Chapter 10 – Speak No Elvis


I wanted to consume her.

And while her blood was delectable, that wasn’t what I wanted in that moment. I wanted to bite her and fuck her and rub myself all over her. My bloodlust only made it that much worse, but even so, I knew no one else but Sookie would do in that moment.  However she was right. Someone had most definitely heard Lanier’s screams because the police sirens were getting ever closer.

And her pragmatism only made my dick that much harder.

I released her with a soft growl and stared down at her, trying to clear the lust from my mind, while wondering just how she was able to affect me so strongly. Our connection to one another was barely hours old and it would take time – time I didn’t really have, which was ironic since I was immortal – to get used to now sharing a blood tie with another being, but it strangely felt as though there was more to it than that. My Maker was far enough away that I only knew he still existed and I’d had over three hundred years to become accustomed to Pam’s emotions, but I hadn’t expected to be so affected by everything I felt coming from Sookie. I’d already known she was different – not just because of her telepathy or blood, but her thought processes as well. However feeling her ever changing emotions and what she felt at the oddest of times was making me act like a newborn vampire, unable to control my own urges. My millennia on this earth had jaded me – made me believe there was nothing left in this world that could surprise me – and yet that’s exactly what she had done and continued to do. While I didn’t regret sharing my blood with her, she was a distraction I needed to overcome quickly because my urges would only increase with my rising bloodlust later on. I was already fending it off from giving Lanier his all too quick end and was prepared to feel her fear or disgust over my actions, but feeling her happiness had caught me off guard.

She was genuinely happy for me.

It was confusing.

And arousing.

And I was much more adept at dealing with the latter than the former which is what made letting her go from my grasp all the more difficult, but I knew she was right and forced myself to focus. The police would be there within minutes, but seeing the remaining three prisoners, I was left with a problem. I had only expected to be dealing with Lanier and the leader Gabe this night and Sookie’s car was barely large enough for me to fit into the front, but there was no way three full grown men would fit into her backseat. I could always fly back to her house, leaving adequate room for them all inside the car, but leaving her alone with them wasn’t an option I was willing to take, so I called on Herveaux again, saying, “I’ll need you to transport them in your truck.”

“What?” he asked as though I’d demanded his firstborn. “No!”

“Fine,” I replied just as quickly with my frustration only growing. “Then consider your father’s marker called in as of right now.” His truck stood out, what with the ‘Herveaux & Son’ decal on the doors, so I added, “He owes me more than his business is worth and I do believe that is a company truck you’ve got over there.” I tilted my head at him and smirked, “What I meant to say was had…”

“Alright! Alright!” he growled and moved just as quickly hauling the three of them up. The remaining Weres quickly bagged and dragged what was left of the other two into the bar, and no doubt right back out the backdoor, while the owner started hosing away the blood. They didn’t want to be the focus of the humans any more than we did, so I knew it wasn’t out of a sense of camaraderie, but of survival in protecting their own secrets.

In a flash Herveaux had the prisoners’ hands secured behind their backs with zip ties he’d retrieved from his truck and tossed them into the back of his extended cab. Shutting the door he looked back at me and angrily snapped, “Where to?”

“Hummingbird Lane, Bon Temps. There’s a burned down house next to the cemetery. We’ll meet you there shortly, but we have to make a stop first,” I answered, before grabbing her bat and leading Sookie back to her car. I walked her to the passenger side door and her only argument was a lifted eyebrow in my direction, which I then matched with one of my own. Thankfully she only huffed in response before getting in, so I turned to Thalia and said, “I’ll be in contact tomorrow evening. Stay close.”

She could be a pain in the ass, but she was loyal and a fierce warrior and I would only be taking the best from my area with me when I went to rescue Pam. It was due to our own negligence any one of us had been taken to begin with, by casually dismissing the humans as a non-threat, and it was a mistake I wouldn’t be making a second time.

Thalia nodded, replying, “Yes Sheriff,” before disappearing into the shadows and I estimated the police to be less than a mile away by then, so I quickly got into Sookie’s car. Only for her somewhat somber mood – still laced with annoyance – to change quickly into amusement, with her cackling in my direction seeing me become entangled by my own limbs.

