Goal (aka MIU Chapter 15)



I sat on the sideline with the container of orange wedges sitting on my lap enjoying the indian summer weather as I watched the kids running around the soccer field. Our daughter Erica had grown into a very opinionated but loving six year old. She was naturally taller than the other kids her age thanks to her father’s genetics and she was a definite leader amongst the other first graders. I attributed part of it to just being a Northman and the other part from four years of ‘only child/grandchild syndrome’. We doted on Erica, but she was spoiled by all three of her grandparents. Eric and I wanted more children, but we also thought it would be good for her to have siblings as well since we were only children ourselves.

I started taking birth control pills not long after she was born because we both wanted to wait a while before having more children so we could fully devote ourselves to Erica. When she was about to turn three we were ready to try again with our goal being at least three children if not four when all was said and done, but it wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped it would be. I’d been through a complete physical and the doctor assured us that the tumor that had caused my earlier infertility had more or less burned out proven by the fact that my period had returned each and every month, so there was no physical reason why we hadn’t been successful.

I’d become obsessed with getting pregnant again for months with Eric and I having sex at every opportunity, but as I cried on his shoulder one night after my period had shown up yet again he convinced me that it didn’t matter. We had Erica and if we wanted more children then we could just adopt. We sat on the idea for a couple of months because I didn’t want to adopt a child merely because we couldn’t have more of our own, but the more I thought about it the more that I realized we had all of this love to share with another child and it didn’t matter if they weren’t our flesh and blood, we would still be their parents.

The sounds of laughter caused me to glance over to my left and I saw our boys playing in the grass a few feet away from me. Like Erica, we considered them miracles as well, but for completely different reasons. Sam and Tommy were brothers with the same biological mother, but different fathers. They came to us two years earlier at the ages of three and one having been removed from their drug addicted mother’s care. We started out as their foster parents with both of them being extremely malnourished and Sam acting very skittish and withdrawn because their mother would leave them home alone for days on end while she was off getting high. Tommy was 14 months old but he couldn’t even crawl yet much less walk because he’d spent the majority of his life in a crib.

Eric had become a successful author and we were fortunate that he was able to work from home as well as having the financial resources for us to devote all of our time to our children. Sam bonded with Erica first since she was so close to his age and with her help he learned to speak with words instead of the grunts and hand gestures he’d used when he first came to us. They were quickly thick as thieves and both of them looked out for Tommy. It took Sam seeing Erica’s trust in us for him to gradually be able to trust us as well.

We hired physical and speech therapists as well as a counselor to help with their physical and mental growth and over time we met each short term goal we’d set out to reach. I would never forget the sound of them laughing for the very first time a little over a month after they’d first arrived as they watched Erica singing and dancing along to the radio. Upon hearing them Eric and I immediately looked at each other and the tears in my eyes mirrored his own.

We’d received word that their mother had died from a drug overdose two months later and we immediately submitted the paperwork to adopt them both. Their fathers were listed as unknown and their mother had no known family so it went through uncontested and within a year we were a Northman family of five.

The therapists and counselor thought they were finally at the right stage of development for their ages around the time Erica was graduating kindergarten so we left Shreveport and spent the entire summer vacation at our island getaway home. We hadn’t been back since we’d gotten the boys, but as soon as we stepped onto the beach we all felt the affect of the island’s serenity immediately. The kids laughed and played in the sand and surf every day and we took them on hikes around the island letting them explore to their heart’s content with Eric and I seeing everything as brand new through their eyes. We dubbed them our three little coconuts and they each picked out and decorated a coconut in their likeness that we brought home with us. Building sandcastles became a family affair and they would get added onto each day to the point where they’d grown to twenty feet long down the beach.

The kids wore themselves out each day and would pass out in sheer exhaustion as soon as the sun would set leaving Eric and I to have our nights to ourselves and we took every opportunity we could to make love, even having the time to recreate the ‘Lime In The Coconut’ dance from our honeymoon. I thought my love and desire for him couldn’t possibly get any greater than when I’d opened the door to see him waiting outside of my father’s house the morning we told each other that we were in love with one another, but I was wrong. My love and desire for him then had been great, but it was merely a drop of what I felt for him now.

Over the last seven years we’d grown as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. I really felt like he was my true other half and I never had a moment of doubt where our relationship was concerned. Never a moment of hesitation. Never a second guess. To say that I loved him wasn’t enough to describe my true feelings for him, but there were no other words I could use. His love made me whole and I lusted after him now even more than I did way back when we’d first met. I call him insatiable but that would probably be a more accurate description for me. Even more so now that he was Erica’s recreational soccer team coach. I didn’t know what it was, but just the sight of him running up and down the field wearing that blue Under Armor shirt and shorts with the horde of six and seven year olds as he tried to teach them to dribble the ball with their feet got me all hot and bothered. I overheard a few of the other mom’s sighing as they watched him run by so I knew it wasn’t just me. I wasn’t worried about them though because I knew Eric only had eyes for me. Eric reiterated that fact as he ran past me and blew a kiss my way causing yet another sigh from the gaggle of moms standing close by.


