes before the alarm and shut it off so it wouldn’t wake Eric, knowing he wouldn’t need much time to get ready to go. I was excited about the surprise I’d set up for him that afternoon, but first we had to get through the morning and I was a bit nervous over him meeting Lafayette. He was as flamboyant as they came and while Eric had no problems with Sam and Terry, Lafayette wasn’t nearly as subdued as either one of them. He was also fiercely protective of the few people he considered to be his family and I knew I fell into that elite group, so Eric was sure to get an earful on treating me right. I’d had a difficult time getting him to promise to not go after Quinn when we’d broken up and even though Quinn was practically twice his size physically, Lafayette had grown up in South Central LA and wasn’t just street smart, but knew how to fight down and dirty. He’d had no choice but to learn to fight back, in order to protect himself, from an early age having never hidden his sexual identity.

Besides, if anyone was going to rip Quinn’s balls off at the time, I figured I’d earned that right.

Once I was able to pry myself out of Eric’s iron grip, without waking him, I scurried across the hall to my room to get ready. As I stripped off my pajamas and got into the shower I wondered if Eric would ask me to move into his room any time soon. He’d already come out and said he preferred sleeping next to me and it seemed silly to keep running back and forth, but I didn’t want to just take it upon myself to move my things into his room. I also didn’t want to ask him about it and put him on the spot, so I’d wait until I was invited. Unlike some people who just walked into other people’s houses and found them in compromising positions in the backyard.

We really needed to get the locks changed.

In hindsight, it was probably a good thing Pam had shown up when she did because the Titanic was starting to rise again and I don’t know that either one of us had the willpower to keep it afloat above water for much longer. We’d definitely need to pick up some condoms soon because it was inevitable and we couldn’t afford to take any risks in forgoing birth control. I’d have to be on birth control pills for at least one full cycle before it would be safe and I knew we wouldn’t be able to wait that long, but I wasn’t too worried about our wedding night sexcapades because my period had just ended a couple of days prior to Amelia and me going to Las Vegas. Even without the benefit of asking the mystery odds maker I knew getting pregnant on that night was highly unlikely, but I wasn’t willing to take the chance again. The last thing Eric and I needed was an unplanned pregnancy.

Once I was dressed I threw my wet hair up into a messy bun to keep it out of my way while getting the food prepared at the shelter and went back across the hall to wake Eric. I’d nearly cried the night before hearing him say he’d just wanted to spend time with me, but I hoped he wouldn’t regret his decision. The people who came there were nothing like the people Eric normally interacted with and while most of them were very normal people who just had a run of bad luck, some of them were a little off mentally, but Lafayette always kept everyone in line.

I had to stifle the giggle I felt building in my chest seeing Eric lying there in bed. He’d been on his back when I’d left the room, but had rolled over at some point and had one arm stretched across the mattress as if he’d been looking for me in his sleep. Not wanting to disappoint him, I slid back into the bed and as soon as I picked up his arm and lightly draped it across my body, it automatically wrapped around me and pulled me closer to him with his breathing pattern never changing. The giggle I’d been holding in escaped, feeling like I was an Eric-sized security blanket, and his head slid across his pillow burying itself in the curve where my neck met my shoulder making me wonder what on earth he did before I came along.

That thought provoked less than warm feelings so I shoved it away and trailed my fingers up and down the bicep bars of my Eric jail cell instead. He really was a beautiful man, I was learning both inside and out, and wondered what he could possibly see in me when he could have anyone he wanted. Women swooned left and right everywhere we went, I’d seen them firsthand, so I was still left a little confused over why he’d agreed to give us a shot. I no longer had any doubts over his sincerity in wanting a relationship with me; I just couldn’t reconcile why he’d picked me to begin with. I certainly hadn’t shown my best side when we’d first met and acted like an ass.

I guessed it was a good thing he like both my physical and figurative ass.

Knowing we would have to leave soon I set those thoughts aside to think about on another day and started gently raking my fingernails up and down Eric’s back whispering, “Eric…it’s time to wake up.”