“I didn’t realize you were a midget,” I said, unable to contain my smile feeling her mirth, while carefully reaching for the lever under the seat to move it back as far as it would go, knowing I could easily break it if I didn’t watch my strength.

She was still snorting at my side, while I pondered over doing that very thing since it would be the perfect excuse to have to buy her a new car, when she chuckled, “Now that you’ve proven giants are real, that reminds me. Are elves real too?”

A prime example of why she confused me.

She’d broken a man’s arm and then witnessed his death by vampire induced exsanguination. Her co-worker’s lover died at my hand after I’d morbidly taunted him by ripping off his own piece by piece, and now we had kidnapped the remaining three and were taking them next door to her home where they would all be tortured and killed before the sun rose. And all she wanted to know was if elves were real.

“Yes,” I finally replied and because I couldn’t fathom the reason for her question, I added, “Why?”

“Oh nothing,” she said and then snickered out softly to herself, “Vampires in pear trees.”

She’d garnered my attention almost from the very moment I’d laid eyes on her and even with our unusual circumstances, previous experience told me I should be getting bored of her or at the very least – annoyed by her constant presence. No human had ever truly held my interest beyond their ability to fulfill my need for both blood and sex, and thus far I’d only gotten the pleasure of one of those two things from Sookie, so it was all the more confusing realizing that wasn’t what held my fascination with her.

Curiously, it was her mind.

Staring back at her now – watching her twinkling blue eyes staring back at me without the fear or disgust I would’ve expected to see from her – I couldn’t imagine those feelings changing any time soon. How could they when she arbitrarily spoke of things like vampires in pear trees?

Pam was going to be pissed I claimed her first.

“What are you thinking?” I asked because seeing her smile after everything she’d already witnessed this night, I couldn’t possibly imagine what the answer might be.

Her eyes flicked to the windshield and back again before she grinned even wider and replied, “That unless you’re suddenly craving Tru Blood, you’re going to have to glamour my way out of the clink come dinnertime if you don’t get a move on.”

Feeling her lightheartedness literally warmed my chest and another soft growl left my throat while my own eyes flicked to the backseat because her answer only made me want to fuck her all the more.

She was lucky there was neither the time for it nor the room to do it adequately.

I did as she bade and ‘got a move on’, putting the car into gear and driving out onto the main road. While I’d stayed away from my safe houses prior to my abduction, I really had no choice but to return to my main residence now that Fangtasia was no longer standing. I needed access to my bank accounts, a cell phone, and the files on my laptop, so I would need to get the duplicates from my safe and hoped there wouldn’t be any surprises waiting for us when we arrived.

All of those things should’ve taken precedence over my curiosity with the delightful little blond at my side and yet I couldn’t help wondering aloud, “How is it you’re so calm after everything you’ve witnessed tonight?”

Not only was she calm but still somewhat gladdened as well, although my question seemed to have tempered some of her lingering amusement. Her mood turned serious as she looked at me and replied, “I grew up a telepath Eric. I’ve known horrors my whole life. I’ve been subjected to more than my fair share of them for as long as I can remember and while this may be a little more than the standard fare I’m used to, don’t forget exactly how I found you and whose thoughts led me there. This may be the south and Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie, but I’m no Scarlett. Lives are at stake and I’m not gonna sit around and let anyone else get hurt if there’s something I can do to stop it. I could never live with myself if I didn’t try and help, so if that means I’ve got to wade through the muck to reach the other side, then that’s what I’ll do. I’ll reserve my sympathy for those who deserve it, but as far as I’m concerned, Rene and the rest of them brought this on themselves. I’m not going to fan my face and faint dead away with a case of the vapors over what happens to any one of them and it might make me a bad Christian, but so be it. Don’t feel the need to carry around a pocket full of smelling salts on my account because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

I was amused feeling her insult over my purely innocent question, but only because I didn’t view her as a wilting flower, even if my query may have led her to believe I did. I had never subscribed to Christian values and with the advent of The Fellowship, I didn’t see my stance changing, but Sookie had a true warrior’s spirit. I’d noticed it when I first came upon her surrounded by Malcolm and his nest and, if anything, her personage had only grown in my mind since then.

