Chapter Twenty-Eight – Son of a Bitch




We were never leaving this bed again.

Not ever.

I don’t know what happened that made her change her mind, but I wasn’t going to question it. I didn’t need my memories to know that nothing had ever felt as good as her mouth on my cock. To know I would happily spend all of eternity with my head between her legs. To know there was no one more important to me than…

I was going to cum. Soon. Here I was, some supposed vampire enforcer, and this tiny human girl was slaying me with nothing more than her soft wet mouth.

I couldn’t find the will to be even the slightest bit embarrassed.

“Hmmmmm?” she hummed around my shaft when my I couldn’t find any more words. She released me from her mouth only so she could nibble her way down my length and back up again, asking, “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

It was only then that I realized my head had fallen back onto the bed. She was sucking the coherency right out of me and was far too articulate for my liking. I rectified our lopsided lucidity by attacking her clit and sliding two fingers inside of her, smiling against her lower lips when her head landed on my thigh not long afterward as she chanted, “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.”

Yes. I was her god. I liked the sound of it much more than ‘Eric’.

I could feel her climax drawing near, both from my blood and my fingers inside of her. But like she fought her true feelings for me, she fought that feeling as well. She gathered what was left of her wits and impaled my cock with her mouth, cutting off her own words mid-chant while determination filled her veins. It only took a second for me to realize she wanted me to cum first. And had she not stopped a moment ago, giving me the opportunity to calm down a little, she would’ve succeeded easily. Now, however…

Even with my memories I was sure this would be my favorite battle to date.

With every increase in speed of my tongue and fingers, the suction of her mouth increased as she thrust down my shaft.

When I slid my free hand up her body to give attention to her neglected breasts, she slid her free hand down to caress my balls.

The sensation was nearly overpowering, so I growled out, “Cum! Now!”

My sparring partner hummed out, “No! You!”

We were a match made in heaven.

My fangs itched to sink into her skin while our battle of wills went on. Her heartbeat was thundering in my ears, beckoning me to bite her femoral artery. I knew it would throw her over the edge. It was an unfair advantage and one I was fully prepared to take advantage of. No matter how much she fought off the inevitable, she would be powerless against it.

War had never been so sweet.


Both her blood and cum were addictive and I was her willing victim. Needing my fix, I released her clit from my lips and turned my head, licking along her upper thigh to prepare her for my bite. She visibly shuddered hearing my fangs snap down and groaned around my cock, making it difficult for me to hold off my own orgasm, but I persevered.

As did she.

My face and hand were bathed in her cum, just as my cock was drenched in her saliva. With my fingers still pumping inside of her, I trailed one last lick along her artery before placing a single kiss over my chosen spot. Her inner muscles were already clenching around my fingers when I felt hers glide down to the underside of my balls, but when I slid my fangs into her skin expecting a sure victory, she slid her finger into my ass.

It was unexpected.

As was the detonation of cum from my cock and into her mouth when she pressed her finger against the hidden trigger she’d found inside of me, triggering an orgasm so powerful I was sure I would have fallen to the ground had I not already been lying down. Her blood dripped down my chin as I howled with my release and the only other thing I could be cognizant of was the fact she’d finally let go too.

And with the way her pussy clamped down on my fingers I might never get them back.

I was perfectly fine with that.

The scent and sight of her blood drew me back to her thigh and while I cleaned the sweet nectar from her skin, so did she lovingly clean my cock of cum with her tongue. My head fell back to the bed once her marks were healed and she slid her body to my side while chuckling, “I won.”

“I do not concede,” I playfully argued and pulled her body so that she was laying on me once more, with her head now resting on my chest. “It was too close to call.”

“Maybe you have hidden cameras in here too,” she snickered. “You can watch your slow motion porn later on and see for yourself that I handed your ass to you.”

Speaking of hands and asses…

“Where did you learn that little trick with your finger?”

As soon as the words left my lips, I regretted them. With the way she had been able to play my body, I knew she must have experience in such matters. She was a smart, kind, and beautiful woman, so it was to be expected. But the last thing I wanted to hear about was her exploits with her previous lovers.

What if I didn’t compare as favorably?

“A friend of mine,” she shrugged. “Of course he didn’t know he was teaching me anything, but I got it from his head that having that done to him made him see stars.” While I silently worked through her explanation, wondering – if not downright hoping – what else she might possibly be self-taught in thanks to her gift, she pushed herself up to look back at me with a grin and asked, “Did you see stars?”