I could see goose bumps spring up on his skin as my nails continued to scratch his back and his body started to stir while his grip tightened around me. Something else was already awake I learned when Eric slid on top of me and caged me inside of his arms, but kept most of his weight off of me while he started placing wet kisses over the area where his head was still buried on my neck. The corrupt quad recognized their master and eagerly surrounded him like he’d just returned home from fighting a war.

I could tell where he stored his weapon without even looking.

My brain was fighting its own war at the moment just trying to form a coherent thought with me finally sighing out, “This is a bad idea.” I wondered if my nose would grow like Pinocchio because it certainly felt like I was telling a lie.

Eric seemed to agree I wasn’t being entirely honest and, without coming right out and calling me a liar, his tongue traced the outer edge of my ear as he breathed out, “No… it’s a very good idea,” punctuating the word ‘good’ by thrusting his hips and letting me know my girly bits were currently being held at gunpoint.

“But we’ll be late to the shelter,” I weakly protested. “It takes a while to cook that much food.”

The friction of his whiskers scratching along my skin was igniting a fuse much farther south, quicker than any boy scout rubbing two sticks together, and as his lips moved to hover over mine, with his hair falling over his half-opened eyes, as he said, “We’ll pick up donuts on the way.” His tongue swept into my mouth before I could protest and my body agreed donuts was a great idea, but my brain refused to concede and I finally pulled away hoping logic would win this battle.

“We don’t have any condoms,” I reminded him.

“We can have anal sex,” he suggested. I assumed he was speaking to the Wonder Twins since that was where his face had moved to.

“Eric!” I scolded him for them, turning the shade of his new Corvette. Just because I could swallow him whole and live to tell the tale didn’t mean every orifice on my body was an open port for him to dock his ship. That lane was outbound only.

“What?” he asked the girls innocently. “I’ll be gentle,” he told them while kissing them sweetly as though the Kraken wouldn’t tear me in two.

I started to worry that it was perhaps something Eric was fond of, not kissing my breasts which I knew he was a big fan of, but ass fucking and figured now was as good a time as any to let him know my stance on the matter. Hesitantly I said, “Umm…I’ve never done that before and I really don’t have any plans to.”

I felt it too hypocritical to say I’d NEVER do it since a little over a week ago I would’ve been the first one declaring I’d NEVER drunkenly marry a complete stranger in Vegas. Never say never.

I felt my whole body relax as soon as he replied back, “I’ve never done that either, but you’re the first one to drive me crazy enough to give it a try if it’ll get me inside of you.”

I mentally silenced Amelia’s voice screaming ‘I TOLD you to get lube!’ and pushed away thoughts of wrapping Nessie in plastic wrap while keeping our fingers crossed as we gave it the old college try. Instead I swatted Eric’s shoulder saying, “Not happening Mr. Northman.” I was pretty sure I actually meant it too. Yep, pretty sure.

Glancing at the clock I saw we only had another ten minutes until we had to leave, so I gave Eric one final out asking, “Are you sure you still want to come with me? We’ll need to leave in a few minutes, but you could stay home and go back to sleep if you want to.”

Instead of getting up or rolling back over onto his side of the bed, Eric surprised me by moving back up my body faster than I could see and kissed me stupid. Thankfully he pulled away, because there was no way I would’ve been able to, and said, “Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about Mrs. Northman? Me cumming with you?” I was still waiting for my brain cells to re-inflate with oxygen when he smiled and shook his head before climbing off of me and heading towards the bathroom saying, “Honestly Sookie. Sometimes I think you don’t hear a word I say.”

I finally came to when I heard the shower turn on and hightailed it out of the room before I caught a glimpse of him coming back all naked and damp. It was too late to make coffee, but I knew Lafayette would have a pot brewed so I wouldn’t have to go without. My mind stayed on Eric, while I cleaned up the few dishes from the night before in the kitchen, and he came down a few minutes later dressed in his usual jeans and a t-shirt with still damp hair. I’d been lost in thought and hadn’t noticed him until he asked, “What do you need that for?”

