I couldn’t believe how late it was. I should’ve been home an hour ago. Jumping into my car I started to make my way home. I had wanted to make a special dinner tonight and it should have already been in the oven by now.

Living out in the Pinelands meant you had to drive farther away for everything. Doctors, grocery stores, WalMart, everything. It also meant that once you got onto the highways that ran through the Pine Barrens, there was hardly ever any traffic.

I turned onto Route 563 east and floored it. It was fall so the sun had set earlier and the sky was dark. There weren’t any streetlamps along this stretch of the road so I made sure my high beams were on.

I was only a few miles from home when I saw the flashing red lights in my rearview mirror. I pulled over to the side of the road and rolled my window down. I heard the patrol car door open and shut and watched a large shadow of a man walking towards my door.

As I turned to face him my eyes drank in what was before me. His blue blazer stretched over his broad chest with four black buttons secured down the middle. Each lapel held the gold triangular NJ State Trooper logo as did each sleeve at his shoulders with his rank insignia over each bicep. A black whistle hung from his left front breast pocket and a gold plated bar above his right breast pocket was engraved with his name. Northman.

His black pants had a gold band running the length of his outer legs and a wide black leather belt held a holstered gun on his right hip and extra ammunition on his left secured at his waist over his blazer. A black leather strap attached to his belt in front of his holster ran diagonally across his chest and over his left shoulder. His chambray blue shirt collar peaked out from underneath his blazer with a black tie knotted at his throat.

His face was clean shaven, his features perfect. I could see his blond hair peeking out from underneath his blue hat with black bill. His blue eyes were hooded as he watched my gaze travel over his body. My God. He was simply stunning.

“Exit the vehicle,” he commanded.

I did.

Standing before him he gripped my right elbow and turned me to face my car, placing my hands on the roof.

“Don’t move.”

I didn’t.

His hands gripped my waist as he pulled my lower half away from the car, spreading my legs with his. He pressed his body against my back as his hands snaked around my waist and under my shirt, caressing each breast over my bra.

I couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped my lips when he pushed my bra up and over my breasts so his fingers could trace each hardened nipple, pinching and pulling them in unison.

As his hands trailed down my abdomen I wantonly pushed my hips into his straining erection, sliding up and down its length.

I felt his hot breath on my neck before his tongue blazed a trail from my shoulder to my ear, flicking inside of it causing a shiver to run down my spine. His left hand held my hip firmly against his body as his right hand delved into the front of my skirt, dipping into my panties. He growled when he discovered I was dripping wet for him.

He ripped his hand out of my skirt, turned my body to face his and wrapped his arms around me lifting me up. He cupped my ass in his hands as my legs wrapped around his waist and he slanted his mouth over mine. I grabbed both sides of his face holding his lips to mine tracing his lips and teeth with my tongue. As I sucked his lower lip between my teeth I bit down slightly while grinding my hips against his, desperate for more friction.

He carried me to the front of his patrol car where he set me down on the hood. He finally broke the kiss, pushing my shirt up higher and devouring each breast with his mouth. His hands trailed up my legs, taking the hem of my skirt higher and higher as his mouth moved lower and lower until the two finally met over my center.

He gently kissed me there through the fabric of my panties before hooking his fingers on each side and pulling with enough force they ripped from my body. His tongue dove into my core where he lapped up the moisture that had pooled there. I reached down, taking his hat off as I gripped his head pulling him further into me. Moving his tongue further up he sucked my clit into his mouth flicking it rhythmically with his tongue as his fingers reached into me.

My hips bucked up involuntarily when he hit ‘the spot’. I couldn’t help but to hold onto his head tighter and grinding myself into his face as a came screaming.

His fingers left my body as his mouth continued to suckle my nub. I could feel my climax building again when he pulled my hips closer to his body and plunged his rock hard length into me all the way to the hilt in one thrust. Wrapping my legs around him I screamed out matching him thrust for thrust. I looked up into his eyes and saw they were dilated with lust, the only light coming from the red flashing lights of his patrol car casting odd shadows across our bodies.

I could feel him swell inside of me even more signaling his impending release as his hands wandered up my body to my breasts. His mouth followed his hands and he sucked my nipples into his mouth once more. As he leaned forward he seemed to reach even deeper inside of me and I climaxed almost violently. I could feel my inner walls gripping his cock as he thrust into me one last time spilling deep inside of me.

We laid there on the hood of the car, his body on top of mine, the only sounds in the night air were our panting breaths and the clicking of the light bar as the red strobe lights spun around.

With one more kiss he finally pulled himself up and out of me smiling like the Cheshire cat. I slid off the hood smoothing out my skirt once I was standing again and then setting my bra and shirt to rights.

Looking up at him once more I grinned asking, “So why did you pull me over Trooper Northman?”

He had just finished adjusting his uniform and he stepped closer wrapping me up in his arms answering, “I wanted to tell you I have to stay an hour later tonight. The patrolman relieving me is running late.”

Kissing me again on the lips he asked, “And why were you speeding Mrs. Northman?”

“Because I got held up at the doctor’s office and was running late. I guess I don’t have to worry about getting dinner started anytime soon.”

“Why were you at the doctor’s?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed with concern.

“Because…I’m late.” I watched his expression as he turned that over in his mind.

Cautiously squeezing my waist he looked at me expectantly. “And?”

Grinning like a fool I answered, “And…”

2 comments on “Late

  1. kleannhouse says:

    loved it the first time and i loved it all over again. Hot Trooper Northman, yum. KY

  2. lilydragonsblood says:

    phew! loved this re-re-read. x

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