And it was making something ELSE grow in my jeans.

Since I hadn’t responded with more than a smirk she turned away to stare out the window and seeing we were heading in the opposite direction of the interstate, she changed the subject and asked, “Where are we going?”

“My home,” I replied, wishing we had more time to do what I knew would alleviate the tightness in my jeans, but instead I tried to refocus on the situation at hand and oddly explained why we were going there. Oddly because even though I knew I felt differently towards Sookie, I wasn’t used to explaining myself to any human. And yet that’s exactly what I felt compelled to do with her, without any spoken indication from her that she required an explanation.

Perhaps she was a witch…

I knew I was merely grasping at straws once again and let it go for the time being, pulling up to my primary residence a few minutes later. Appearance wise, everything seemed to be just as I’d left it and I was about the exit the car to look for signs of intruders when Sookie grabbed onto my arm and said, “Wait.”

Once again I did as she bade without questioning why and silently watched as a look of concentration took over her face, when I felt the presence of fear enter our tie just as she said, “There’s a vampire in the woods behind the house. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re up in one of the trees.”

I’d temporarily forgotten about her ability and realized once more what a formidable asset she was, while acknowledging to myself she was so much more than that. I let that thought go for the time being as well and forced myself to focus, nodding my reply to her warning and ordering, “Stay in the car until I return.” Without waiting for a response, I flew through the window and made a wide loop around the property to the woods behind the house, hovering over the treetops for mere seconds before I spotted the interloper from behind near the top of a tall pine and dove towards him.

Grabbing onto his upper arms, my momentum forced us into a downward spiral and we crashed through the branches, landing on the damp terrain with a cloud of dirt and leaves flying up from where we settled on the ground. When the moonlight shown through, I relaxed now recognizing the familiar face smiling back at me.

“Hey Mr. Eric! I’m glad to see you’re okay.”


I pulled him to his feet before finally releasing him from my grasp, replying, “I’m fine Bubba. What are you doing here?”

He’d been so far along in his death that he shouldn’t have been turned – his preference for cat blood only reiterated that fact – but he was loyal to me and followed orders without question. He was also a good tracker because it wasn’t as though I’d ever entertained him as a guest, but still I wasn’t all that surprised he’d found my primary residence. It did, however, make me wonder if there had been anyone else who’d found it as well.

I kept my eyes peeled for signs anyone else had been there recently, while drawing in the air around us, trying to discern any unfamiliar scents as we began walking back towards the house. When he looked over at me, like I was the dolt in this conversation, he tilted his head and responded, “Well, I came to see if you’re okay. Did you know your bar burned down?”

My eyes rolled of their own accord as I replied, “Yes, Bubba. I’m aware.” And when the wind shifted, our heads turn simultaneously towards the sweet scent I would now recognize anywhere that was wafting towards us, making me wish I could bottle it.

Or at the very least, bathe in it.


I shouldn’t have been surprised she hadn’t followed my orders to remain in the car because she’d already made it perfectly clear she didn’t give a damn, but I sped over to put myself in front of her in a protective stance. Just because Bubba preferred feline blood didn’t put me at anymore ease after the way Thalia had reacted in her presence, but my tensed muscles minutely relaxed when he merely approached us at a human speed with the same goofy smile never leaving his face.

My back was to Sookie so I didn’t see her peek around me until I turned hearing her gasp as she said, “Oh my God! You’re…”

Bubba,” I answered for her, while clamping my hand over her mouth and conveying with my eyes she needed to use caution. He was loyal, but he wasn’t easily contained whenever he was provoked by being confronted with his human identity. And while I was certain we looked ridiculous standing there in our ‘Speak no evil’ – or in this case, ‘Elvis’ – pose, I was also sure this wasn’t the first time Bubba had witnessed a similar exchange since his turning.

I watched until understanding filtered through Sookie’s widened eyes and our small blood tie before releasing my hand from her mouth. And even though I could hear her heart beating wildly in her chest and feel her excitement as though it were my own, she merely smiled politely and said, “It’s nice to meet you…Bubba.”