“What?” I asked looking up at him. His eyes traveled to my hands and back up again making me look down and seeing I was holding the box of Saran Wrap, but without anything in front of me, besides Nessie, that I could wrap I said, “It’s for the shelter.”

Eric seemed to buy my flimsy excuse and I insisted we take the Audi so I could drive him to his surprise when we were through. There was no way I’d be comfortable driving his Corvette and I refused to give him any hints, which I’d have to if he drove.

There wasn’t anyone besides the guard at the gate when we left so we had a peaceful drive to the shelter arriving a few minutes before six. I knew Lafayette had already arrived and figured Eric knew it as well when I watched his eyebrow rise up seeing the bubblegum pink Cadillac convertible we parked next to.

“Lafayette’s?” he asked, looking back at me with a smile.

“Yep,” I grinned.

We got out of the car and headed for the door, but Eric distracted me when he handed me the box of Saran Wrap he’d carried from the car so I didn’t notice Lafayette standing there until I heard him say, “Mmm…mmm…MMM! Honey, you’s even betta lookin’ in person and I’s seen your naked ass traipsin’ across the big screen. How about you drop them drawers and let me do a comparison? Hands on o’course.”

“Lafayette!” I screeched, as Eric chuckled next to me. I didn’t see what was so funny, that was my ass he was walking around with.

“Aww Sook, you knows I’s jus’ playin’! He don’ seem to mind none.” Lafayette had a playful smile on his face while he batted his silvery glittered lashes at Eric. I couldn’t help but laugh as he held his hand out to Eric, like he was the Queen Mum expecting his gaudy butterfly ring to be kissed, as he said, “I’m Lafayette, the sistah Sook wishes she grew up wit, but we’s family jus’ the same. Enchanté.”

Eric played along, taking Lafayette’s hand and kissing that same gaudy ring, before dropping it and smiled saying, “I guess that make you my sister-in-law, huh?”

Lafayette smiled wide back at Eric before winking at me and saying, “I think he’ll do jus’ fine.”

He turned and headed back toward the kitchen with Eric behind him and I felt the tension leave my body I hadn’t even known was there. Subconsciously I must have known if Lafayette and Eric didn’t get along it would have bothered me, but it appeared I had nothing to worry about when I found them in the kitchen. Lafayette had set Eric up with a huge bowl next to dozens of eggs telling him to scramble them and laughed at him when he had to show Eric how to crack one open. He got the hang of it fairly quickly and Lafayette gave him a playful swat on his ass telling him “Good job!” Eric probably wouldn’t have even noticed me watching it all play out if I hadn’t laughed seeing Lafayette giving Eric’s ass a double take afterward and then shoot me a knowing look while mouthing the words, ‘Lucky bitch!’

A few more of the regular volunteers trickled in one by one and I was grateful they all treated Eric like he was just another volunteer instead of going fan girl on him and he graciously answered the occasional celebrity related question with a smile. I was busy helping cook everything, but every time I chanced a look his way he was always staring back at me with a smile making my insides all mushy. He was definitely a charmer.

When it was time to open the doors for the line that had already formed outside I told Eric he could hang out in the kitchen if he wanted, but I normally worked the food line serving people and wasn’t sure he’d want to do the same.

“I’ll serve too,” he answered with a smile.

I hoped his presence wouldn’t cause too much of a stir amongst the crowd, but it was just another unfounded worry when no one paid him too much mind. Well, at least most of the men didn’t pay him too much mind, but Eric would attract attention from most any female regardless of his occupation. I could tell he’d caught the attention of one female in particular.

Her red hair and green eyes set against her ivory skin could turn most men into putty and it was obvious Eric was no different when a charismatic smile lit up his face as he leaned forward, over the counter separating us from the people we were serving, asking, “And what would you like to have for breakfast today beautiful?”

She just stared back at him smiling, but I already knew she wouldn’t answer him when her mother spoke up next to her saying, “Jessica is deaf and hasn’t learned to read lips yet.”