“I’m afraid not.” Seeing her smile falter, I hugged her tighter and admitted, “You blinded me, lover. I couldn’t see anything.”

“Sorry?” she smirked.

“Don’t be,” I smiled. “In fact, I propose you practice with your sword every night. I demand a rematch.”

She snorted, muttering something about a circus sideshow act, and fell back down to lie on my chest. While her fingers toyed with my chest, my mind toyed with the idea that perhaps she didn’t have as many past lovers as her skills would lead one to believe. I would never hold it against her, no matter what number she’d entertained, but I worried perhaps I wouldn’t at least be on par with them. She was the only lover I knew and while I seemed to retain the ability to fight, I hadn’t been able to remember how to drive.

What if I hadn’t been able to remember how to properly pleasure her?

Despite her earlier orgasm, I couldn’t be sure. Our entanglement was both erotic and sensual. We had been working ourselves up at every opportunity, so it could be she had climaxed out of inevitability.

And it was that thought that made me truly want my memories back for the first time since I’d come to be with her. To know without a doubt I had done all that I knew how to do in order to pleasure her.

My lover, physically spent after our long night of sparring, fell asleep shortly afterward. We were both naked from the waist down and clothed from the waist up, but I didn’t care enough to wake her. Instead I pulled the covers over us both and allowed the sound of her steady heartbeat to calm my worried thoughts. And as dawn took me for the day, I was at least certain of one thing. I had already known I would never willingly let her go, but now?

Now I would slay the entire world if I had to in order to keep her.

For the second night in a row, I rose as I had died, with my lover in bed beside me. And it was a habit I hoped would continue repeating itself.

I could smell the faint traces of other scents on her skin and clothes. She’d showered and changed, but sunlight was the prevalent one. I automatically turned my body into hers, trailing my nose along her neck and inhaling the unexpected treat, as she chuckled and said, “Who knew vampires were so snuggly?”

“Another part of me wishes to snuggle you as well,” I breathed out. “Take a guess as to which one.”

She rubbed her body against my erection, making my fangs snap down, while she hummed out, “Your nose? It seems to be trying to burrow its way under my skin.”

“Guess again,” I whispered into her ear, while moving my body on top of hers. I was glad she offered no resistance. One of my worries from the night before was that she would regret what had happened between us. She had said she wanted to take things slow, but her claims of having shitty willpower when it came to me plagued my thoughts nearly until dawn. I didn’t want her to feel I had taken advantage of her.

Because I wasn’t sure I hadn’t.

So when her hands slipped down to grip my ass, pulling me down even further on top of her, it would seem I had worried for nothing.

“Your feet?” she whimpered, running her warm bare feet up and down my calves. “Your toes were like ice cubes earlier when I made your little piggy go wee wee wee all the way home.”

If it weren’t for her captivating warmth and scent, I might have found the resolve to question her affinity for farm animals. Cows coming home. Chickens hatching. And now…piggies?

Instead I only said, “You’re down to your final guess.” Giving her a much needed hint, I thrust my still unclothed cock against her body and warned, “Make it count.”

But perhaps she should have been the one to issue a warning.

One hand gripped my hair as she forced my head to turn so that she could rake her teeth across my neck and causing my own body to shudder, while her other hand moved in between our bodies to grip my cock as she asked, “I’m guessing your snake wants to play in my grass?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

There was no point in denying it. Not when pre-cum dripped from my point marking the point on her body where it wanted to snuggle. And while I didn’t want her to stop, I couldn’t help but remind her, “I thought you wanted to take things slow.”

“I am going slow,” she whispered coyly, while slowly stroking her hand up and down my shaft.

“You are,” I agreed. Tortuously so. Pressing myself further into her hand, I added, “And you’re very good at it.”

And I would be hard pressed to find a reason to ever leave our bed. She continued to tauntingly stroke my snake. And like a world class puppeteer, she was able to control my every movement. Moving one head while she caressed the other, she placed my lips over her neck and scraped her own skin with my fangs, leaving a trail of blood in its wake as she gasped out, “Now eat. We have other things to do tonight.”

I’d had enough of her blood the night before that I didn’t need to feed, but my hunger for her was absolute. I suspected my all-consuming desire for her would always be there and doubted much of anything could distract me when we were together like this. Even without her hands doing such erotic things to my body, the intimacy we shared was something I would never get enough of. I had a feeling it was something I didn’t get to enjoy often – if ever – and wanting to prolong the sensation, rather than take her up on her generous offer to feed just yet, I drew out the experience. Knowing already the things she felt we needed to do tonight, all involved getting out of bed, I ignored her statement and asked, “What did you do today, lover?”

