Bonus Chapter – The Wedding Night


I couldn’t get her into our room quickly enough. Her scent alone was driving me wild, but I needed to feel her bare flesh underneath my hands. Now that I had her in my grasp I would never let her go. Ever. She was mine as much as I was hers; I made sure our tattoos said so.

The now empty champagne bottles we carried with us from the limo clattered to the floor when I shoved her up against the wall, pinning her body with my own, and I told her again, “I love you so fucking much,” before attacking her mouth with my own. How her lips could still taste like cherry lip gloss after I’d kissed them a hundred times that night was just another reason I was glad she was mine. I fucking loved cherries.

Her dress, red like the cherries I loved so much, did spectacular things for her figure. My Sookie was a real woman, soft and curvy; not like those boney ass bitches I was constantly surrounded by in Hollywood. It didn’t matter that we hadn’t known each other long. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was different; different from any other woman I’d fucked and I wanted her. Even her name was different; Sookie. It rhymed with cookie and I loved fucking cookies.


I couldn’t wait to get her to the chapel so I could legally claim her as my own and now here she was; my wife. Just the thought made me smile against her skin as I licked my way across her neck to her ear and I whispered, “Mine,” to remind her again just in case she forgot.

“Yours,” she purred back, her fingers weaving into my hair and her legs wrapped firmly around my waist. Her short dress had already ridden up her hips, with the hem now around her waist, so my hands automatically went down to cup her ass while my cock strained to reach her through my jeans and I growled discovering she’d gone commando. I’d gone commando too, but I decided she wasn’t allowed to because it was one less layer separating her from the horde of cocksuckers she’d been surrounded by when I first saw her, all of them itching to get their dick beaters on her.

She was mine; just look at her finger.

“Where are your panties Mrs. Northman?” I rasped out, biting her shoulder as a penalty she seemed more than willing to pay given the way her back arched towards me with her drenched pussy soaking the front of my jeans as she ground herself against me.

“In my suitcase,” she giggled until one of my fingers slipped inside of her. My dick got impossibly harder feeling how tight she was and I slipped in a second finger to prepare her for what I’d been dying to do all night long; fuck her. Her head fell back and banged on the wall behind her, urging me on with choked out, “Fucks,” and commands of “Harder” and “Faster“. When my palm ground against her clit and my fingers curled inside of her I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers a split second before she screamed out my name with her release.

She was fucking spectacular when she came and I wanted to see and hear it all over again.

I carried her to the dresser and swept everything to the floor with my arm before setting her down on top. It was the perfect height for me to fuck her, but I wanted to taste her first. I pulled her dress over her head and tossed it behind me, leaving her completely naked except for the red lace bra she wore. Her skin was flushed with color and her eyes wandered up and down my body before she reached towards me saying, “You’re overdressed Mr. Northman.”

Her fingers grabbed a hold of my shirt, pulling it over my head and dropping it to the floor before running her hands down my chest, with her fingertips tracing each and every muscle. Her touch was driving me mad with want and I flicked her bra open, wanting to see the last part of her that I’d been denied up until now.

“Fucking beautiful,” I whispered in awe, which she was; every part of her was fucking beautiful and I captured her mouth with my own, grateful that she was mine; grateful that I was a lucky enough bastard for her to have chosen me.

Her hands got to work freeing me from my jeans and when my cock sprang out at her I pulled back slightly and chuckled at the look of surprise on her face as she stared unabashedly. She licked her lips and wrapped her hand around the base, stroking me up and down, whispering, “You’re so big.” I leaned my forehead against hers thrusting into to her hand before placing my lips back on hers, acknowledging, “And I’m all yours.”

My hands massaged each of her breasts while my mouth was still busy on hers and I marveled at how perfect they felt, filling my large hands easily, and feeling her nipples harden under my fingertips drew my mouth to them like a moth to a flame. I licked and sucked, teased and kissed my way across each of them, enjoying every whimper and gasp and cry I could draw out of Sookie. She was nothing like the other women I’d fucked in the past and I wanted to show her just how special she was by worshipping her the way she deserved.

When I felt her legs wrap around my body once more, giving her the leverage she needed to grind her hips against my chest, the wet trail she left behind made me move farther down her body knowing I couldn’t leave her pussy feeling neglected. Her hips bucked towards me with the first swipe of my tongue through her folds and I moaned at the taste of her. I heard her head hit the wall again as she begged, “Oh God…yes… more baby, more.”

I had to grab onto her hips with both hands just to keep her still and gave her what she wanted. My tongue traced along her slit, licking up and down from her center to her clit, trying to memorize every detail like her pussy held the secrets of the world. As perfect as she was it probably did and only made me more grateful for being smart enough to make her mine.

Her pants and moans were becoming louder and more frequent and my eyes traveled up to her face as my lips wrapped around her small bundle of nerves with my tongue, softly stroking and suckling in a slow and steady rhythm; willing her body to explode from nothing more than the gentle coaxing of my mouth. All it took was one last appreciative hum from me and her whole body went rigid with her lips contorting into a silent ‘O’ and incoherent cries left her throat.