Eric’s face fell just a little and he looked at her mother asking, “How old is she?”

“Four,” she replied, running her fingers through her daughter’s hair.

My mouth gaped open and tears sprang to my eyes as I watched Eric set down the serving spoon he’d been holding and began signing to Jessica. It was something I’d been meaning to learn ever since they started coming for breakfast a couple of months earlier, but I hadn’t had the time to yet. Both Jessica’s and her mother’s faces lit up with Jessica’s hands flying a mile a minute, I assumed answering whatever it was Eric had asked her. I knew I’d assumed correctly when he quickly filled a plate with what I knew to be her regular order and handed it to her with a wink and a smile.

His gaze finally fell back to me standing there next to him, still catching flies as Gran would say, and he broke my stupor by giving me a small kiss to my forehead and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly while sheepishly admitting, “I had to learn sign language for a part once. It just kind of stuck.”

If it weren’t for the hungry people still waiting in line I knew I would’ve blubbered like a baby all over him. My emotions were all over the place where he was concerned, but tears always seemed to be a factor no matter what I was feeling and this was no different. I quickly wiped them away and concentrated on serving the food, but it wasn’t long after when Lafayette sidled up next to me and said, “You betta chain him to your side cuz if I gets my hands on him I ain’t lettin’ him go.”

I didn’t blame Lafayette one bit; I wasn’t planning on letting him go either.

Once all of the food was gone we all started cleaning up; well all of us minus Eric. When I looked into the dining room I noticed him sitting with Jessica and whatever he was signing to her had her in stitches. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes from them before I finally got back to cleaning and just hoped he was keeping it ‘G’ rated since I had no idea what they were talking about.

He wandered back into the kitchen when we were nearly through and helped put everything away before we could finally head out. Lafayette couldn’t thank him enough and Eric promised to return which made Laf flutter around like he had to find a dress for prom night, which probably wasn’t too far off the mark. Once our goodbyes were said we were finally in the car and on our way.

I wanted to keep Eric distracted from where we were going so I asked, “What were you and Jessica talking about?”

Eric smiled like he was the one with the secret and asked, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

I let out a mock exasperated sigh and said, “Duh…I wouldn’t ask you if I didn’t want to know.” It was a phrase and tone I normally only used with my brother Jason, but it seemed fitting here. Besides, the longer I kept him talking, the less likely he would pay attention to our surroundings.

He rolled his eyes, but the smile never left his face when he finally admitted, “I was telling her a story.”

When he said nothing more I had to ask, “What kind of story?” If he hadn’t been so damn cute I could probably work up some sort of snippiness over his evasiveness.

“A fairy tale about Princess Sookie and the fucking bluebirds that sing from her shoulders while the baby squirrels and bunnies flock around her fucking feet,” he grinned.

I was officially snippy free.

I couldn’t contain the smile that spread across my face, but had to shake my head and say, “Please tell me you didn’t sign the word ‘fucking’ at any point during that story.”

What would THAT sign be anyway? A pointer finger going in and out of a circle formed by your other pointer finger and thumb? I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen that, but he could have done it when I’d walked away.

“No Sookie, I kept it clean.” He looked at me with a wicked gleam in his eye as he said, “But I’d be more than willing to give you the X-Rated version later on.”

Condoms. We needed condoms.

I tried to keep our conversation fairly innocuous so I wouldn’t pull over onto the side of the road and fuck him in the back seat; it wasn’t an option since I’d left the Saran Wrap at the shelter, but as we got closer to our destination Eric seemed to catch on to where we were headed. I refused to answer any of his questions, but when we pulled over into the parking area outside of the gate and he saw who was waiting for us and what they were holding his eyes lit up to gigantic proportions. He turned to face me with a questioning look and when I nodded he screamed, “NO FUCKING WAY!”


2 comments on “Chapter 49

  1. Leigh Warner says:

    I love Lafayettes personality. The way Eric bonded with the little girl was beautiful.

  2. kleannhouse says:

    love that Eric is good with Lala and he seems to have found a friend in Jessica. KY

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