I knew the attention span of a six year old wasn’t great, but they were having a hard time grasping the concept of dribbling a soccer ball. I’d been coaching Erica’s team for a month now and I really hadn’t made much progress in that time. Half of the kids were busy picking the grass out of their cleats whle the other half were running away from whatever bug they’d spotted hovering too close to them for their liking. All except for Erica and another little girl named Meg. Erica was naturally competitive and wanted to succeed in everything she did. Meg seemed to have a natural talent for the sport and had so much energy she would literally run circles around the other kids which made Erica declare her name was no longer Meg, but Makesmyheadspin. No hyphens. No spaces. Just one word.

Meg was an easy going kid and thankfully didn’t mind Erica changing her name. Erica told me that Meg was secretly in love with me which I thought was sweet and a boost to my ego until Erica informed me that while she thought I was handsome I was a daddy so that was gross. Thankfully Sookie didn’t feel the same way. I was still working on convincing her to become a nun when she got older, but if her reaction to Justin Beiber was any indication the outlook wasn’t good. It didn’t help that Sookie only laughed at my feeble attempts now that she knew enough Swedish to understand what I’d been saying. The upside to that was she would tell me all of the dirty things she wanted to do to me and have done to her in Swedish when we were out in public. I created a dirty talking monster and I loved every bit of it.

Whenever I would feel my patience wearing thin with the kids on the field I would look over at Sookie and the sight of her would calm me down again. She was still the sun in my universe, as well as the kids’ and we all revolved around her. Without her I wouldn’t have had the life I lived now which was full of love and laughter. The way she transformed our boys with her love from scared and withdrawn babies into joyful and outgoing little men left me in awe of her. She was meant to be a mother and I was grateful that she chose me to be her partner in creating and raising our family. I knew she’d been disappointed that we weren’t able to have more children of our own, not that I minded trying, but if we had been successful we wouldn’t have Sam and Tommy in our lives now and I couldn’t imagine our family without them in it. They were our sons no matter whose DNA they were made up of.

Once practice was over all of the kids ran over to where Sookie was waiting to get their orange wedges and juice boxes while Sam and Tommy helped me gather all of the soccer equipment. They were still too young to play on the team, but their skill level when we played at home already exceeded a lot of the older kids’ abilities and I couldn’t wait for when they’d be on the team. We’d be unstoppable and my fatherly pride in my kids threatened to swell my chest and head to epic proportions.

We threw the equipment bags into the back of our Suburban (I refused to get a minivan no matter how many kids we had. I’d buy a bus before I drove one of those.) and waited for the last of the kids to get their snacks before heading home. We were greeted at the door by the newest addition to our family, a cat the kids named Bob. He was a stray that showed up at our house a few weeks earlier that refused to leave. We put up fliers with his picture all over the neighborhood, but nobody claimed him so he was ours now. I didn’t like him and I was sure the feeling was mutual given that he was only affectionate with Sookie and the kids, but when Sam said we should adopt him so he’d be loved like him and Tommy were I couldn’t say no.

The kids had been outside running around playing all day long so I knew as soon as they had dinner and their baths they would be out for the night. Sookie must have been thinking the same thing because when I said I was going to change out of the soccer gear I’d been wearing she came over and whispered, “Leave it on and you’ll get the chance to make your own goal later on.” I didn’t know what turned her on about the outfit I was wearing, but I wasn’t going to question it. Our sex life hadn’t diminished one bit in all of the years we’d been together and I still wanted her now just as much as I did when we’d first made love on the beach.

Once the kids were fed, bathed, stories read and tucked into their beds for the night Sookie took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom. She took the time to light a few candles scattered throughout the room before coming to stand in front of me again. Just seeing the lust in her eyes was enough to make my arousal obvious in the baggy shorts I’d been wearing and she wasted no time in stripping me of my clothes, but when I made a move to reciprocate she batted my hands away. As soon as I was lying in the center of the bed she disappeared into our walk-in closet and stepped out a few minutes later wearing a feminine version of a man’s black pinstripe suit with a white button down shirt, a red tie, and a black fedora hat on her head.

