Because I couldn’t let their story end the way it did.


This story picks up after Dead Ever After. Everything is based off of spoilers leaked on the internet, so read at your own risk. The chapter titles are the names of the songs that gave me inspiration.

Rated M

2014 You Want Blood Awards

stay-kjwrit-the-charlaine-harris-2nd-place stay-kjwrit-silver-lining-2nd-place stay-kjwrit-the-saucy-award-2nd-place


9 comments on “Stay

  1. […] this point, all I can say is thank fuck for Wifey’s new story Stay, because at least that’ll give me something better to cling to than the horrible fanfiction […]

  2. Susan says:

    Please quickly and thoughtfully continue your engrossing story, Stay. I didn’t realize only two chapters had been written and now am waiting for the rest. I like your writing style.

  3. Alice says:

    This story reminds me more of Lana Del Ray songs like “off to the races” “blue jeans”, than it does of Rhiannas stay. I love your writing style and cant wait for new chapters!

  4. Elaine says:

    Just a reminder – you posted chapt 6 on Fan Fic but not here…. Love the story!!

  5. […] go check out kjwrit’s Stay and leave her some […]

  6. I loved this story. One of the most amazingly well-written endings to Sookie and Eric’s story that I have ever read. My best friend was a die hard SVM fan, and when she read the final book she warned me I wasn’t going to be happy, so I told her to just spoil it for me. I’m glad she did. THIS is a much more satisfying ending than CH could ever give. Have you ever read the Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop? She did something similar with one of the books in that series, but she did a REALLY good job of setting up her ending so that it *wasn’t* OOC, and even though some of us fans were disappointed, I was still satisfied.

    “Stay” satisfies in a way that I won’t get with CH. Plus, the music for each of the chapters is perfect!! I particularly liked “MSKWYDITD” and “VIM” chapters. Those were badass. You are DEFINITELY going on my top fave fanfic writers EVAH list!

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