The sun had almost set as I looked across the dancing flames of the fire at Sookie, watching as she hesitantly ate her dinner. She had mentioned earlier that she was feeling a little queasy but it seemed to have passed. I’d also noticed that she seemed to be tired a lot lately, but she just brushed it off attributing it to the tranquility of the island. I was still a little worried about her health because of the tumor no matter how much she insisted that she was fine. The thought of losing her brought with it a pain like I’d never felt before so I tried to not dwell on the what-if’s for now.

It had been six months since the plane crash and I’d never been happier than the moment we got to the island. I was filled with the familiar warmth that spread through my veins at the sight of her. Her skin was a golden brown and her hair was a lighter shade of blonde from the sun, having grown a few inches in the time we’d been there so it now fell to the small of her back. She was breathtaking and I wanted her to be mine, as I wanted to be hers, in every sense of the word.

We made love every day following the first time, often more than once a day. Sometimes it was fast and hard, but most of the time we leisurely explored each bodies for hours truly making love and I still wanted her just as much now as I did when we first began. I’d never been with the same woman for longer than a weekend before I got bored with them, ready to move on to the next one, but not with Sookie. I simply couldn’t get enough of her and at this point I didn’t think I ever would.

Our time on the island seemed to fly by while simultaneously stand still. We’d weathered a couple of more storms in the cave and had even found ways to celebrate special occasions. The week before my birthday Sookie had started disappearing for a few hours each day only telling me that she was working on my birthday present. I had no idea what she could possibly be doing, so I was stunned when the day finally arrived and she appeared before me wearing nothing more than a grass skirt, a lei made of flowers and a smile. She barely got through the hula dance she’d been practicing before I tackled her to the ground and showed her just how much I liked my present.

I was impressed with Sookie’s cooking prowess as well. She experimented all of the time using whatever edible items we came across when she prepared our meals and I could honestly say I was never disappointed with the end result.

We had just returned from a camping trip earlier that day, having explored the island over the course of a couple of weeks before we made our way back to our original spot on the beach. We didn’t find any more settlements or any other signs of human inhabitants, but the landscape itself was like something out of a fairytale. The lush green color of the vegetation and the clear blue skies left seemingly untouched by the pollution of man was like something I’d never seen anywhere else on earth and had me longing for a camera wanting to capture the perfection Mother Nature had produced.

Over the last six months Sookie and I talked about virtually everything and I’d learned more about her relationships with both her parents and Bill. He’d been a true son of a bitch for the majority of their relationship and it seemed to shock her now that she’d been blind to it then. Even knowing all of that a part of me worried that if we were ever rescued that she would go back to him. He was, after all, her husband and I was just…not. But God knows I wanted to be.

Looking back, I knew that’d fallen in love with her during our first week here, but it didn’t compare to the love I felt for her now. I loved her with every fiber of my being and I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. I was pretty sure she felt the same but neither one of us had said the actual words with both of us dancing around the phrase on the tips of our tongue.

I could see the love she felt for me whenever she looked into my eyes. I could feel it in every touch of her body. I could taste it in every kiss of her lips. I could smell it on her skin as she wrapped herself around me. I could hear it in her whispered words after we made love even though they weren’t the actual words she’d said.

And yet, even though I believed it all to be true, I was still afraid to voice my feelings. I’d never said those words to anyone. Ever. And I never really thought I would until Sookie came into my life. I knew logically I wouldn’t die if she rejected my feelings for her, but I was pretty sure I’d want to die if she did. I’d never felt this way about anyone before and the insecurity I felt was unfamiliar to me. I’d always been confident in every aspect of my life, cocky even, but this little southern belle would be able to utterly destroy me with a simple rejection.

I hadn’t realized she had noticed me staring at her until she asked, “What are you thinking?” drawing me out of my inner ramblings.

“Nothing really,” I replied instantly chickening out.

Sookie gave me a look to let me know she wasn’t buying it, but I suddenly had the overwhelming need to be as close to her as physically possible so I leaned forward and pulled her body closer to mine. She gasped in surprise but as soon as my lips touched hers she instantly relaxed into my embrace and kissed me back. I could happily kiss her for hours with the feeling of her lips on mine being both familiar and brand new every time we kissed. I held onto the back of her head keeping her there, never wanting to let her go, as I explored her mouth with my own like it was the very first time.

I eventually moved on from her mouth to kiss my way along her jaw and neck relishing in the taste of her skin. She tasted of sunlight and the ocean air along with a flavor that was distinctly Sookie. The sounds she made as I moved at a snail’s pace across her body were making it difficult for me to take my time, but I wanted to savor her for as long as I could because I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that this could be our last time together having been plagued with the now familiar nightmare of her running away from me in tears the night before.

I pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside before laying her down in the sand in front of me. I paused for a moment wanting to memorize the sight of her before me, again longing for a camera to try to capture this one perfect moment in time. The sun was nearly gone but there was enough light left that her skin was bathed in a perfect combination of shadows and light making her seem almost surreal.

I pulled off my own shirt and slid it under her hips having learned our lesson of what happens when we make love in the sand and she smiled at my gesture while I pulled her shorts off of her body. I again leaned forward licking across her lower lip needing to taste her once more while my hands ran over the body I had memorized over that last six months. I knew where every freckle dotted her skin, the shape of every hill and valley of her body, so much so that I could probably sculpt an exact replica of her from clay if given the chance.