“Howdy ma’am!” he smiled and tipped an invisible hat in her direction which only made her want to squeal, if I was reading her emotions correctly. It was similar to the sensation I would feel from Pam whenever she had a new ‘toy’ to play with, like on the night I’d brought Compton back to the bar with me, but outwardly Sookie kept her cool and only nodded back with a smile.

Knowing having Bubba around could actually be advantageous in the nights ahead, I told him, “I have a job for you Bubba. Wait here and then you can ride back with us to Sookie’s house.”

I didn’t wait for a response, knowing he would do whatever I asked of him, and grabbed onto Sookie’s hand, leading her back to the house. I didn’t want to stick around for any longer than necessary and quickly disarmed the alarm, while pulling her inside with me and saying, “I’ll only be a moment,” before leaving her in the foyer and speeding off into my office. After gathering the things I’d come for, I sped back and surprisingly found her in the exact spot I’d left her in.

It made me have hope there were other orders she might follow – ones that had to do with her disrobing.

“You have a really nice home,” she said awkwardly and I realized human etiquette would dictate I should give her a tour, but we couldn’t afford to take the time at the moment.

“Thank you. I would show you around, but, like I said, I don’t trust the location of this house hasn’t been compromised. When everything has settled down, we can return and I’ll give you a full tour.”

Hopefully, starting with my bedroom where you’ll follow my command to disrobe.

“Sure,” she nodded and stepped back outside, while I stood there for a moment hoping in that one instance she had been able to read my mind and her agreement was to more than just my spoken words.

She really was a distraction.

After the house was locked up and the alarm engaged, we got into her car where Bubba was already sitting in the backseat. I explained to Bubba that I wanted him to guard the prisoners and then Sookie’s property after we were through with them. It was necessary since I seemed to be so easily sidetracked in her presence, a marching band could parade through her living room and I might miss it. Once we got onto the interstate we fell into a mostly comfortable silence for the remainder of the drive back to Sookie’s house, only with the added bonus of Bubba’s soft singing to fill the air.

Sookie fought the urge to squeal all the way home.

Her mood, however, calmed when we reached Compton’s former home and I could feel her steel her nerves knowing what the rest of the night held in store for us. Herveaux was already waiting, so after I gave Bubba his orders to guard the two prisoners I would be questioning after I was done with the leader, I had Herveaux unload them from his truck. I glamoured them all to remain silent and left two on the ground outside of the barn-like structure I would be using as my interrogation room, taking the leader named Gabe inside first. Sookie’s mood hadn’t faltered at all, other than shooting an annoyed glance at Herveaux, and she silently followed me inside, watching as I strung his bound wrists up above his head using a length of rope tossed over one of the rafters and leaving him to dangle on the tips of his toes. But, before releasing him from my glamour, I turned to her and asked, “Are you sure you’re up for this?”

It was one thing to not give a damn in theory, but I knew how quickly things could shift when confronted by the reality of what she was about to witness. There weren’t many hours left until sunrise and her ability would make the process go much more quickly, but I wanted to be certain she could handle it. Smelling salts aside, I wouldn’t be holding back on doing whatever was necessary to get the answers I needed in order to free my child and given his plans for her, I had every intention of making it a very painful process for him.

“I’ll be fine Eric,” she answered with her earlier annoyance returning to not just her tone, but her mood as well and ordered, “Now let him go from your whammy so we can get a move on. I have to work tomorrow and need to get some sleep.”

I scowled down at her recalling our earlier disagreement over her schedule and made a mental note to search through her things after she went to sleep so I could transfer the money she was owed into her bank account. Now, however, wasn’t the time to argue about it – her matching scowl and mood already told me her stance on the matter hadn’t changed – so I turned and faced my child’s would be rapist. I stood nose to nose with him, watching him like the true predator I was as awareness returned to his eyes after releasing him from the hold I’d had of his mind.

He swallowed loudly, with the stench of fear wafting from his pores, as he asked with a false bravado, “What do you want fanger?”

My child,” I snarled in return with my fangs snapping down as I backhanded him across the face.

