I’d spent the last few hours in a daze. Waking up on top of Eric had been wonderful, but when I felt him hard underneath me I just went with what I was feeling at the moment, which was wanting to pick up where we’d left off the night before. I didn’t care that we’d barely known each other just a week earlier. I didn’t care that he’d probably been with more women than I cared to know about while I’d only ever been with Bill. The only thing I cared about was him and how he made me feel. I felt closer to Eric after one week than I had after being with Bill for years. He made me feel safe and valued, beautiful and smart, cherished and worthy. And now? Now I felt insatiable, like I could never get enough of him, but I was more than willing to try and see if it was possible.

I used to hope and pray for a single orgasm, but they were few and far between. I had just thought that maybe I was the type of person that didn’t have a high libido and wrote it off to that. But Eric was able to coax an orgasm out of me with just his fingers each time he had touched me there and then to be able to make me climax again when he was finally inside of me made me feel like he could perform miracles. A part of me wondered if he could turn water into wine because Lord knows I had every intention of worshipping at the altar of Eric again. And again. And again.

I was happy to see (and feel) that Eric seemed to be just as caught up in ‘us’ as I was. Not only because he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of me, but by the look of adoration in his eyes whenever he looked at me. Lust was sometimes added to the mix, but the adoration always seemed to be there as well. A part of me wondered what the future held in store for us, but for now I was content to just live in the moment.

Just the thought of how that man could kiss would make me dizzy, but I had NO idea sex could be THAT satisfying. At the time, it made the grains of sand that were currently lodged in several different parts of my body well worth it, but I started to second guess that decision once we were actually up and walking around. Eric insisted on me eating thanks to my ill-timed stomach noises and the walk there was somewhat uncomfortable when the magical feeling of our morning encounter started to fade making the presence of the sand more prominent, but feeding berries back and forth to each other made the walk there worth it as I once again forgot about the sand.

Once the berry juice was starting to form an uncomfortable glaze on top of the sand already stuck to my body I’d had enough and convinced Eric to head to the lagoon. I’d left some clothes in the cave there so we’d always have something we could change into but I had half a mind to just wander around naked hoping that Eric would do the same. Something told me I wouldn’t have a hard time convincing him and it made me want to chuck my modesty out of the metaphorical window.

As soon as we could hear the waterfall in the distance getting louder as we walked closer I started feeling even more aroused knowing we were about to get naked. Together. Again. I wasn’t worried whether or not he’d be up, so to speak, to performing again so soon after I’d felt him pressing his erection into my ass when I’d bent over to pick berries in front of him. Just the thought of him inside me again put an extra wiggle in my step and a throb in my girly bits so I picked up the pace a little with him easily matching my quicker strides.

Once we reached the edge of the lagoon I turned to face him and could easily see the desire written across his face knowing it matched my own. Our gaze was only broken when I lifted my tank top over my head and when I looked back at him I found I still had his undivided attention. Eric’s eyes strayed down taking in my naked breasts, watching as I slid my hands down my torso until they stopped at the waistband of my shorts. I slowly eased them over my hips and let them fall to the ground at my feet before stepping out of them and turning to walk into the water.

I turned to look over my shoulder at Eric, as I continued walking into the water, and saw him standing there staring after me with his mouth slightly gaping open. I’ll admit I was pleased to have had an effect on him and I may have put a little more sway in my hips until I was completely submerged in the water. It was cooler than the ocean water, but it felt good on my heated skin so I completely submerged myself, only coming up when I needed to breathe.

Eric was still standing where I’d left him and if it wasn’t for the heated stare he was leveling me with I would’ve thought something was wrong. Instead I merely asked, “Aren’t you going to join me?” The sound of my voice seemed to break the hypnotic spell he’d been under because he made a show of slowly unbuttoning his shorts and letting them fall to the ground giving me a full view of just how much I’d effected him. Woo boy! I was a lucky girl.