Her hand slowed even further while she thought over her response before saying, “I bought a burn phone and called Gran to check in with her. She’s still under the impression I’m working for you, so she doesn’t expect me to visit anytime soon.”

While she paused to gather her thoughts, I found myself curious about the matriarch of her family and wanted to know more about the selfless woman who had raised an equally selfless granddaughter. I was also curious about the ‘burn phone’ she spoke of and pulled away to inspect her ears and cheeks for evidence of injury when she continued on with, “And then I ran around taking care of some errands. I went to the library with my laptop and used their Wi-Fi to login to my account the FBI was using to pay me. I transferred all of it into my regular checking account so we have something to live off of for a while and then I logged into one of the online bulletin boards for the campus. It’s like a Craigslist for students and there was an apartment available for rent. The pictures looked decent and the price was right, so I called and spoke to the landlord. She told me a couple of others had already checked it out and it probably wouldn’t last long, so I drove down there and after seeing it, I signed a six month lease. We can move in tonight.”

“You what?” I hissed, pulling back to stare down at her with my fangs aching for an entirely different reason now.

“Are you worried about me leaving you here all alone during the day? Because I made sure the downstairs was locked up as tight as a drum and climbed out one of the windows upstairs and used the trellis to climb down.” I was too angry to speak and not understanding the cause for my harsh tone, her eyebrow rose up as she guessed, “Gran? Money? Apartment? Is it the lease? Six months was the shortest term she’d accept and I figured I’ll just pay the penalty to break it if we end up figuring things out sooner.”

New Orleans.” It was the only explanation I could give. The only words I could form through the red haze now clouding my mind.

“What?” she asked confusedly. “That’s where the magic happened, so we need someplace to stay while we’re there. Your place at the casino is out of the question and driving back and forth to here would take up four hours of our night every night. It’s not like you can sleep in my car. For one, you’re too big. And two, you probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable once the sun came up.”

I was wrong. There was something distracting enough to make me get out of our bed.

And this was it.

Standing up so I could glare down at her I seethed, “I care nothing about any of it except for the fact you went to New Orleans without me. You went alone and unprotected. If someone is out to get me – me, a supposed vampire enforcer who is strong enough to make the rest of the vampires in the state kowtow to me – who is to say they won’t come after you? Hurt you, you foolish girl!”

Understanding filtered through her expression as she sat up and smiled, saying, “One, it’s hard to take you seriously when you’re standing there with no clothes on from the waist down. And two, Eric, no one is out to get me. No one even knows we’re still in contact. You fired me. No one would suspect we’ve been together. And it’s not like there were a shitload of vampires out walking around and enjoying the bright sunny day.”

“You smell like me!” I barked. When she lifted her shirt to sniff at the fabric, I explained, “You’ve had my blood. Other supernaturals who know me would be able to detect my scent on you! Weres have a heightened sense of smell. If one of them detected my scent on you and were working with whoever attacked me, they could have taken you. Hurt you to hurt me!”

Instead of acknowledging the danger she had put herself in, she only frowned and asked, “Weres? You mentioned it before, but do you mean…like werewolves? Teen Wolf and An American Werewolf in London? They’re real?”

Her amusement only pissed me off more, so I spat out, “Yes they are real. And strong. And dangerous. They could literally rip you to shreds. You were a fool to go without me!”

“Hold it right there buddy,” she spat back and got up from the bed so she could poke me in the chest. “I’ll have you know I’ve gotten along just fine for nearly twenty-three years without you. I left Small Town Sookie behind back in Bon Temps when I left for college. Big City Sookie knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t need you to keep her safe from mythical creatures I’ve apparently been around my whole life!”

As though her beauty wouldn’t cause enough notice, if she was in fact part Fae she could attract other Supes with her scent alone no matter what mark my blood in her veins left behind. The thought enraged me further as I snarled, “Says the girl who would have died if I hadn’t come along to save you from another mythical creature and fed you my blood so that you would live!”

“You son of a bitch,” she snarled back. “You only know that because I told you. And that was a completely different situation. I went looking for Callaghan because I’d seen him in that woman’s thoughts.”

“You are making my point for me,” I snarled back. “By your own admission, you willingly went looking for the man responsible for kidnapping your friend. Alone.”

“I had a gun!” she exclaimed. “How was I supposed to know bullets fall off of you all like a raindrop on a fresh coat of Turtle Wax?”