My mouth worked its way down her neck and across her collarbone before moving farther down to her breasts. Cupping each one in my hands, I ran my tongue across the tip of one while massaging the other, pulling her nipple into my mouth as she writhed underneath me with her nails digging into my back. After paying sufficient attention to one breast I moved across her chest to the other while her hips bucked up against my body and I could feel the moisture that had been produced in between her legs from my explorations.

Taking that as my cue, I kissed my way down her torso and settled between her thighs. I looked up into her eyes as I leaned forward and lapped at the juices coating her folds. Sookie let out a hoarse moan that went straight to my cock and I again had to fight the urge to bury myself inside of her. This was another part of her body that I knew by heart and over time I’d learned how to play her body like an instrument bringing her right to the edge and then back down again. She continued to watch me while I glided my tongue up and down, swirling it around her clit before sucking it in between my lips.

As I suckled her small bundle of nerves I lapped at it with my tongue at a leisurely pace while slipping two fingers inside of her, eliciting a strangled cry from Sookie’s lips. Her hips bared down on my hand while I held her in place with my other hand, never breaking the rhythm of my tongue. I could feel her muscles spasm around my fingers and when I brushed them over the hidden spot inside of her it was enough to push her over the edge. She screamed out my name as she climaxed and I continued to pump my fingers inside of her while licking up the the moisture that spilled out. The taste of her was better than any dessert and I made sure to get it all before moving back up to her clit once more.

I loved that I could make Sookie have multiple orgasms and kept track of the number of times I could make her come during our love making sessions. My personal best was eight, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out that long tonight. I continued to work on her clit until I knew she was on the edge again and then I thrust my cock inside of her all the way to the hilt at just the right moment causing her to come again.

I could feel her walls clamping down on me and it was all I could do to hold off my own climax. I gripped her hips as I pounded into her at a furious pace drawing her orgasm out while her whole body trembled. I would never tire of watching her come undone and when I knew she was ready I slowed my thrusts to push her back to the edge once more.

Sookie reached up and wrapped both arms around my neck pulling herself up for a kiss and I took the opportunity to pull her into my lap as I sat back with my legs out in front of me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and continued to rock her hips against mine while we panted into each other’s mouths as we kissed. Our rhythm continued to build as we moved faster and faster with me eventually gripping her hips while I pulled her up and down as I thrust into her. I could feel the coil low in my body about to burst so I held her up higher as I continued to pound into her and the moment my mouth latched onto her breast her walls clamped down again with her third orgasm, effectively pulling my own from me. I spilled out deep inside of her with a yell and felt our heartbeats furiously pounding against our chests while we hung onto each other.

When our breathing returned to normal we cleaned ourselves up in the ocean before getting dressed again and going inside the hut to go to sleep. Sookie curled her body around mine like she did every night and I doubted if I’d ever be able to fall sleep again without her by my side. We’d been laying there for a few minutes when she asked, “Can I ask you a personal question?”

I had to chuckle before replying, “Sookie, I think we’re passed the formality of asking that question. You can ask me anything.”

She stared at me for a moment and I got nervous when she squared her shoulders and took a deep breath before she asked, “How many relationships have you been in?”

Uh oh. I had been waiting for this question for a while now and was surprised it had taken her this long to ask. There was no good way to say it so I ended up just blurting out the truth. “I’ve never been in a relationship.” Her eyebrow raised up and she opened her mouth to say something but I cut her off before she got the chance. “It’s true, I’ve never been in a relationship. It was never something I ever wanted. I really don’t remember all of the women I’ve been with and they’ve never been more than a fuck to me.”

I felt sick when she physically recoiled at my words like I’d slapped her and it was only then that I realized how my admission would sound to her. All I could think was the time had come and it was now or never and I felt more insecure than ever thinking my greatest fear of all would come to true. She might realize that she’s too good for me.

I sat up and reached over to take her hand, but she pulled hers back before I could touch her. The pain I felt in my heart was palpable and I guessed it showed on my face because her eyes softened and she reached out taking my hand in hers saying, “I’m sorry. Your answer just threw me off for a moment.” Her gaze dropped back down in front of us and she slowly shook her head as she finished with, “I shouldn’t have asked.”

My heart broke as I watched the pain that was evident spread across her face while tears formed in her eyes and it physically brought me to my knees. I moved in front of her and tilted her head up, waiting for her eyes to meet my own. Grasping her face with my hands I looked into her eyes and confessed, “I’ve never wanted to be in a relationship. I’ve never wanted to be with the same woman more than a couple of days because no one woman ever meant anything to me.”

The tears spilled from her eyes leaving wet trails down her cheeks and instead of kissing them away, like I wanted to, I wiped them from her face with my thumbs because I needed to look into her eyes as I handed her my heart. I opened my mouth to finally say the words that would make or break our relationship when a loud noise sounded overheard causing both of us to look out the door.

“What was that?” she asked as we both got to our feet and went outside.


5 comments on “Time

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Ahhhhh. Yay for being rescued, but the timing could have been better! And I get the feeling Sookie is pregnant!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    shity timing, he will never tell her now

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    nooooo!!!!!…..tell her NOW!!!!!!……

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    SAY THE WORDS!!! Loving this re-re-read! x

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    SAY IT!!! x

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