He took his time stalking his way into the water and I was completely mesmerized by the sight of him. I watched the way his muscles moved under his bronzed skin as he parted the water while he made his way towards me and I was surprised there wasn’t smoke coming out of his eyes with the amount of heat that was pouring out of them.

As soon as I was within his reach he pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around my naked form, and pressed his lips against mine. “You’re beautiful,” he mumbled against my lips before parting them with his tongue. It wasn’t sweet, but it wasn’t frenzied either. It was meaningful, almost as if he was worshipping me, like there was nowhere else on earth that he’d rather be and no one else he’d rather be with.

We slowly ran our hands over each other’s bodies rinsing away the sand and sticky residue left from the berries on our skin. Once we were squeaky clean Eric lifted me up with me wrapping my legs around his waist as we kissed again. I loved the way we took our time, just enjoying the act of kissing and now that we each knew where this would end up we weren’t in any hurry to rush things along. His lips were soft as they moved against my own and I could feel the pounding of our hearts where our chests were pressed against one another.

Eric broke the kiss to lick and nip his way across my neck before lifting me higher as his mouth made its way to my breasts. He captured a drop of water from the tip of my breast with his tongue and then slowly traced the outer edge of my hardened nipple before completely encasing it within his mouth. He gently suckled at my breast while lapping his tongue in a steady rhythm over the tip causing my back to arch towards him while the throb in my center became greater. My legs automatically held him tighter in my grasp and a moan escaped my lips when he kissed his way across my chest to pay equal attention to my other breast.

I wove my fingers through the wet hair at the back of his head holding him in place as my hips pressed against his body wanting more friction. Sensing my need, Eric continued to worship my breast with his mouth while his hand slipped down my back and under my bottom, sliding his fingers along my slick folds while his other arm held me tighter against his body. I let out a gasping cry as soon as his fingers made contact with my nub and he growled against my breast. The vibration of it added to my already heightened state of arousal and I pushed down on his hand even harder.

I hadn’t noticed Eric was moving us through the water until I felt him lifting me up onto a large flattened rock near the base of the waterfall, gently setting me down and pulling my legs from around his waist. The water only came up to his hips in this part of the lagoon so he was able to stand while leaning in to kiss me again while his hands slowly caressed each part of me that he could reach.

He once again made his way down my body with his mouth before hovering directly over my center. I couldn’t help feeling somewhat exposed and when he started slowly kissing my inner thigh making his way up I realized what he was about to do. I’d never had that experience before because Bill had thought it was dirty, even though he held no such qualms about me doing that for him. I had no idea of what I should expect, but knowing what a great kisser he was I highly doubted that I would be disappointed.

Eric placed each of my legs over his shoulders and when he leaned forward, running his tongue up through my folds, my hips bucked up and a sound came out of my throat that I’d never made before. Undeterred, he continued licking his way up and down from my core to my clit while steadily increasing his pace as well as the amount of pressure he applied with his tongue. I never knew something could feel so good and in the very back of my mind I thought I can’t believe I wasted all of those years missing out on something like this.

I was leaning on my elbows with my head thrown back and my eyes closed, watching the colors swirling behind my eyelids, completely caught up in the sensations Eric was causing in me when I heard him say, “Look at me lover.” My head snapped up and my eyes opened to see him staring intently into mine while he went back to turning my body into jello. His eyes were hooded, looking into my own, and it was all I could do to not close them again from the sheer intensity of it all. When he sucked my clit in between his lips and steadily flicked his tongue over it I felt my whole body tense up and I screamed out with the explosive climax he had produced.

When my vision began to clear I saw Eric still watching me from between my legs and he smiled saying, “I love watching you as you come for me lover.” I’m sure I would’ve blushed at his words if he hadn’t gone back to licking up the moisture he’d caused to run down my trembling thighs and I cried out again while wantonly pushing myself against his face. He licked me clean before thrusting his tongue inside of me, moving his hand from my hip, and pressing his thumb against my clit moving it in slow circles. My whole body was one giant nerve ending and I could feel another orgasm quickly building low in my body when my eyes closed again causing Eric to growl out his disapproval.