The scent of his blood was nowhere near as appetizing as Sookie’s, but it was enough to increase my quickly rising bloodlust and I fought off my urge to tear him into shreds. He was too stunned to speak at first, but Sookie wasn’t because she gasped out, “He knows!”

In my state, bloodlust wasn’t the only lust I was feeling and I locked those urges down too before turning to face her and watched as she studied his face before looking back at me and saying, “He knows she’s your child. They have some sort of…list? Computer program? It’s like a database on vampires. Who they are – where they are – who their makers and children are.”

“What?” I asked, now feeling stunned myself.

How in the fuck would the Fellowship be able to compile such a thing?

“How in the hell do you know that, fangbanger?” he spat out.

I whipped around just as I whipped my hand across his face again, giving him something else to spit out – a dislodged tooth – with the calm in my voice belying the growing rage I felt as I said conversationally, “Perhaps you weren’t paying attention earlier this evening.” I grabbed the flesh and hair on the back of his head and felt a part of his scalp tear away from his skull. Ignoring his screams and forcing him to face Sookie without taking my eyes off of him, I informed him, “She is my future lover. You don’t need your tongue for me to get my answers, so you will be respectful unless you want to lose it prematurely.” I then turned his head to face me with enough force that the flesh in my hand came away with it and I threw it down at his feet while staring into his screaming bloody mouth, adding, “Like your incisor.” To make sure my point was made, I made sure to break his clavicle bone with my next blow.

Sookie didn’t feel as though she was fazed at all by what I’d done to him, only annoyed over my certainty of her future role in my life, which in turn made my lustful gaze turn back to her as I took a stalking steps towards her. Instead of addressing the inevitability of my claim, she ignored my leer and my advance, only saying, “They’re hunting you all in groups – only taking vampires who either have no maker or children, or taking you all at once so you can’t go after your own. That’s why he was so mad at Rene seeing you were still alive because he knows you can sense Pam and go after her.”

“You’ll never get to her,” he sputtered, distracting me from my own desires and pulling me back from the brink of taking Sookie, right here and now.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I’d registered everything she’d said and I raised my hand to deliver another blow to silence him, but stilled mine seeing Sookie raise her own hand to stop me. Pushing some of my bloodlust down, I scrutinized our tie, worried for a moment that it was already getting to be too much for her. But instead of fear or apprehension, I only felt determination coming from her. I quirked my eyebrow in silent question at her to which she replied, “If you keep hurting him, he’ll only be able to think about the pain. Ask him what you want to know first.”

My bloodlust coupled with her rationality made my cock throb.

Fighting the urge to pounce on her, I turned to face him instead and waited for him to calm before asking in a falsely sweet voice, “Why won’t I be able to rescue my child? Where is she being held?”

I couldn’t imagine where he could’ve possibly stashed her that I couldn’t get into. Even if he had Pam locked away in a private home, I would simply – and enthusiastically – destroy the structure surrounding her until it no longer qualified as a home and the magic keeping me out would be destroyed with it. He only muttered incoherent profanities in my direction, but Sookie inched her way closer and was silent for long enough that I wondered just how complex Pam’s captivity was. However I forced myself to not distract her with demands for answers right away.

My bloodlust was still high and only getting higher when I could no longer stand still and took to pacing back and forth, but my feet came to a halt feeling her sudden dismay as she finally let out a whispered, “Oh. My. God…”


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  1. theladykt says:

    YEY Bubba. I love Bubba. Uh oh for cliffy ending.

  2. I got a kick out of Eric’s constantly finding things about Sookie that makes/keeps him aroused and surprised that it is so.

    I forgot about Bubba’s preference for cat blood. I hope that he doesn’t eat Tina.

    Well done – keep up the good work.

  3. msbuffy says:

    I love Badass Sookie! And Bubba!! How can anyone not love Bubba!!

  4. kleannhouse says:

    always love Bubba and she has a set of big ones in this story, love our strong Sookie…. KY

  5. gwynwyvar says:

    I think Sookie is going to wake up to a day bank account.

    Yay Bubba!

    Why is Sookie freaked? Where is Pam!

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