“I repeat, you are making my point for me,” I replied in a slightly calmer tone, but still just as angered. “You didn’t know. You don’t know what else is out there. What their strengths and weaknesses are. What kind of danger they represent. And unless you stopped to purchase a gun on your way to New Orleans, you went completely unprotected today. A gun would at least stop a Were. Or did you expect your fairy godmother to come to your rescue? Perhaps you shouldn’t rely on her so heavily considering how inadequate her protection has been thus far.”

As angry as she still was, it seemed she understood my point. But my lover did enjoy a good fight, so she met my admittedly low blow with one of her own when she hissed, “At least I know what I was doing last week. Last month. Last year.” Fed up with our discussion, she turned on her heels and stomped from the room, saying, “You have exactly one hour to get your ass ready to leave or I’m leaving without you.”

Like hell she would.

I could feel her anger as though it was my own and she voiced it out loud from the next room by yelling, “And put some pants on!”

Well that, perhaps, would require yet another discussion.

As angry as she was. As angry as I still was, I knew I needed to get back on her good side somehow.

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22 comments on “Chapter Twenty-Eight – Son of a Bitch

  1. Mindy says:

    The opening of the chapter was fantastic! I loved how it was a battle of the wills. I think Sookie won. As far as their argument I think they both have valid points. But I think it was stupid that Sookie went alone. I’m glad nothing happened to her. I hope Eric can win her over again soon.

  2. Time for make up sex! LOL

    I love that they finally gave in to their attraction. Eric’s right about Sookie taking stupid risks, of course. I’m still shocked that it was enough to get him out of bed though.

  3. luvvamps says:

    They are magnificent together! Sookie needs to apologize for going alone. She needs to understand that she’s not in Kansas anymore!

  4. sweetmg says:

    Love love love your EPOV!!!!! What an awesome chapter! Now, please excuse me while I go read it again! 😉

  5. kleannhouse says:

    great chapter and their first fight that he knows of….. Sookie still has some balls on here, lol….. looking forward to them butting heads… Kristie

  6. Annie says:

    hah! idiot! men! Atleast he knows he better find a way to make it better.

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    Ah —oil and water, fire and gasoline —what started out as some good sexy time ended in a fight –heh, our intrepid two….. Well, maybe they can make up in the shower??
    Lovin’ it, lady!!

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    yumminess, then arguing. We need more make up sex now. LOL

  10. meridiean says:

    No! Don’t put the pants ON!! 😉 *sigh* He needs to realize and acknowledge that she did really good while he was down for the day, and she needs to acknowledge that there IS a lot she obviously doesn’t know about yet. He’d do a better job w/o the pants, though.

  11. twodognite says:

    They make a great team!

  12. joan says:

    Great chapter! I love they way you write sexy times. And how effortlessly you moved them from loving hot to angry hot. But it shows just how much they care for each other. Sookie trying to take care of Eric and Eric trying to protect sookie. I think its time for Eric to give Sookie a lesson on supes since he seems to have retained that knowledge.

  13. estrella75 says:

    they are SO fucking funny together

  14. PMally says:

    Sookie definitely won the argument but at what cost? The amnesia jab was a low mean spirited blow. The rest was justified all around. But I know Sooks always gotta win.

  15. PMally says:

    Whoops, pressed button too fast!
    Love it love it love it!

  16. valady1 says:

    They are so much alike they could have come from the same womb (of course, that would make what happened at the beginning of the chapter creepy). Their interactions are the pinnacle of amusement.

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    Poor Eric, the Viking vampire sex god has performance anxiety; they just about burnt up they were so hot & Sookie definitely won that one!! I felt for her at the end, she is trying so hard to solve this mystery & make things right for Eric & for herself. It’s not her fault she knows so little – it was pre-amnesia Eric who abandoned her, supposedy to protect her, with virtually zero knowledge of the supe world & plenty of his blood in her. This Eric is firing on his protective instinct but he needs to show her a bit of respect!

  19. Lily Dragonsblood says:

    i’m actually speechless!!! x

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    Great beginning. That was HOT. As for the fight, Sookie can be very stubborn. They both had good points, but Sookie really needs to put more thought into her decisions especially now that she knows about other supernaturals.

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    I was going to press the stars to rate the chapter, but I noticed that there was 69 already, so I’m commenting instead.
    I love this story. It makes me want to spend time in your brain.
    Is there any chance of Betty starring in her own story? Maybe a guest appearance in another story? She is my favourite character of all time.

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