Seeing her like that left me aching with need and I stood, lining my cock up with her pussy, and teasingly gliding it along her slit, coating myself in her cum knowing it was going to be a tight fit. The sensations made Sookie’s eyes flutter open and I kept my grip on her hips as I continued teasing her with my dick and asked, “Do you want me Lover?”

Her half lidded eyes opened wide and filled with desire as she declared, “I’ve wanted you my whole life now fuck me already!”

I couldn’t help grinning, thinking if this was how she chose to henpeck me as her husband I would die a happy man, and responded, “Yes dear,” pushing my way inside of her.

Did I say ‘tight fit’? She was so tight I was afraid when I came it would be forced out through my eyes and I made myself hold still, worried I might be hurting her. “Lover, are you okay? Am I your first?” Even with all of the alcohol in my system I knew I couldn’t fuck her on a dresser if it was her first time.

Sookie just wiggled her hips in frustration and said, “No, you’re my second and my last. Now fuck me already…please!”

Oh, okay.

We both moaned once I was fully encased inside of her and if she hadn’t already been so relaxed from her first two orgasms I probably would have hurt her, but she surprised me matching me thrust for thrust. Sex had never felt so good before and only cemented the notion that she was made for me. I’d fucked a lot of women in my life, but none of them compared to the one in front of me.

Fuck Alcide and Sookie’s friend. They didn’t know what they were talking about. Sookie and I were meant to be together.

Watching her writhe around in front of me, holding onto the dresser for dear life as I pounded into her over and over was threatening to break my control. Her hair hung wild and tangled around her shoulders, her body glistening with sweat, and when I felt her inner walls starting to contract around me she yelled out, “Oh…fuck…me!”

It probably wasn’t a challenge, but I took it as one and I fucked her just like she wanted, right through her orgasm and right into another one. I damn near fucked her right through the wall before I couldn’t hold back anymore and came with a roar in long hot spurts inside of her, my whole body shuddering from the hairs that stood up on the back of my neck to my toes that were curled inside of the boots I still wore.

It took a few minutes for both of us to catch our breath and I slowly eased myself out of her and carried her to the bed. I settled her in the center of it and removed my boots and jeans before climbing in next to her and pulled her up against my side. I felt a little dizzy and out of it, but I chalked it up to all of the fucking we’d just done. I couldn’t ever remember feeling so good and when I felt Sookie’s fingertips trailing up my inner thigh I guessed she was feeling something too.


It was so unreal. I married my fantasy boyfriend. I was really Mrs. Eric Northman. I always knew we were fated to be together no matter what Amelia said. So what if I had a little too much to drink, how could I ever regret marrying my first love?

And he was such an amazing lover I knew I’d never be able to get enough. Even now, four orgasms later, I still wanted more.

It had been so long since I’d had sex and now that I had access to the man I’d always fantasized about in my bed I didn’t want to waste a single minute. Even though a part of me felt like a wanton whore I wondered if he’d be able to go again so soon afterward and trailed my fingers up his inner thigh to the crease at the top of his leg and saw his dick twitch. I decided to call it ‘Mr. Big’ and giggled feeling a little like Carrie Bradshaw.

That telltale movement seemed promising so I continued tracing along his lower abdomen, which was worthy of its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, before retracing the same route on his other leg, purposefully avoiding the part of him I wanted the most.

I watched, completely mesmerized, as he slowly became aroused again, and when I finally touched him with a firm stroke of my hand he moaned before chuckling, “You’re a greedy little thing; I like it.”

He was right; I was greedy and I sat up, throwing one leg over him and lined him up with my entrance. As I slowly took his length inside of me I admitted, “I am greedy, only for you.” I braced my hands on his chest and lifted my hips again before forcing myself back down on top of him. The liquids left inside of me were forced out by gravity and friction, but neither one of us seemed to care. His hands found my hips and he moved in concert with me building us both towards yet another release.

“I can’t get enough of you,” I admitted. I rocked my hips, swirling them down his length on every downward stroke and forcefully gripped the base of his cock with my inner muscles before raising myself up only to repeat the process all over again. “I’ll never have enough. I’ll always want more.”

Eric’s hands moved up to massage my breasts and then slid one down the front of my body, finding my clit and said, “I’ll always have more to give you. I’d give you whatever you want, you only have to ask.”

His fingers flew over my clit at a furious pace and the rhythm of our hips became more forceful. “I only want you,” I cried out. I could feel him swelling even larger inside of me and it was enough to send me over the edge, pulling his orgasm out with mine.

My head was spinning and I fell on top of Eric’s naked chest with him still inside of me. I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to so it was a good thing I had no desire to move. Ever. My eyes fluttered shut and right before I fell asleep I felt his fingers brush my hair aside and barely heard him whisper, “You have me Lover and you always will.”


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