I was confused until she hit the play button on the iPod in the docking station and the sound of Joe Cocker singing ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ filled the room making my dick twitch as I realized I was getting a show. Sookie strutted towards the space at the end of the bed seductively stripping off her clothes in time with the music and I had a difficult time restraining myself from pulling her down onto the bed. I watched with rapt attention as the jacket slid down her arms onto the floor and then as she slid her pants inch by inch over her hips and down her legs. I didn’t notice the shoes she was wearing until she stepped out of her pants and growled out loud when I saw she was wearing black stilettos which she’d previously dubbed her ‘fuck me’ shoes. I hoped they would be staying on because if she wanted to be fucked I would be more than happy to oblige her and got my wish when she made no move to take them off as her hands moved to the knotted tie around her neck.

She slowly loosened it as her hips swayed in time with the music until it was completly unknotted and held onto the short end as she slowly pulled it down her body. As it travelled over her breasts I noticed that she was wearing a red bra underneath her white shirt and the resulting throb in what she’d nicknamed my gracious plenty had me clutching the sheets on either side of my body so I didn’t launch myself at her.

She flung the tie off to the side and ran her hands up her body and cupping her breasts while she squeezed them and throwing her head back making me watch as she aroused herself. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to lie still any longer her hands moved to the buttons of the shirt, opening each one revealing inch by inch the skin that I longed to touch underneath. I bit my lower lip when the shirt fell from her arms and revealed the red lace bra and matching thong underneath. I could see the dampness in between her legs and I wanted to shout ‘Thank God!’ as the song drew to a close leaving Sookie in nothing more than her underwear, the hat, and her ‘fuck me’ shoes.

“You like?” she asked coyly while standing at the edge of the bed. My only response was another growl as I yanked her down onto the bed and devoured her giggling mouth with my own. Her giggles were soon replaced with moans of approval as my lips made their way to her breasts and I licked and nibbled away at each one over the fabric of her bra before taking it off of her body and repeating my actions on her bare skin.

Her hips were gyrating against mine when I decided to move farther down her body until I was situated in between her legs. I picked up her left leg and slowly kissed my way from her ankle to her hip before repeating the process on her right leg until my mouth hovered directly in between them. I looked up the length of Sookie’s body to see her lust filled eyes watching me as I leaned forward and licked the length of her folds over the scrap of fabric still attached to her body and her hips bucked up at the sensation. I pulled the ties holding it in place on each side of her hips and freed it from her body, tossing it aside as I leaned forward once again with my tongue parting her folds as I lapped up the juices that spilled out of her.

I knew her body well enough that I could take her to the edge and back down again over and over and that’s just what I did knowing when she finally did have her release it would make her see stars. When I couldn’t wait any longer I sucked her clit in between my lips and thrust two fingers inside of her brushing over her g-spot and she screamed out my name as her muscles clamped down around them with her orgasm.

Her body was still trembling as I kissed my way back up to her breasts when she grabbed a hold of my face bringing my lips to her own in a frenzied kiss. She wrapped her legs around my waist and said, “I love you” as I slowly pushed inside of her. “I love you too,” I whispered against her lips and had to close my eyes at the sensation of her inner muscles still twitching along my length. I could feel each pulse of my blood running through my veins as they throbbed inside of her before I slowly withdrew and then pushed back in again.

Our rhythm steadily increased, but I wanted to see more of Sookie so I flipped us over with me still inside of her in a move we’d perfected over the years never breaking stride as she bounced up and down on top of me with my hands on her hips helping her along. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was close to coming again and my gaze was torn from her eyes as I watched her hand slide down her torso to where we were joined. She rubbed circles over her clit with her fingers and seeing her pleasure herself on top of me was almost too much when her body suddenly tensed with her release. I gripped her hips and held her in place as I forcefully thrust up inside of her while pulling her hips back down yelling out her name as I came deep inside of her.

Sookie flopped down on top of me and we lay there for a few minutes with me still inside of her before she slowly moved off of me to snuggle up against my side. As we lay there together in our post orgasmic haze Sookie looked over at me and asked, “Would you mind getting me a glass of water from the bathroom?”

I leaned down and kissed her lips replying, “Anything for you.” I slid out of the bed and walked into the dark bathroom not needing to turn the light on to see what I was doing, but when I reached for a cup my attention was drawn to a piece of plastic lying on the counter. Without thinking I picked it up and walked back into the bedroom so I could see what it was and I stared at it in the candlelight realizing what it was as I asked, “What’s this?”

It was a pregnancy test and I’d seen enough of them two years ago to know this one had a positive result. My breath hitched in my throat and my heart pounded with joy as I looked over at Sookie and saw lying next to her on my pillow was a coconut made up to look like a baby wearing a bonnet. Her eyes were glassy with the tears that trailed down her face as she smiled and said, “Apparently you put the lime in the coconut.”


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