My eyes shot open just in time to see him slip two fingers inside of me as he moved his tongue back to my small bundle of nerves. I was already so far gone that as soon as he hooked them, rubbing against that magical spot inside of me that I didn’t know existed until he had discovered it, my walls locked down on his fingers and I cried out again with my fourth orgasm that day.

My chest was heaving with my panting breaths as Eric kissed his way up my body before slanting his lips over mine. I could taste myself on him while feeling his want and desire, not only in our kiss, but against my leg as well. I wrapped my arms around him with him doing the same as he lifted me up off of the rock. My legs automatically circled his waist while he walked us towards the base of the waterfall, never once breaking our kiss along the way.

The waterfall was only about a hundred feet high and the force of the water falling from above wasn’t any harder than what a heavy rainfall would produce, so when Eric settled us against a rock ledge under the spray of the water we weren’t drowning in it. The ledge was wide enough that I could sit comfortably on the edge and was the perfect height for what Eric had in mind. I couldn’t help smiling when I said, “Well this is convenient.” Eric’s smile matched my own when he responded, “I scoped the place out the last time I was here and found it,” he ended with waggling his eyebrows.

I couldn’t help giggling at him and didn’t think it was possible, but I felt even happier knowing that Eric wanted me enough to think of something like that so I pulled him back into another kiss wanting him to know that I desired him just as much. My hands ran along his shoulders and down his back to his award winning ass, pulling his body closer to mine. I slid one hand around his waist and grasped him at his base, slowly stroking up and down his length while he started running his finger along my center as well, causing each of us to moan in unison.

When neither one of us could take it anymore I placed his tip at my entrance before wrapping one arm around his shoulders and bracing myself against the rock ledge with my other hand. Eric held onto my hips as he slowly pushed into me and I could feel the throb of his pulse as he made his way further into my body. Our kiss was reverent with more emotions being conveyed than either one of us was willing to say just yet and it was then that I knew I could love this man. A part of me already thought that I did.

Eric continued to slowly move in and out of my body with the spasms inside of me sporadically pulsing around his girth with each of us making the unspoken decision to prolong our union for as long as possible. We continued to move our hips against each other and the force of our thrusts were becoming greater as our rhythm increased. I let go of Eric’s body to brace myself with both of my hands on the ledge while his grip tightened on my hips. He locked his gaze onto mine and held onto me while changing the angle of his thrusts reaching even further inside of me. The flashes of color and light before my eyes obscured the sight of Eric in front of me and all coherent thought left my mind as I screamed out “Oh my God, Eric!” with my release. He continued to thrust in and out of me drawing out my orgasm for what felt like forever until his whole body locked up and he forcefully thrust into me one last time before yelling out my name with his own release and exploding deep inside of me.

We held onto each other, slowly coming back to our senses, while the water continued to rain down over our joined bodies. I whimpered at the loss I felt when he pulled out of me, but was instantly soothed when he wrapped his arms tightly around me and held my body against his own. He nuzzled his face into the spot where my shoulder met my neck and mumbled against my skin, “You’re amazing.” I mimicked his nuzzle with my own replying, “You’re pretty amazing yourself.”

We stayed like that for quite a while, waiting for our bodies to adjust back from the orgasmic goo they’d been reduced to, before making our way out of the water and up onto the cool grass where we laid down in the sun to dry off. I snuggled into Eric’s side while he held me there in his arms and we were both asleep within minutes


3 comments on “Worship

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Gosh this was beautiful and sexy! I laughed whe Eric said he’d scoped out the waterfall for the perfect spot!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    god i loved this chapter, they keep getting better and better

  3. lilydragonsblood says:

    wow, how magical!….absolutely LOVED this chapter….. x

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